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30.12.09 : [091229] SBS Gayo Daejun 2009
Posted by XYZ at 2:22 PM

LAST NIGHT'S SHOW WAS EPICCCCCCCCCCCCCC. You can watch the WHOLE thing here on monmonsnowHD's account :D There's a total of 58 parts, if I'm not wrong.

I...don't know how I'm going to recap all of this. *dies*

OK I'LL TRY. :) Not gonna link the stuff, cos it's the whole show that I'm watching right now anyway HAHA (this is kinda like live blogging but not really cos I'm watching the show AFTER it was broadcasted live hahaha)

Refresh this, I'm blogging as I watch HAHA

Alright. This took so long!!!!!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed it, and there's still KBS and MBC Gayo Daejuns to go :D

I'll label this post later hahaha

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25.12.09 : [091225] Music Bank Xmas special!
Posted by XYZ at 9:20 PM

Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With ,
Jumpingnutz :D

Music Bank's Christmas special was oozing with cuteness and fandoms colliding (but the major fandom colliding program/show of the year will have to be the upcoming SBS Gayo Daejun!!! :D can't wait hehehe)

Gonna try and recap most of the performances!! :D

MBLAQ vs. BEAST - Dance Battle (2009 Dance Diary)
Kinda liked this cos it recapped all the hit dance moves of the year!! Hahahaha but I wished the two groups had more interaction. Like, dancing together and stuff? haha! Joon's Heartbeat was so fierce omg, I thought his chest was going to pop out or something?? And BEAST did "Again&Again" which I think must be their all time fav or something hahahaha they're ALWAYS dancing to A&A.

SM Town did a "Idols Golden Age" performance where SNSD, SHINee and f(x) came together (as SM family awwwwwwwwww) to perform :D

SNSD, SHINee and f(x) - Backstage Interview

f(x) - Chu~
It's a short performance and towards the end SHINee comes on because they're up next with Ring Ding Dong. :D

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Another short performance, I was sad that the "Butterfly~" parts were cut out, BUT I was glad they kept Jong's intro, the rap, and "Don't be silly girl~" "You're my miracle~" parts :Db Towards the end, f(x) comes out to join them in the last chorus!!! I think Amber's dance was so... alike. HAHAHAHAH.

SNSD, SHINee + f(x) - Gee + Jingle Bell Rock
LOL Key and Taemin dancing Gee hahahahaha. Sulli was so cute!! OMG CALLING TAEMIN OPPA. HAHAHAHAHA. Taemin won't ever seem like an "oppa" to me, srsly. And Jingle Bell Rock was kinda cool!! Hehehehe I'm glad Key was standing next to Sunny and Hyoyeon cos Idk they're like my 2 biases in SNSD haha! And Krystal was next to Jessica, d'awwwwwwwww. Minho looked pretty awkward cos he stood right out next to Victoria (Right?) and Luna hehehe but it was a cute SM Town performance altogether :Db

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
HYOMIN AND EUNJUNG ARE SUCH DORKS HAHAHAAHAH Hyomin wore the snowman suit this time!! During her little dance "solo" she was doing some weird thing hahahahahaha it was so funny watching her being retarded ♥!! And then Eunjung at the end was da bestttttt she was the only one marching forwards while the rest of T-ara AND the back-up dancers marched backwards lol!

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (Remix)
I almost didn't post this link because it was kinda sad to watch. For me, at least. I counted 9 :(

2PM - Heartbeat

2PM - Again&Again

2PM - Silent Night

No time to watch the 2PM performances, you guys!! Sorry! :( But I've linked them hehehe

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22.12.09 : Tohoshinki - Break Out! full single released
Posted by XYZ at 9:23 PM

{Video credits to dirah9307 @ Youtube}

Omg it sounds awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!

:D but I could do without the auto tune. It's a bit too much. Hahaha

I'm going to download NAO hahaha

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20.12.09 : [091220] Xmas special!
Posted by XYZ at 9:56 PM

Hehehe haven't done a recap in forever but my dad is hounding me for the laptop (overseas now so it's a fight for the internet!!) so I can do a short recap!

So cute how so of them are in Christmas get ups!! ♥

(Biased. I watched only my favourites. Sorry, I'm sucha pig.)

CL + Minzy - Please Don't Go
Omg Minzy's jacket/vest is so cute!! It usually has studs or something fierce on it, so I actually laughed when I saw the candy canes! :D I liked the ending here too. Instead of the two of them kinda "shutting down", they knock their backup dancers out. So cute hehe!

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
OMG SO CUTE. EUNJUNG IS SO CUTE HAHA @ THE END!! And Hyomin sticks out her tongue omg she's kinda retarded - I like! Hahaha! I didn't like how they made Eunjung wear that suit though :( Hahaha but she's a cute snowman. Right. I think it's a snowman suit. And at the end, they all shake their heads in the air ahahahaha so cute! And they spray snow. And the cameraman didn't miss the hi5 between Jiyeon (I think!) and Eunjung at the beginning, whoohoo!

