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28.3.10 : [100326] Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 8:00 PM

Kara's Lupin is #1 on Music Bank :D

I haven't done a music show recap in forever~

Music Core and Inkigayo were cancelled this week, I believe it is due to the sinking ship tragedy in Korea. Let's pray for the families and for those still missing at sea.

Nevertheless, I decided to recap Music Bank! Hehe. Right now I have a buffer time of 3 days before school starts full swing again. First round of exams ended on Thursday for me. :)

BEAST - Shock
I've been monitoring and watching most of their performances because I'm so addicted to the rap by Junhyung, especially the first verse!!! Plus the choreography that goes with the rap. Hahahaha. I love this song, period. BEAST won their first number 1 yesterday on M!Countdown btw :D :D :D :D x10000000000000000000 I hope they win Mutizen soon hehehehe and Kikwang's new hair is flyyyyyyyyyyy~ I love it. Dongwoon's so intense, his gaze. And the way he walks down during the 2nd verse is kinda awkward but I can't help notice how he's so ~*model-like*~. I think about it in every single performance.

Amerie + 4Minute - Heard 'Em All
4Minute shone!!!! I was especially surprised by Sohyun, she was so confident during her part!! I feel so proud hahahaha they were really good. Amerie was good too, but I felt that she was sitting back during this performance :) Oh, and the 4Minute girls surprised me with the high pitched parts. :D It was good. I also like what Hyuna was wearing, I don't know why but I just liked it hahaha (it's not even what I'd wear normally, but I liked it?? :\)

2AM - I Did Wrong
OH AND I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG TOO. I love the abstract feel from the choreography hahahaha and the tightness too, when they "flop" and "rise" stuff. Also, Jokwon's hair is the cool DJ hair that I like!! DNW Changmin's hair though he kept up with the fanservice hahahah Jinwoon looks so cool and although I don't like Seulong's wet hair look...his eyes were intense. HAHA.

After School (Comeback) - Let's Do It
This is basically just a drumming performance. HAHAHA but it's still cool. I was fascinated by drumming cos of the movie Drumline and they've really practiced hard!! They've even got some drumming tricks up their sleeves. I just read somewhere that apparently, Gahee was the one who came up with the concept. Or rather, she wanted to do something like that but didn't know what song this concept would fit into, until she heard Bang! :)

After School - Bang!
Gahee is so amazing. Her voice doesn't match her outward appearance (she looks kinda fierce to me) but her voice is so beautiful! I think I love the bridge part the best. :) I thought they did great in their comeback performance!! :Db I like the outfits, the blue matches. It's nice hahaha

T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You
DO NOT LIKE THEIR OUTFITS :( Tbh this is the first time I'm watching them perform this ever since their song came out. x________x I'm that out of the loop. Hahaha anyway they are neon here so they kinda glow in the dark but honestly I thought Kara's Mister in neon looked nicer? This was quite scary. T-ara girls were vocally sound though!! All of them :) And I see them using props!! Hahahaha I like it when groups use props, it's kinda like they put in a lot of effort to make a HUGE wonderful performance for us to watch :D hehe

SNSD - Run Devil Run
So far these are my favourite outfits from them hehe and the purple is so nice!! Anyway, when this song came out I was surprised that Seohyun had a "power part" where she sings the high notes?? Yes!!!!! I had no idea her voice was that solid because she usually sings smaller parts. But it's good :) And, I also like the part where the "run, run, run" is really high pitch. I think it's about 2:50 around there, Taeyeon's voice *________* she doesn't get a close-up but you can see her singing her heart out during that part hahah

Supreme Team - Step Up
I've never really listened to them properly but Simon D caught my attention heheheh ok well the both of them did because there was this photo of them wearing the "Ss" and "Ee" shirts by AA?? The Helvetica ones, anyway I was stalking the shirt and I saw them wearing it and decided to...listen to them hehehe Anyway Supreme Team (apparently) are friends with BEAST so around the last 20 seconds of the performance you see Simon D (!!!!!!!) dancing to Shock I think hahahahahahahaha Performance was solid btw. The rap is irregular (well, to an amateur like me, it sounds like the beat is irregular) so that makes it all the more harder to perform live but they killed it. :Db

KARA - Lupin
I can see now why they're sweeping the charts. This is just about the second time I'm hearing this song, and the first time I'm watching them performing. It's kinda addictive?? I like the little English part at the beginning, and the "catch catch hallo hallo" i found the "catch catch" part quite cool. But why is Hara only singing the same 2/3 words?? It's quite funny haha. But watching this, it's very obvious that Kara has improved vocally by a tremendous amount (compared to Pretty Girl days) and they're now whole performers!! Yay!! :D Watch them win their 3rd consecutive win on Music Bank here!! Nicole's face was a picture when she saw the score haha

I don't know when my next music show post will be, because tomorrow will be back to school in full swing... I'll try to keep up with the updates! Promise! :)

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26.3.10 : ZE:A - "All Day Long (하루종일)" MV
Posted by XYZ at 2:15 PM

{Video credits to thestarsandher @ Youtube}

This was quite cool. There were a lot of brawls and fighting and A LOT OF PEOPLE.

