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This is a joint blog where we channel our endless enthusiasm and energy towards music and entertainment. All of us are still schooling, and this is just about the only way to keep our sanity. :D

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, hence disagreements are not uncommon. :) We will blog about what we like, and about what we find amusing. :D

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25.8.10 : FT Island - "Love Love Love" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:11 PM

{Video credits to ftisland @ Youtube}

I was quite freaked out by the human puppet dolls and the constant fire, but it's really quite interesting.

I suppose this video comes with a bit of a plot, so I'm guessing that the two human puppet dolls are like in some sort of forbidden love, and the only way to be together would be to die, hence the fire because it'll burnt them. And the burning wooden dolls represent the human people so it's all linked together. In that way. And at the end we see the two of them embracing each other so it's like they got to be together - after death, I'm supposing.

That said, Hongki's hair looks nice on him (even if I prefer short hair on boys). Seunghyun's rapping is sound - his voice has got the right tone hahaha but I hardly see Minhwan (hair blocking face), either quick shots of Jaejin (not enough to stare) and hardly anything for Jonghoon!!! What is this! The only time Jonghoon gets a closeup, it's a blur shot (aka bokeh, I think) and that's just not enough! I can't even see his hair properly haha but I think it's similar to Hongki.

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: After School - "Magic Girl/Diva" Parody
Posted by XYZ at 5:59 PM

{Video credits to ASFVariety @ Youtube}


It's some challenge I think (sorry I like these girls but no time to watch their show!! Watched a bit of them on other shows though - some of them are really hilarious!) between the maknaes and the unnies, and the unnies do Magic Girl (cutesy) while the maknaes do Diva (diva-ish) haha.

It's really quite funny because you see them on scary rides ie rollercoasters and the killer drop thingy where you fall from a great height as well as the pirate ship thing and they STILL HAVE TO ACT OUT THEIR PARTS FOR THE "MV" HAHAHAHAHA

You can also see them dancing/moving while screaming away on the ride hahahahahahaha they even got the people who were also at the amusement park to take part in this by dancing along!! Funny~!

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: Big Bang - "Beautiful Hangover" MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:47 PM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}

Wow. Just wow.

Big Bang, their videos are so on point this year!! They're going towards the art focussed direction to break into the Japan market, compared to Gara Gara Go which was more of dance and choreography.

This is just, really beautiful, the video. The boys look great - especially GD hahaha that jawline :O - and I loved the little subtle messages like "VIP You got my heart" and all the little stuff like that. While I thought the pulsating circles were random and a little out of place, they actually put you in the mood of the song because they pulsate in time to the beat of the song - so visually you're also listening to the song?

I don't even know where to being, really. This music video just draws you in. I'm going to have so much to catch up (and videos to download) when my exams are over for good. This stuff is SO GOOD.

P/S: I wonder who directs the videos? Or do they do them themselves? It's really really, good. Or at least, in a style that I appreciate. :)


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: Supernova - "On The Days That I Miss You" MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:36 PM

{Video credits to BestofAsianTV @ Youtube}

I actually heard the song/watched the boys first from one of their performances and didn't really like it, I think it's partly due to the crappy sound quality.

After watching this, I've decided that the song is actually quite good. HAHA! The boys have hairstyles that remind me of Japanese boys, actually haha First heard of them when they collaborated with T-ara and the rapping was really powerful!! It's a change for me to hear them singing (ok so the rappers are not singing, but singing coming from this group as a whole) and it gives off a really different vibe. :)

However, it was quite weird reading the subs and going "Ah, what heart-breaking lyrics~" and there they are, smiling away in front of us on screen. Haha.

Hope they rise to stardom soon!! They've been around for quite a bit (mostly in Japan) but home (Korea) is still the place to be!! Supernova hwaitinggggg~

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14.8.10 : GP Basic - "Game" MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:53 AM

{Video credits to KyuleeKPOPMV @ Youtube}

This is seriously...

