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26.1.10 : Kpop weekend in Singapore!
Posted by XYZ at 7:22 PM

UPDATED: 29/01/10

Date: 29/01/10
Flight no.: OZ753
Terminal 2
Arrival time: 8.45pm

Date: 28/01/10
Flight no.: KE641
Terminal 2
Arrival time: 9.15pm
(See more below)


Apparently, SHINee is also coming to Singapore for the concert thing at Esplanade!! CONFIRMED! I thought it was some joke cos the press didn't really cover it and there wasn't much online (or maybe I was just lurking in the wrong places hahaha) but F.T Island will also be coming for a fan meet.



FT Island airport arrival - was a failure.

Apparently, miscommunication caused the security to not put up barriers ahead of time, where the members would supposedly exit from. There were too many fans over at the exit at Belt 32 (where they were supposed to exit from) so security decided to change their plans.

Hence, the boys exited from the other end of the terminal, over at Belt 36, where there were only 10-20 (lucky!) fans and managed to leave the airport safely.

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: Xiah Junsu - "XIAHTIC" track released
Posted by XYZ at 4:59 PM

{Video credits to jenp00able @ Youtube}

This is off their new Japanese album (or is it single? I'm not sure how JE works :\) and Junsu recorded this whole track in Japanese!!!!! :D

This sounds a whole lot fiercer in Japanese - I like it :Db

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: Daesung - "Cotton Candy" track released
Posted by XYZ at 4:55 PM

{Video credits to miatoot21 @ Youtube}

Awwww sounds ~dreamy~ really for light-listening after a hard day! :D :D

This is real singing hahahaha, I like Daesung's voice cos it gives off soothing vibes and you feel very comfortable listening to him.

This song was initially meant for Big Show (their concert) but they've decided to release it online. AND FOR FREE. Hahahahah it's free for download for 3 days on various Korean downloading sites. Because Korea is big on piracy - meaning they have heavy fines for piracy so anyway this was a good marketing strategy from YG :Db

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25.1.10 : F.Cuz - Jiggy MV Version 2
Posted by XYZ at 8:13 PM

{Video credits FCuzed @ Youtube}

Bom bom bom shawty~ bom bom bom bom bom shawty~

This MV looks so much more appealing and better, the other one was just way off and too ~girly~ hahahahah I was wondering where these clips where because they were in the teaser but nowhere in the first version.

Curly hair guy (haven't got their names down -_______-) has got straight hair here! I can't remember their faces well, I was going by hair lol but now that he's changed his hair I remember him cos of the order they sing in hahahah

I like this a lot better. Only the girls in the background were way off. It's like, so awkward watching them in the background :\

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: SNSD - "Oh!" track released
Posted by XYZ at 8:07 PM

{Video credits to XDDDD30 @ Youtube}

I'll need to see the MV hahahaha not really feeling anything at the moment... :\ But apparently it's #1 on charts already? Haha

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: Preview "Tell Me Your Dream Ep 1 " with SHINee
Posted by XYZ at 8:04 PM

{Video credits to minshinee @ Youtube}

I'm not sure if it's only one episode or for a whole season with SHINee, but it seems like one of those make-your-wish-come-true shows. :D DOESN'T MATTER, JUST MOAR SHINEE.

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24.1.10 : [100124] 2AM's comeback on Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 8:45 PM

{Video credits to bwmow4 @ Youtube}

Sorry for the lack of posts!! Have been up to my eyes in work, and there's two tests tomorrow D: BUT *_________________________* This is the first time I'm hearing the song and I'm not a fan of ballads, but this is so beautiful!!!!!!

First, I like the stage. Gives a very space atmosphere, like, they're in zero gravity, in space kinda of feeling. Hahahaha I feel myself even floating along with the song!

Secondly, this was flawless. Simply beautiful!! Jinwoon (imo) has improved a lot! Don't brick me but I used to think he wasn't as strong as the other 3 singers, but his voice control has improved so much I'm impressed!

I missed the release of the music video, here you go! I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it's beautiful.

P/S: They've knocked C.N.Blue off #1 on music charts! But C.N.Blue's still doing great with their lives btw hahahaha

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19.1.10 : 2AM Feat. Chansung - "To Her (그녀에게)" preview
Posted by XYZ at 6:04 PM

{Video credits to thefunkyveggie @ Youtube}

:Db sounds interesting. Looks like 2AM will be doing a dance track this time!!!!! But I worry that this wouldn't make them any different from I hope they do something different!! That differentiates between the two hahaha

P/S: Jo Kwon has been confirmed for Family Outing!! Idk about you guys but I LOVE watching F.O and was worried about the new season's cast but since Kwon's on it I think it might make the show interesting....and crazy. Like how he's on WGM LOL. Now, I can't wait.

