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22.5.10 : 2PM + SNSD - Caribbean Bay CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:29 PM

{Video credits to MsOnlybobo2 @ Youtube}


I'm such a sucker for plots like that. Predictable but you feel happy and wish you were them because they look like they're having so much fun.

Anyway this is a theme park CF of some sorts, and OH MY GOD i wanna be a lifeguard/trainee there cos are all the trainees that hot?? HAHAHA. If only. I think Taecyeon and Yoona are quite cute together, but on Family Outing they give a totally different feel haha. I'm not one of those crazy jealous fangirls over this couple :)

That aside, the other couples are kinda cute too!! Chansung/Seohyun and Nichkhun/Yuri. Nichkhun's hair looks SO MUCH BETTER HERE than the emo slick in 2PM's Without U performances, seriously.

I smiled when I saw Taecyeon/Yoona doing the punishment together hahaha it was super funny and cute at the same time.

I feel like going to the theme park. It really gives you the feeling that summer has arrived. Even if it's summer all year round here. Hahahaha

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: 4Minute - "Huh (하)/Hit Your Heart" MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:22 PM

{Video credits to AsianMusicVideoHD @ Youtube}

I was watching this and I think they've come really far from their shaky debut :')

This MV has a fierce concept, very much like Hyori's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang strong kinda concept and I kinda like it. Maknae looks great with the short hair! Like she's matured a whole lot, Gayoon is fierce and Jihyun looks really pretty. Jiyoon looks great here I really love her hairstyle hahaha but at the same time I think Hyuna's hair colour is awesome. But it probably works for her only haha

Although there were some awkward shots here like Jihyun in a gold dress and the camera just focussed on her chest, that was seriously awkward to watch, I like the fierce hip hop scenes.

But honestly I think I like "Who's Next" better than this song haha. I hope they promote "Who's Next" some time soon too. The BEAST feature was an awesome plus too hehe

They're a lot more steady and solid these days, compared to Hot Issue stages where they kept getting flak for every little thing. :')

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19.5.10 : C.N.Blue - "Love" MV
Posted by XYZ at 9:16 AM

{Video credits to 1118Leung @ Youtube}

LOVE THIS HEHEHEHE Tell me why why why~

Love their new hairstyles here!! Apart from Yonghwa who just looks like he cut his hair shorter. Minhyuk's hair isn't so emo here!! :Db and Jonghyun looks kinda good like that, better than the Beatles kinda hair hehehe Jungshin's hair is, well, I can't really tell cos I dunno if there may be a ponytail tied up behind haha

I kinda like the song already. C.N.Blue comes up with pretty good title songs but I heard the rest of Bluetory the other time and was quite disappointed cos they weren't as catchy or as good as Alone :\ Hope this time Bluelove will be better!! :Db

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: Jay Park - "Best I Ever Had/Whatcha Say" cover
Posted by XYZ at 9:08 AM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

Awww Jay hahahaha

He's in the bathroom again, singing Best I Ever Had and a bit of Whatcha Say. I think he sings in the bathroom because you get the best acoustic sound there. HAHAHAHA. Something I learned when I was younger and I always remembered cos it explained why people sing in the bathroom when they're showering and all that.

Anyway, Jay now has a Twitter page!! Anyone who comes up with a creative name for his fanclub (and he uses it) will get a personal call from Jay!! Woahhhhhhhh too bad my brain is too caught up with studying I've lost all sense of creativity. I can't even draw now LOL. I liked the little message he left at the end. HAHAHAHA. I liked how he spoke Korean too, even though it wasn't very fluent LOL and his little flustered "V" peace sign was super funny! He wanted to do the "V" sign but ended up doing a thumbs up hahahahaha ok that was just funny

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: MBLAQ - "Y" MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:57 AM

{Video credits to absolutemblaqchannel @ Youtube}

Woahhhhhhh Hollywood actor's acting is good! :Db Joon is so good looking hereeeeeeeeee I used to not have a favourite cos all of them were equally funny and crazy in Idol Army but now I think I can make my choice hehehehe my bias is forming...

There's a mini plot with this MV. But I must complain about those Power Ranger lookalike outfits they were wearing, IT WAS HIGHLY DISTRACTING AND NOT ATTRACTIVE TO THE EYES AT ALL. Seriously. Just let them wear suits or something haha Joon looked so good in one.

So it turns out that there's a love triangle!! Joon, Seungho, you two should never fight. It breaks everyone's hearts. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR.