SHINee - Jo Jo
Omg I watched this so many times trying to remember every single part. Hahahaha I love Onew's tiny smile at the start!! When the camera panned on Minho and him in the background. Also, Taemin's legs are so skinny. I can't get over it. And those pants need to go :( But his voice has improved SO MUCH i am really really proud of him. Just a year plus for it to improve. DOES THIS MEAN THAT I CAN ACTUALLY LEARN HOW TO SING IN KOREA :D :D :D hahahahah crazy. Jonhyun + Minho interaction at the ending too! What is their coupling called. Hahaha!

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17.12.09 : Jo Kwon + Ga In - We Fell In Love
Posted by XYZ at 9:01 PM

{Video credits to urnobody191 @ Youtube}

Awwwww the cute WGM couple releasing a track together :D :D And the picture (in the video) is so cute!!

Sidetrack a little, but from Seoul'd Out, I saw that Ga-In has really really skinny legs. Jealous!! And she cut her hair short! OMG i couldn't believe it at first hahaha but I think she looks nice in short hair (especially that wig thing in Abracadabra promotions - omg fierce).

Okay so the track is upbeat and really, quite Christmassy even though the two of them are like, ballad singers. :) Maybe we'll hear a ballad duet thing from the two of them soon hehehehehe

P/S: Sorry for the lack of updates!! Haven't done the Melon Music Awards and GDA recaps/links omg hahahahaha maybe I'll just do the Melon Music Awards (which Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye hosted!! You're Beautiful all over again HAHA) but it was aka the SNSD show HAHAHA so we'll see ;D

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13.12.09 : [091212] SHINee - JoJo
Posted by XYZ at 9:51 AM

{Video credits to bwmow4 @ Youtube}

:D :D I didn't know they were going to start promoting JoJo!! It's a really nice song that I like very much off their mini-album :D :D

The outfits look a little weird here, I think they're going for the winter/warm concept hahaha. But the important thing to note is that Taemin's vocals are so much stronger!! :D :D I thought Taemin was Key for a moment just now hahah

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11.12.09 : God Of Study trailer
Posted by XYZ at 5:16 PM

{Video credits to Vagabond190 @ Youtube}

Looks good!! Can't wait to watch it hahahaha

Kim Soo Ro looks really funny here and Yoo Seung Ho ♥♥ ;D

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: Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Answer MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:11 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

So sorry for the lack of updates!!

I'm actually at camp right now, hahaha but it's a luxury camp kinda thing cos we have internet LOL. I'll try to do the GDA 2009 but I may not have the time. I'll be flying off on Sunday hahahaha until 27 Dec :O So...

But I have internet on my trip so I'll probably be able to update! :D :D

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8.12.09 : Jumpingnutz's first anniversary
Posted by Joy at 10:41 PM

Hi I am Joy and have not been updating on Jumpingnutz for a LONG while! Please pardon me, whooooops. D: But I'm so proud of XYZ and C. because they are doing an awesome job here! :D Right now XYZ is away at camp and C. is busy, but there must be somebody from Jumpingnutz to commerate this very special day, so here I am! :D

Well........exactly 365 days ago, on the 8th of December 2008, Jumpingnutz was born! :D We have came a long way, haven't we? :D So,


This represents the 5 of us ♥ ! Even though we are, girls.

{Image credits to Yehudit G @ Flickr}

From the bottomost of our hearts, we would like to thank all of YOU for your support! We really appreciate it! Jumpingnutz, hwaiting!

P.S. F.T ISLAND IS COMING IN 2 DAYS! I love them to the max.

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7.12.09 : [091206] Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 9:40 AM

My goodness, loads of Inkigayo performances to watch, especially the special ones. Like T-ara performing both Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like The Beginning! And CL + Minzy power duo performance again. Oh, not forgetting BEAST performing Mystery!

2PM - Heartbeat
Chansung did the "Death" thing at the end this time, and he toppled the pyramid too but I still like Nichkhun's one. Even though Chansung took off his jacket, and was wearing a translucent shirt/mesh thing underneath. HAHAHAHA.

2PM - Winning + Encore
Love you Junsu! He asked Wooyoung to speak so Wooyoung said a few words. HAHAHAHA so weird when Taec and Wooyoung were congratulating 2PM cos, well, they're part of 2PM too right???? HAHA. I think Chansung does his weird scream too HAHAHA. And then Wooyoung tries to grab Junsu's mic but gives up in the end. THEN JUNSU SAYS, "JAEBUM, I LOVE YOU MAN" seriously. Boy is so much win. I think Soo Hyun (right??/!!! hahah) shakes Junho's hand and they do the heart thing lol so cute!

BEAST - Mystery
I THINK THEY SHOULD PERFORM MYSTERY FROM NOW ONWWARDS. I like Bad Girl and the remix but oh my god the head dance thing is the point of this song man!!!!! And Junhyunfg does it so well, Yoseob too!!!!!!! I was excited when Gi Kwang got to the front/middle and did the head thing. Hahahaha. Maknae gets quite a lot of love here too!! And I didn't know (couldn't tell from the track /fail) that Dujun rapped?? WOAH. Mystery is the bomb. Seriously.