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17.1.10 : [100117] Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 7:58 PM

T-ara won their third crown!! I hope Hyuna gets a chance. :D Hahaha, 2PM and SHINee both have their goodbye stages today. C.N. Blue and ZE:A debut!! :D I wanted to post about Music Bank but I just didn't have the time. :(

I'll try my best to recap everything :D

2PM - Tired Of Waiting
Ohhhhhhhh Junsu and Nichkhun showing lots of skin here!! Hahahahah I think this song was mainly fan service for the fans, just look at the dance!! So much fan service. This is their last stage, so I just wanted to say that I liked the beginning when they tap their knees and follow it up with stamping feet hahahahaha

2PM - Heartbeat
This "death" was supposedly the best since all of them "die" here ahahaha but it wasn't so dramatic :( Like I've said, I like Nichkhun's death when he toppled the pyramid and stole a heart from someone else hahahaha but I'm glad they are going to get some rest now!! :)

SHINee - Jo Jo
I wish they performed Jo Jo longer :( Like how 2PM almost had 2 full stages hahahaha but they do the same goodbye stage as the one I saw on Music Bank. Taemin's eye smile here was so adorable!! ONEW'S LITTLE WAVE. SO CUTE HAHA

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
:') I'm going to miss them...and the song, but thank goodness they'll be on Hello Baby and I read that they are making a comeback on Maknae Rebellion - can't wait for Key to show off his stuff hahahahah

HyunA Feat. Jun Hyung - Change

C.N. Blue - I'm A Loner
FLAWLESS PERFORMANCE!! Hahahaha ok I can't really hear well cos my brother is watching TV and I can't disturb the sound haha but it sounds great!! Yonghwa has a great voice, and the camera LOVES him probably also because he's the main singer :D Guy on the drums (I haven't learnt their names yet :() is really passionate with his drumming!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE C.N. BLUE. :D

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep

T-ara winning #1

BEAST - Mystery

ZE:A - Mazeltov

F.Cuz - Jiggy

Alright. Hahahah I couldn't get through ZE:A's performance cos it was kinda blur and I was too lazy to find a better quality one... Ah, there will be other chances :D

P/S: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANGIN!! :D You're trending on Twitter :)

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14.1.10 : C.N.Blue - I'm A Loner MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:31 PM

{Video credits to cnbluesky @ Youtube}


I like the genre very very much!! And it's cool how B-L-U-E actually means something and this feeling/something is represented by each member. Hahahah Yonghwa is doing the emo thing again, he is EMOTIONAL hahahaha

Really like this. I think I'm going to like C.N.Blue :)

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: BEAST + 4Minute - Snowboarding video
Posted by XYZ at 6:00 PM

SO CUTE HAHAHAHA This was taken by the manager, so it is called MSC (Manager Self Cam) hahah and it shows BEAST + 4Minute going to board!! :D

{Video credits to B2STalert02 @ Youtube}

This was quite funny. I think Yoseob is quite good with the board hahahaha. Later they play a game with post-its and you're supposed to blow the post-its off your face super funny hahahahaha I want to try playing that too HAHA

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: Tohoshinki - Break Out MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:54 PM

Ok DBSK's Japan activities shall be dubbed under Tohoshinki (but with the DBSK tag haha). I don't have the time to watch this T_T Maybe tomorrow... I'll be back to edit this!!

{Video credits to ramapi100 @ Youtube}

Ok the song started and I just HAD to watch this.

THIS WAS SO AWESOME BUT IT WAS REALLY DARK AND FOREBODING AT THE SAME TIME. Like the two kids kinda scared me every time they shook their heads around :S and the hands waving from the walls. Wow.

I thought I should watch it...just in case the next time I want to I'd have to find it from Youtube again HAHAHA

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12.1.10 : Preview SHINee's "Hello Baby"!
Posted by XYZ at 8:49 PM


AND THIS TIME. WITH BABIES. Ok, a baby/toddler/kid. But wowowowowowow!!

{Video credits to shineee16 @ Youtube}

OMG SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I had to watch this (anyway it's only 35+seconds haha) and I see some Onew sangtae~~! I'VE MISSED IT HAHAHAHA.

Also, Key's hair isn't that fierce anymore. :( Hahah, I think he layered it.

CAN'T WAIT~!! The new season is scheduled to air on January the 19th :D :D :D

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: 2PM Feat. Yoon Eun Hye - Tik Tok
Posted by XYZ at 8:46 PM

{Video credits to jenp00able @ Youtube}

OMG I'M BEGINNING TO LIKE IT. I like the soft beats, you know, nothing heavy but nice and soothing to hear...