I don't know ZE:A well, but All Day Long >>>>> Mazeltov!!!!! Hahahaha.

I don't even know their names ;~; sorry. But there's this guy that seriously looks like Yoochun, that was all I was thinking about watching this HAHA. And also about the fighting. It wasn't all that real. Haha

But the ZE:A boys look good in Japanese style uniforms!! :Db anddddddddd even though I couldn't tell who were in ZE:A about half the time, I liked the Japanese vibe it gave off?? Students fighting? I got reminded of Gokusen (even though I didn't finish watching it) and the Taiwanese drama KO One. :D

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: After School - "Bang!" MV
Posted by XYZ at 2:00 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManTV @ Youtube}

This was quite fun to watch actually :Db I liked the drumming. They look really professional doing the drumming, apparently they've been practicing even before "Because Of You" days!! :O You can watch their other video "Let's Do It" where there's a whole lot more drumming and professionalism :Db it's really. amazing.

There's a lot of walking down the runway scenes. HAHA. I'm anticipating what the choreography would be :) Oh and I heard the 8th (and newest) After School member, Lizzy, isn't here? Someone enlighten me, I still don't know many of their names ;~;

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: 2AM - "I Did Wrong" MV Part 2
Posted by XYZ at 1:42 PM

YOU GUYS, I'M BACK HAHAHA have a lot of fandom to catch up on!!!!!!!

{Video credits to Princesz60x @ Youtube}

Aahhhhhhhhhhh this was so sad :'(

It's got subs, just remember to switch on your CC option. :) This was quite touching. I liked how the 4 of them gave her the flower/plant/weed thing like they did when they were children :') And it was funny how she shocked them when they came to see her in the hospital, and then them sneaking out was funny too!!!

I think the gist of it is that she was sick, and that the 2AM boys were all kinda wayward and stuff, so she changed them. Because of her sickness/and just her being her, they realized what they were doing and changed for the better :)

Changmin + Jinwoon: both went back to playing their sports
Seul Ong: biker -> eco-friendly?? Maybe he was in some motorcycle gang of some sorts before :) Still, his bike is so heavenly white hahaha~
Jo Kwon: DJ (maybe he used to go clubbing a lot haha thus the DJ-ing) -> studious kid

I think Kwon's hair is quite nice here, actually. Especially @ 4:51?? Hahaha don't know why just thought the sticking out hair was nice :)

It's just really touching. And at the end, the photo of all of them looking so happy, there's a voice-over and it's the girl saying something like, "Ah~ Happiness."/"Ah~ I'm happy."

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17.3.10 : SNSD - "Run Devil Run" MV teaser + full track
Posted by XYZ at 6:40 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

Yoona doesn't really suit this image haha. She looks kinda evil :( And a bit like this Taiwanese celebrity but I can't remember the name.

But the dance looks kinda catchy haha. Listen to the full track here. Honestly, I can't wait for them to perform this because I want to see how the choreography looks like. I may not like them like crazy (i'm pretty neutral haha) but I have to admit that they have simple catchy songs and their dance choreography is usually good :)

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: 2AM - "I Did Wrong" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:36 PM

{Video credits to t2ssubs @ Youtube}

I LOVE THE CONCEPT HEHEHEHE it's like a music drama and I think this is only one part because it ends quite abruptly.

But I love how each member got a role and it suits them quite well!! Seul Ong glaring at the girl made me melt. *______________* and Kwon as a DJ so cuteeeeeeeee hahahahahah.

Like I said, I really like the concept. Especially the part in the classroom. And the fighting omg 2AM should never fight!! But it did hit me that the venue of the fight was quite peculiar, it was in an EMPTY swimming pool HAHAHAHA. One of my dreams is to stand in an empty swimming pool one day :D

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: Jay Park - "Nothing On You" cover
Posted by XYZ at 6:26 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}


Check out his Youtube page!! (it's linked up there ^^) There are short messages from him in the profile description. It kinda broke my heart that he signed off as "Jay Park, AOM" but as long as he's happy with where he is and who he is, then I'm happy too :)

This was so good hahahaha and it was nice to see Jay with normal hair (you know, not like, idol/celebrity kinda hair) and he looks healthy!! Also, the muscles are still there. Love him. He never forgets the obligatory abs-flashing. The video was posted just yesterday but it's already got more than a million views :O

I think we can expect more covers and interaction from Jay via this Youtube page!!!!! :D

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15.3.10 : T-ara - I'm Really Hurt MVs
Posted by XYZ at 8:06 PM

Oh my, I didn't know they released all 3 already! :O

{Video credits to AznSamManMV @ Youtube}

Part 2 and Part 3

I watched Part 1 this afternoon but tbh I wasn't really paying attention so I can't remember much. I couldn't recognize half of them hahaha especially Soyeon/Qri and I haven't got time to watch the other 2 parts.