BEAST - Digital Music Chart (Yoseob and Junhyung)
HAHAH THESE TWO. ARE THE BEST. They do the Man Man Ha Ni thing that Key was imitating on Maknae Rebellion (watch the subbed episode here!!, it's really really funny!!! And Key is like a rebellion on his own. HAHAHA) and Idk, just, BEAST + Digital Charts = :Db

CL + Minzy - Please Don't Go
I actually like CL's hair a lot. I don't know, I think she pulls it off well. And this stage was fierce and powerful. Sometimes I feel that this combination can bring down Kpop or something haha. It's like, they let female rappers be seen in a different light. :Db

T-ara - Like The Beginning/Like The First Time
They didn't look very comfortable here haha. I think they were working hard on their facial expressions but it didn't seem very natural :\ Boram looks more mature though, I think it's the hair. :)

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
There was this really really cute hi-5 between Eunjung and Jiyeon (I think) omg it's really cute haha! I think they look more natural doing this song :) and I still love the way they march off the stage, esp Eunjung's expression hahaha!

Taeyang - Wedding Dress
Fan chants are really clear :O I like watching Taeyang cos he's really really sharp with his moves like the end, the way he turned around and walked off - IT WAS SO SHARP???? AND CLEAN? Idk how to express this but it's just very nice to watch Taeyang perform hahaha

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4.12.09 : [091204] Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 9:02 PM

Epic episode with T-ara's comeback, 2PM winning and well, f(x) too cos they're back as 5 (Amber, Krystal and Sulli had swine)!!!! :D

2PM - Heartbeat
WOW THIS PERFORMANCE IS AN ART. NICHKHUN DOES THE ENDING AND THIS TIME HE DOES IT DIFFERENTLY. Omg I was so caught up with the fan chants (trying to hear Park Jaebum and I think they said it like, "PARK JAE BUM, 2PM!" haha :D) and I nearly missed the ending!!! It's epic!! You should watch it. It's different from the usual and omg I just love how they did it hahaha :)

2PM - Winning and Encore
Aww that's quite a long encore considering hahah! Junsu and Junho mess around a bit but Wooyoung is moody in the background :(

BEAST - Bad Girl (Remix)
I love this group because Doseob always dishes out the fan service :D This time Doseob were like lovers or something. And the remixed version includes Junhyung and Hyunseung showing off their popping/dance skills hahahaha too bad the cameraman missed a close-up of Ki Kwang's ab flash >:(

f(x) - Chu~
Ahhh looks like the trio who were down with swine are fine now :) They sound solid and I really like the part where they go "amber" and Amber comes out with the rap. Hahaha.

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
I was kinda disappointed to see them perform this cos I thought they were gonna perform "Like The Beginning", but apparently they must have thought Bo Peep Bo Peep would be chosen, so they're preparing for Like The Beginning now. That said, I thought it was a cute performance (but a little pitchy at parts, haha) and the way they ended and marched off the stage was the best :Db

Ah, I was supposed to do some work before 9pm hahaha. Oh well.

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1.12.09 : Nadia (나디아) Feat. Jace - 마비 (Numb) MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 3:56 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

I'm not really sure what Nadia consists of, but the girl's voice is quite unique. It's husky and stuff. And the female rapper in this song is AWESOME. At least, I think her rap is good. Hahaha.

But that's a guy in the MV right? hahaha I wonder who he is.

Also, I'm kinda surprised to see something different coming from SME.

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: After School - Because Of You MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:50 PM

{Video credits to AfterSchoolCraze @ Youtube}

Omg I thought this was kinda beautiful. It's different from the usual After School vibe, cos when I think of After School I think of "Ah" and "Diva" lol and they're both upbeat songs. But this song is really pretty!! And the MV, it's another side of them, the sad side. All of them are starry-eyed in this cos they're crying.

But I don't really get the storyline. The guy just seems like a pervert at the end staring at them on TV. :\ Is there like a lesbian theme in this, btw?? But I'm guessing it's jealousy and stuff la. Hahaha.

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: T-ara - Like The Beginning + Bo Peep Bo Peep MVs
Posted by XYZ at 3:42 PM

Smart move from the management!! They made 2 MVs for Bo Peep Bo Peep. One is for those aged 19+ and another for those 15+ :)

I hope they promote Bo Peep Bo Peep. Hahahaha. It sounds like a huge hit cos of the dance and the song itself. :)

{Video credits to UrAsianSource @ Youtube}

I think this has a hit formula. The dance has a point where people will follow (cos it's simple and well, easy haha) and then there's the addictive chorus. Watch the MV for 19+ only if you're 19+ here hahaha.

This has such a cute storyline!! Hyomin prepares to meet with the guy on a blind date I think, and the rest of the T-ara girls help prepare her lol!! And there's obvious improvement, from not being able to balance to balancing like a pro on heels and stuff like that :) Cute, I like the concept here better than in Bo Peep Bo Peep cos... well Jiyeon isn't even of age to film a 19+ MV!!!! LOL.

Apparently 9000 T-ara fans made their suggestions and they will be choosing the title song to promote and stuff soon hahaha. I like the way they started promotions. Can't wait to see them on stage haha!

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