Oh, and Chundoong has singing lines now, so I think they're re-establishing Mir as the sole rapper :) G.O. LOOKS SO DIFFERENT TOO. Without his mustache!! But his hair has to go. It kinda looks like a mushroom/bob hairstyle :(

Song-wise, I'm not addicted to it yet, I'll have to see live performances hahaha. But "Oh Yeah" looked more fun to me though...

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: Big Bang - "Tell Me Goodbye" MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:48 AM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}


Wowowow I luv this I like the whole setting and vintage concept. I love the clothes the boys are wearing!! It's so different from their initial hip hop style. :Db

This is a song for the IRIS Japanese OST. I think TOP is trying to be Baek San from IRIS (the top guy who turns out to be evil hahaha) here!!!! The frames, the hair... all alike hahaha. Seungri is probably...Sang Woo? I think the guy's character is Sang Woo. I can't really remember since I watched it last year haha.

There's relatively little screen time for G-Dragon but when he's on screen, he's drunk LOL! Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri get quite a lot of screen time cos of their singing parts. TOP gets his own time to shine too but they show his side profile more than his face. Anyway, I didn't know TOP had such a cute nose, always thought his nose was bigger and sharper hahaha!

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16.5.10 : Wonder Girls - "2 Different Tears" MV
Posted by XYZ at 7:38 PM

{Video credits to wondergirls @ Youtube}

I've embedded the English version which I think was pretty good! Yeeun's (can probably never get used to calling her Yenny haha) English is so good! I bet she practiced a lot but she enunciates pretty well :) The rest of the girls sound great too, and I like the funny cameos from Bobby Lee (MADTV, my brother was watching it the other day and was laughing like crazy) and JYP the man himself.

Upon the first listen, the song doesn't sound as catchy as Nobody or Tell Me, but it's a different sound coming from WG and it sounds good on them! Even if the song doesn't catch on at first, the easy "two" dance will definitely catch on. Instead of wagging their fingers (in Nobody), they're now doing the "V" sign to represent two.

Seems like it's a JYP thing to do simple hand signs?? "V" represents two, and 2PM's Without U has the "Ok" dance! Hahahaha

I'm liking 2 Different Tears and the fun MV. There's a smal storyline to go with it, it's pretty easy to follow. You can also download 2 Different Tears on Tap Tap Revenge 3!! I just downloaded it for free (the 2 pack song bundle requires credits/money if I'm not mistaken) and tried playing it. It's quite fun, comes in Medium and Extreme levels (I tried Medium cos I didn't wanna die hahaha it was fun, fast-paced but fun.)

You can watch the Korean version and the Chinese version too!

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: [100516] Super Junior's comeback on Inkigayo!
Posted by XYZ at 6:42 PM

I'm only linking Inkigayo stages cos I personally think they're the best in terms of sound system and camera angles. They usually catch everything - the point of the dance - and stuff like that so it's really nice overseas fans to watch because we can only SEE them via the camera crew so crew has to do a good job!!

{Video credits to CrazyCarrot310 @ Youtube}

'Nuff said, I LOVE BOOM BOOM. I don't know why it's called Boom Boom actually, cos the actual title (in Korean) means Bad Girl. Hehehe. My Korean is improving HAHA. But I love love love the point of the dance which is the leg stuff during the "boom b-boom boom b-boom boom" part. It's really really sexy, the choreography. And Eunhyuk's little solo where he flashes his abs is so precious!!!! He's been getting relatively little screen time cos of the absence of rapping in their songs (same goes for Shindong).

Bonamana has still been in my head ever since I first heard it. I really love Kyuhyun's voice here, it's rich and sounds great even with autotune. I love the part where he goes "How to keep loving you?~" And his little uh, duet? with Yesung where they go "Listen girl, joha hae, Baby girl, sarang hae~" Apart from my amazement with the vocals, I like how Donghae has been doing ~magic~ on stage with the rose!!! It's just like in the MV :Db Bb, you're so awesome even though I'm pretty sure it's a hidden rose hehe

In this particular performance!!!!!! I'm so excited to watch all the perfect angles. The cameraman caught Kyuhyun sliding on the ground!! That was something I've been wanting to see close-up. And at the end, you see Donghae and Siwon REALLY UP CLOSE and Donghae is puffing air cos of the strenous dance hahaha ♥ Donghae looks so serious. I love his serious face :D And also, I think there's something wrong with the mics. I can't be sure, but I'm plugged in and am using earphones, so I'm hearing some disturbances in the background. Hahaha

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12.5.10 : Super Junior - "미인아 (Bonamana)" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:11 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

Just got home after an extremely trying day at school to see this!! :D My video's still loading. BRB


A lot of people are disappointed that it's similar to Sorry Sorry but you guys, IT'S IN COLOUR HERE. Sorry Sorry was in total black and white. And, I love the hair here, EVERYONE HAS GREAT HAIR. Ryeowook's hair makes him look fierce and somewhat like a bad boy!! I LOVE IT.