Btw, this song is supposed to have a 3part MV, which imo is a bit too much because (ok so im judging) it seems that the beginning of each MV is like...the same. Hahaha.

Alright I NEED TO STUDY NOW i've been watching BEAST videos (Every day I shock! Every night I shock~!) all day. ;_;

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12.3.10 : Big Bang - "Lollipop 2" CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:24 PM

{Video credits to clandenstinepain @ Youtube}

I haven't finished watching the whole thing but Taeyang's voice sounds different here!!!!! Really really manly, and smooth too. I like :Db I also like G-D's smiley get-up hahaha makes him look like a little boy :)

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: BEAST - "Shock" practice dance video
Posted by XYZ at 3:20 PM

{Video credits to B2STalert02 @ Youtube}

HAHAHAHAHA I like watching practice vids cos they're kinda like in street clothes/comfortable clothes and it makes them seem...more normal.

Junhyung and Kikwang are wearing frames here!! I think Kikwang's frames are fake. Junhyung might be wearing real spectacles hehe I don't know but the boy is as fierce as hell. I like the tightness of the choreography. :D And watch this vid to the end!! There's a bit of a behind-the-scenes part and Yoseob does something that I found cute hahahaha (shows that he isn't perfect!!!! :D)

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: 2NE1 - Try To Copy Me (날 따라 해봐요) MV
Posted by XYZ at 1:21 PM

{Video credits to UrAsianSource @ Youtube}

Awwww I loved this!!!! I had second thoughts about the song and the kind of image they'd portray/show but this was quite funny!! We all know how 2NE1 is kinda funny from 2NE1TV, they're quite full of nonsense. I wouldn't want CL to start following G-Dragon's style (I love G-D but the stuff he does/and wears in MVs make me scared haha), but she was pretty okay here!! I quite liked the crystals stuff on one side of her face hahah. I think I love them best when they're in clothes like @ 2:57, but they still look great on the whole! :)

THE STORM TROOPERS PART WAS JUST BEYOND FUNNY. + Dara still gives off the cute look even when she's got a weird fringe and fierce clothes :D

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: Brian - "In My Head" MV
Posted by XYZ at 1:13 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManTV @ Youtube}

I HAD NO IDEA BRIAN DID A KOREAN VERSION OF "IN MY HEAD"!!!! It's also in English by Jason Derulo hahahahah and it's been in my head (Ok bad pun sorry) for the past few days, especially when I'm on the way to school. I tune in to the radio and this song (in English, of course haha) is often playing on the radio.

Plus I never knew Brian could dance like that and stuff. I knew he was from FTTS, the duo, but really!! :Db

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: FT Island - "Heartbeat" Parody
Posted by XYZ at 12:59 PM

{Video credits to Miink10 @ Youtube}


I think I luv Seunghyun hahahaha he seems to be a really fun idiot to be around with. I don't mind spending a day with him doing stupid stuff like that hahaha!! Jaejin gets mad at Seunghyun sometimes cos he doesn't do it right hahaha! And Seunghyun is mostly following what Jaejin does, choreography wise. Plus, Jaejin looks like a madman during the zombie stuff where their ankles go weak.

Another thing, Seunghyun looks really tall here, like Jaejin's just a small boy :D

Sorry for the absence, and lack of posts!! Haven't been on the computer in agessssss and there will be little posts in the future too. Just a heads up. But don't worry I'll do spam postings once in a today! I AM GOING TO SPAM WHAHAHAHAHAHA :D

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2.3.10 : T-ara - I Go Crazy Because Of You MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:51 PM

{Video credits to m1rotic @ Youtube}

I've embed one without subs/romanization because I watched one with all the subs and romanization - I got dizzy hahahah You can watch it with subs here though :)

WOW. I'm late with this, I know, but seriously WOW. I liked the beginning and the end with the school concept and everyone wearing 3D (looks like them haha) glasses and suddenly the music starts and the girls get up. The guys were quite cool when they all turned their heads in uniformed manner :Db

This is a really fierce MV and I'm glad that T-ara can pull off a fierce MV!! :D This was also my first time hearing the song and certain beats in the background reminded me of Britney Spears, ngl :S But the choreography + T-ara makes up for it!

They've had their comeback stages already, right? Damn, I missed them this week. Hopefully I'll be able to do a music show post this weekend :D

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1.3.10 : BEAST - SHOCK MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:12 PM

{Video credits to mrskwonjiyong @ Youtube}

I'm shocked.

Hahahahah just a quick post - but I must put across my :O face because they look so good here!!!!!!!

They haven't had their comeback yet right? :\ I'd be sad if I missed it hehe. I'm so sorry, I've been behind in music shows (yes and I haven't done a post on music show in a quite some time!!!)

Except that the video is ~*dark*~ and ~foreboding~ so I'm sad that I can't see some of them clearly cos of the shadows. Especially Dongwoon. The shadow is like IN HIS FACE HALF THE TIME :(

Video also shows a sequel MV that may be coming up soon hehe It's an RnB track called "Just Before Shock" :)

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