Yoon Eun Hye is featured here! I was scanning through the comments and someone heard Jay? Hahahaha, but I don't hear him hahaha still miss him. :'(

Tik tok tik tok tik~

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: f(x) + M.I.C - Lollipop CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:38 PM

{Video credits to heartfx @ Youtube}

I have not watched this yet (maybe I'll edit after watching it. When I get to watch it haha) but it's in Chinese! And it sounded like chipmunk voices Idk why hahahah

Ah, I finally have some time to breathe. I've watched this already. The bright colours were giving me a bigger headache haha but it's not my cup of tea, even though I was imagining the rest of f(x) asking Victoria to be their translator while they tried making friends with M.I.C and stuff. HAHAHA

Favourite part was actually when Amber went, "Tian tian de lollipop de lollipop de lollipop oh~" hahahahah dunno it just sounded...nice cos the rest of the parts were usually high pitched and a bit like chipmunks haha

Yi er san kai shi~!

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10.1.10 : [100110] Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 9:25 PM

Aahhhhh I didn't want to spazz about Inkigayo today (trying to contain myself haha) but I just have to. T-ara got #1 again though! :Dv

Jewelry - Love Story [LAST STAGE]
This was so heartbreaking to watch. I've seen Jewelry in concert (hahahahaha when they came to Singapore 2 years ago LOL) and they've always been singing electronic music stuff, so this was different for me. Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah are leaving the group and it was so sad because all 4 girls were crying on stage :( Jung Ah was being so strong, smiling throughout the whole performance :')

HyunA Feat. Jun Hyung - Change
IDK WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME. I thought I was going to scream when Junhyung came out. The way he put his arm around Hyuna was so smooth. Hahahaha. Hyuna improved a lot!! I watched her stage yesterday on Music Core and she'd already improved from Music Bank's performance. It was stronger, and she didn't sound like she was struggling - she looked a lot more confident also? :Db

SHINee - Jo Jo
Missing Minho :( I like the Jo Jo clothes btw. Hahahaha. It's just nice to see them in stuff that people on the street might wear, you know? Hahaha. I also like Key's hair here - the tousled thing. And he seems to be going in a smiley phase now. I like his shirt hahahahaha ;D

2PM - Tired Of Waiting
I like the props they use in this. Hahahaha I kinda liked this better than Heartbeat at first so I was really happy they started promoting this. Their goodbye stage is next week, I think. Hope they get some good rest~

BEAST - Digital Chart
HAHAH all of them are doing the chart! :D Junhyung and Yoseob were so funny hahahaha especially Yoseob he looked like a hammer. LOL. They saved the best for the last, cos Doseob did #1 and JoKwon and GaIn's "We Fell In Love" won whoohoo~ I'm glad their song is doing well. They performed on Music Core yesterday and the stage was so cute. SO CUTE. HAHAHA

BEAST - Mystery
Today's dance break was the best thing ever. 'Nuff said. *______*

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
Jiyeon's filming God Of Study so she isn't here again. Hyomin's dance break was super cute this time hahaha I think she was doing DBSK's Balloons!! (I remember well cos Yunho that dork looked like a chicken doing the head thing hahahaha) :D Oh yes, and Hyomin and Eunjung were doing some retarded thing again as they marched off the stage.

T-ara winning #1

Junho + Wooyoung MC cut
Really really short cut but whoohoo JUNHO, THE BOY IS GETTING SOME LOVE NOW HAHAHAHAHA :Dv I wished he still did Dream Team (he amazed me with his 100m dash hahaha) but him doing Inkigayo is okay for me too! Taec's gone cos he'll be doing Family Outing Season 2 :)

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8.1.10 : [100108] Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 9:36 PM

T-ara won #1 for K-Chart today! Whoohoo, the girls are on a roll!! I hope they keep up this winning streak, for a 2nd Mutizen this Sunday go go go~ :D

Also, SHINee's back!! They disappeared for a bit last week (I HOPE they were getting rest after gayo daejun haha) and I was sad cos I thought they'd left and wasn't going to perform Jo Jo anymore. But they're back :D

Also, Hyuna and F.Cuz debuted 8)

F.Cuz - Jiggy
Ok tbh, first guy sounded REALLY breathless to me. Plus I remember him as the really high-pitched guy from their MV. Ok the dance involved a lot of jumping - but then halfway through the performance (I was also looking at the subtitles haha KOREAN subtitles) and it occurred to me that actually most of the lyrics is, like, gibberish? Hahahah fav part is actually the backtrack part where it goes "bom bom bom bom" sorry :\ Curly hair guy is pretty good, his voice was stable most of the time imo. I think he was doing the high notes. :) Cos it sounds like him hahaha

Hyuna Feat. Junhyun - Change
Honestly, I thought Hyuna was stretching it a little, she didn't have enough stamina :\ but we can't blame her for being breathless in the song because those dance moves are fierce!! Really taxing. And she was singing quite a lot of it. I mean, she wasn't just letting the backtrack play and stuff. So I'm quite impressed overall :D Junhyung rocked his little featured part btw, but the cameraman didn't get a closeup of his eye peeking from behind the shades HAHAHAHA