I couldn't finish watching this because I think they're too young to be debuting!! I already feel ~whuttttttt~ when I see idols around my age being so successful and stuff. I feel somewhat inferior and compare myself to them (which is ridiculous because there's an obvious reason why i'm not like one of them right. HAHA) It feels weird to be idolizing girls/people who are so young, anyway. :\

It's an okay song, and they're all the rage right now cos of Janey (who, imo, is really cute but still, too young haha) who's the youngest in the group - she's still in elementary school for goodness sake!! Also, I found it unsettling watching the MV cos Janey is so small and she keeps standing in the background where the rest of the other girls block her, COMPLETELY. I only see the occasional tell-tale sign of her leg sticking out in the background. Haha

I'm not hating on a group that hasn't exactly debuted, just my $0.02 worth :) I just worry for them, because a lot of people (like me) are somewhat put off by their young age, and I can't even begin to imagine the amount of pressure and stress they're going to feel in the future - and at such a young age!

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9.8.10 : BoA - "Hurricane Venus" MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:07 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

I know Boa's huge and everything, but i've never really listened to her songs because when I got into kpop she wasn't actively promoting stuff yet.

That said, even though this song sounds really...normal and not exactly bombastic (or something you'd expect from BoA who is like the queen or something haha) - i love it!

I especially love the outfits and makeup in this MV, I absolutely adore the white outfit she wore - WHY WEREN'T THERE MORE SCENES WITH THAT OUTFIT HUH? Editor. >:( I loved the makeup she was wearing with the white outfit, so ethereal!!

I watched the teaser and didn't really expect the whole song to be so electronic hahaha. Oh well, Electronic Supersonic Bionic Energy~ (what's with sment songwriters - all the -ic words?? loverholic robotronic too ahaha) Even so, this song is really quite addictive - been in my head for the past few hours.

I'm going to give her album a listen now! :)

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4.8.10 : INFINITE - "She's Back" MV
Posted by XYZ at 7:05 PM

{Video credits to woolliment @ Youtube}

Don't watch this if you're stuck in school and want to go out to the beach to have fun.


Filled with eye candy here! The new hair colour on some of the boys makes them look even more refreshing. AND ARE THEY ON SOME CRUISE SHIP OR SOMETHING?

I wouldn't mind going on a cruise if there are boys like them on it hahahahaha

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3.8.10 : SHINee - "Lucifer" MV (Dance Version)
Posted by XYZ at 5:46 PM

{Video creidts to sment @ Youtube}

Sorry for the SHINee spam~ The boys are everywhere!!

This is as close as we can get to seeing OT5 perform until Minho's calf gets better :) The song is different, and they did a lot of editing like choreo and song.

This is kinda like a raw version of the song/dance/performance in general hahaha.

I'm glad they added in Taemin's weird stepping thing during the da-da-da part in the first verse, you know? Or maybe he just wasn't dancing it in this video haha but it's one of my favourite Lucifer choreo...

Also, Taemin's top is making me bipolar, seriously i'm seeing LINES everywhere because of his top hahaha! LOL at Key's hair i think he made it stand so it wouldn't stick to his forehead. HAHAHAHAHA. It was cute seeing them steal smiles in between haha!!

I'm going to rewatch it now HAHA

P/S: Read post below - it'll explain about my long absence(s)! :D

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: Sorry~
Posted by XYZ at 5:20 PM

Hey everyone, i'm really sorry for the lack of updates!!

Seems like I'm too slow, and I haven't got the time to backtrack haha :( But do forgive me!! I'm currently 14 weeks from the biggest obstacle in my life (at this stage) - have exams soon that will determine my future!!!!! :O

ok so that said, here's a little something for you to laugh at!! It's all for a good laugh, no menace intended! Plus, I quite like MBLAQ anyway - here's an MBLAQ "Y" Parody :D

{Video credits to pop77corn @ Youtube}

Have fun!! Will try to update again soon~~

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