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22.7.10 : SHINee - "Lucifer" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:54 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


There are so many parts of the choreography that i really like, so many parts of the mv that i just can't sdfoksjdlf. Stay eloquent.

I simply cannot wait for SHINee's comeback stage tomorrow, really. They're so stable at singing and this song + choreography is just going to blow everyone away! Like HELLO EVERYBODY, SING A SONG PROPERLY ALL THE WAY IF SHINEE CAN DO IT WITH VIGOROUS DANCING AND FAST BEAT.

I don't exactly like the hair, ok well concept wise I'm really boring and conservative so I can't comment much just that I do not like Taemin with long hair because he is a pretty boy and so I would really like maknae to be a little more masculine/manly. BUT THAT SAID. Jonghyun and Onew are sporting muscles IS THAT WHAT I SEE *______*

Also, i read somewhere that Jong watched New Moon (you know the Twilight saga thing) and he wanted to be like Taylor Lautner!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's ok jong just be yourself with power vocals. Don't worry too much about looking like Taylor Lautner (I personally think Taylor Lautner worked out too much too early, he has a weird neck right now)

LOVE THIS. I have to go now so i'll be back tomorrow with their comeback~!

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16.7.10 : SHINee - "Lucifer" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 8:43 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

KEY'S HAIR ;˜; He's rocking that mohawk-ish/bald-ish style but I still liked his post-Ring Ding Dong hairstyle a lot!! (The way he wore his hair frequently on Raising Idol, I loved it!!)

Also, i know a lot of people are raving over Taemin's hair but it's not really working for me? I don't like Taemin to have long hair because, even though he's a pretty boy, he looks good with short hair too! Maybe even better than in long hair HAHA. Minho's got really really short bangs across his forehead (I hope his calf is fine please please please˜)

Jonghyun and Onew idek what to say. haha. Speechless - and in a good way. I love how Jonghyun has normal hair - although I enjoyed staring at the awesome blonde fringe in RDD - and Dear God, please let Jong wear that bare back top for performances! MORE THAN ONE PERFORMANCE PLEASE. Onew is so...mature. I honestly thought he'd look like crap after seeing that disappointing teaser photo that had the entire fandom lulzing (and me crying at a corner at perfect Onew being laughed at haha), but he looks pretty good here, i'm impressed! I can see resemblance of a middle parting, but without the headband it's not that lulzy and Onew looks good here, period.

That said, the teaser has got me curious about their title track, "Lucifer". Like, why name is "Lucifer"??????? But the beat and dance (plus those awesome matrix like moves in the teaser movie) has gotten me psyched for their comeback!

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: SHINee - Lucifer (2nd Album)
Posted by XYZ at 6:13 PM

{Video credits to WeAreShining01 @ Youtube}

I'M EXCITED EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT SURE IF I LIKE THE TITLE "LUCIFER", it's just kinda...weird? Dunno. Maybe it has some hidden meaning behind it. HAHA.

That said, I like what I'm hearing right now! I can't wait to see the choreography and new images/clothes/mv/hair (since we all know what their hair looks like now) - but i can wait for Minho to get better. Seriously, he needs to RECOVER FULLY, or else it'd become a lifelong injury/ailment that will haunt him especially bad when he's older. Health is wealth, everybody!!

1) Up & Down
2) Lucifer (Title song at least im thinkin so)
3) Electric Heart
4) A-Yo
5) Obsession (jonghyun wrote the lyrics!!)
6) Quasimodo (idk what it means)
7) Shout Out
8) Wowowow
9) Your Name (Onew wrote the lyrics!!)
10) Life
11) Ready or Not
12) Love Pain
13) Love Still Goes On
OH MY GAH EVERYBODY i thought it was 9 songs? hahahahahaha. Jonghyun and Onew wrote the lyrics for track 5 and 9 respectively. Track 13 is Love Should Go On part 2!!!! I LOVE THAT SONG.


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: G.NA - "꺼져 줄게 잘 살아" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:03 PM

{Video credits to gnaofficial @ Youtube}

Gina Choi, new solo female artiste from Cube Entertainment! :D

Cube family is growing fast and huge. I think they need another male rapper soon cos Junhyung is so busy appearing on all the female stages as the featured rapper!! HAHAHA!

I never knew Gina (stage name had such a beautiful voice!! I'm so amazed. I just watched her M!Countdown debut and she was great. Also, you seldom see solo artistes these days - especially female ones. I hope she becomes a great hit!! (daebak˜˜˜)

Doojoon and Junhyung are featured in this video AND THEY LOOK SO GOOD!! Seriously. Doojoon made me want him as a boyfriend (i was imagining myself in Gina's place - proof that I'm dreaming) and I like Kikwang a whole lot more than Doojoon (just, Kikwang's like my ideal type with the eyes and personality HAHA)! Junhyung obviously needed my help wearing his jacket properly. HAHA. The rap was a little out of the blue (the beat sped up during the rap, too) but it flowed nicely during the performance :)

Can't wait for Gina's next stage tonight, on Music Bank!! Video should float around on Youtube anytime soon...

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13.7.10 : Jay Park - Count On Me (Nothing On You)
Posted by XYZ at 5:24 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

Sorry, ive been away for the longest time ;~;

Jay released this video, kinda like a music video but not really at the same time? Haha. That said, it's nice to see him in a video that looks rather professional because of the editing/colours AND HE IS IN STYLISH CLOTHES OTHER THAN A WIFEBEATER. : D

Also that's new hair and I like it. : ) Nice to see him "made up" haha.

Oh, I didn't know his cover had Korean? Right? I think the rap is in Korean. If I'm wrong, forgive me. Suffering a headache haha i doubt if I'm thinking straight.

P/S: i'll try to update more often!! Sometimes i'm lazy, sometimes I just can't find the time to spazz/recap after watching something. ;~;

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1.7.10 : Taeyang - "I Need A Girl" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:08 PM

{Video credits to clandestinepain @ Youtube}

Tbh, this song has not grown onto me yet.

It's my first proper listen though, so maybe it'll start growing on me like most of Taeyang's music usually do. (i had Wedding Dress on replay for the longest time HAHA)

The plot is pretty simple, the girl Taeyang needs is - surprise surprise hehe - Sandara Park! Special mention for her, she looks so pretty here!! Of course Taeyang would need her hahaha. Taeyang's eye smile is awesome here too, he looked super cute at the beginning when he smiled. as usual. : D How can someone look so good when he's just wearing a simple typography tee??

My favourite part though, would be the part where Sandara rejects all the other guys and then she opens her blazer to reveal the t-shirt she's wearing underneath...which has Taeyang's face on it. That was really sweet and cute hahaha like she's publicly showing her love HAHA

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