IU Feat. Key - Love Letter For You (By MC Mong)
THIS WAS SO SWEET. Hahahahaha cutest and most awkward thing ever. Idk if there are fangirls out there going crazy and hating on IU but seriously, IU is so talented?!!! Her voice texture is so unique, if only I could sing like that hahahaha *dreaming* Besides I think Key bb did well. So awkward with him giving IU roses at different intervals. And poor girl looked so scared? Idk she looked scared to me. Like she didn't dare look at Key hahahaha. Key, you better sing me that song too!!! :D

SHINee - Jo Jo
Wow 8D I think I'll never get sick of this song, really. When I was on holiday, all I kept listening to was SHINee's Y.O.U mini-album hahahaha

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
Hyomin's dorky dance break is back!! Too bad the cameraman didn't catch it >:( I think Jiyeon is busy filming "God Of Study" so she wasn't performing. And Eunjung is such a DORK. She was pushing Hyomin and doing a body wave (?) while they marched off the stage. HAHAHA

T-ara winning #1

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: F.Cuz - Jiggy MV
Posted by XYZ at 10:00 AM

{Video credits to TYPICALpocky7 @ Youtube}

Wow, I got dizzy towards the end cos there was too many colours being flashed before my eyes hahaha!


The dance looks cute, and the song's pretty auto-tuned. I got a shock when the first guy sang haha because his voice didn't go with his face? Hahaha.


Looking forward to the debut stage :)

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7.1.10 : ZE:A - Mazeltov MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:41 PM

{Video credits to NineEmpire @ Youtube}

This is a new group set to debut soon (along with F.Cuz and CN Blue)! They used to be called Child(ren) of Empire, but they changed their name to ZE:A and there are 9 of them in total. :) I COUNTED HAHAHA

I have no idea what Mazeltov means, and I hear "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday~ Thursday~ Friday Saturday Sunday" Hahahaha.

I see some cute guys (!!) but one of the reasons I didn't post about them earlier was because...I didn't want to get sucked into more boy groups. HAHA. I don't know their names yet. Depends on their live HAHAHAHA joking

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: HyunA feat. Jun Hyung - Change MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:38 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManMV @ Youtube}

OT, but Junhyung looks really good here. He was awesome backing HyunA and the shots with the two of them together was the best!! I also liked 1:47 when Junhyung peeked from his shades HAHA

I think the dance would do good live. Hahahaha, it's very...Hyuna? She's kinda famous for doing the chest popping in Muzik and they ALWAYS ask her to do the chest pops so...this dance has a lot of popping. Imo. And I'm not a dancer so forgive me if I get the technical terms wrong!! :D

Looking forward to a live performance...

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6.1.10 : New Layout! :D
Posted by XYZ at 6:00 PM

Whoohoo, a new layout!
*throws confetti*

Thought it was time for a change!! Initially, I was going to change the header for Christmas but December was soooooo packed + I was overseas. So that made things a little difficult hehe :D

But I decided to change it before the school term starts! Come to think of it, the old banner with the bunny on it was for EASTER in April 2009! About a year...soon. Hahahaha

Tweaked the layout slightly :D No new features, actually. But I hope you guys like it!

P/S: The background is different even though it's still grey!!! Hahaha. I had to point that out. Cos I like the new pattern ahahahahah



5.1.10 : HyunA feat. Jun Hyung- "Change" solo track released
Posted by XYZ at 10:48 AM

{Video credits to MonoXera @ Youtube}

I can't say much cos songs usually grow on me after a few listens. When I find that some part of the song (a verse or something) keeps replaying in my head.

Junhyung from BEAST is featured in this though! Hahaha, a short rapping part :)

Hyuna's gonna perform this on Music Bank this Friday. I forsee a dance break. HAHAHA

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1.1.10 : [091231] SBS Drama Awards 2009
Posted by XYZ at 3:52 PM

A.N.JELL reunites!!!!!!! ♥

And this time, Park Shin Hye appears as a girl hahahah :)

{Video credits to SimpleLoveU @ Youtube}

P/S: 3 of them (Shinhye, Yonghwa and Hongki) won New Star Awards!!

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: Happy 2010!
Posted by XYZ at 12:00 AM

Happy New Year, you guys!!!!!!!!!
Sorry we haven't been properly keeping up this place. :( It'll get even worse this year cos it's a major year for all of us over here at Jumpingnutz...but I hope you don't abandon us!! :)

I would do a proper thank you post, to wrap up 2009 (first full year of awesome spazzing on this blog hahaha!) but I'm such a piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig....zzzz

With ,
Jumpingnutz :D