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This is a joint blog where we channel our endless enthusiasm and energy towards music and entertainment. All of us are still schooling, and this is just about the only way to keep our sanity. :D

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20.9.10 : miss A - "I Can't Breathe" teaser
Posted by XYZ at 9:16 PM

{Video credits to missA @ Youtube}

Wow their new style is colourful!!

They'll be making a comeback with "I Can't Breathe" off their 2nd single album called "Step Up". Heheh coincidence? I just watched Step Up 3 today (yeah ~s..l..o..w~ but I had exams!!) hahaha

I'm looking forward to their new song! :D

Sorry for the long absence~! Had prelims (am still having actually but I'm left with one paper now!) so I couldn't update much

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