Also, I see Teuk has been working out and not ashamed to show off!! ♥ Glad to see leader looking nice with abs even though he looks a bit skinny too. Kyuhyun was just sdlfkgjdsofig I think my favourite line is his where he goes "How to keep loving you?" omg what is wrong with me I seem to have just discovered the awesomeness in his voice, just????

Right, so I quite like the styling here even though I can't see Heechul's eyes behind that mop of a fringe hahaha.

Choreography wise, I thought it was kinda weird? First, some formations were awkward :\ and the point move of the dance wasn't as easy to execute as Sorry Sorry. You have to move your whole body to execute the point!! Part of me feels that Sorry Sorry was a hit cos of the easy dance (hand rubbing action) so this makes me worry but the song is rather solid in it's addictive way :D So that's great.

Another thing to note was that there's a lot of nifty footwork here hahaha seems like a lot of the moves are done with their feet/moving around. Watching the choreography also made me see Kyu in a new light. HELLO, NEW FRONT DANCER. But it reminded me of the people we're missing here. :( Kibum, Kang-in, Hankyung. Hankyung's always up front so it was rather awkward seeing Siwon instead.

Oh, I can't wait to see a live performance, though. I can't see everyone properly here. Is it me or are the camera angles kinda weird. I think not everyone was in the frame all the time, yes? AND I JUST REALIZED THIS, HAHAHA @ 3:31?? Someone (I'm guessing it's Sungmin) slid across the floor?? HAHAHAHA ohhhhhhh i really can't wait to see this live. :D ♥

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9.5.10 : Super Junior - "미인아 (Bonamana)" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:44 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

This was kinda dark and scary. There's a LOT of Siwon in here hahaha. And Teuk. LOTS OF HIM TOO.

It's a little sad that they're coming back with only 10 members. Even more so for me, because I got so involved in Kpop because of them :'( I miss those Full House/EHB days... hahaha

I hope they have a great/strong/fierce/awesome comeback, still!! Support support~ all the way! I think they're coming back on 13th May. Or the album is dropping. Aahhhh I can't keep up anymore :(

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: MBLAQ - 2nd single album teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:39 PM

{Video credits to imcheriii @ Youtube}


Can't wait for this cos it's some acting-drama kinda MV, and I spy Seungho in a gangster outfit!!!! Seungho makes the best on-screen bad boy because of his stance hahaha but he's still a good boy at heart :D

Album is set to drop on 18th May if I'm not wrong!! CAN'T WAIT

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6.5.10 : f(x) - NU ABO MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:46 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


I thought Victoria's hair was nice, until I saw the red ends which looked kinda weird :x Same for Krystal. But I loveeeee Luna's hair!!! And Sulli's wig was kinda cute!

I found the focus on Luna for this MV. There were quite a lot of her shots? Plus her high notes oh my god it was so...powerful!!!!!

I know the set looks a lot like Lachata and then Chu~ added in. But the choreography and song is fresh! I think they'll be tugging a lot of male heartstrings when they perform this live. There's a part in the dance where they show off their mid-riffs. I'm serious. I thought I was seeing things too.

Chocolate abs are coming to the girls~!! Joon + Kikwang please watch out and work hard at working out hahahahaha

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: Jay Park - "Foolin' Around/Bedrock" cover
Posted by XYZ at 3:27 PM

HAHAHA I like fun things like that

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

This was great. I like how raw these videos are, it's like best thing next to hearing him sing in real life hahahaha. There are hardly any edits to the singing right, so you can hear Jay's voice in it's purest state :P hehe

Also like the little prank there at the end. FUNNYYYYY didn't think Jay would get a shock!! Them all laughing made me think that they are like us hahahaha we play pranks on our friends everyday in school. Most of the time it's played on me. ;_; HAHAHA

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5.5.10 : Big Bang + Kim Yu Na - World Cup CF
Posted by XYZ at 6:56 PM

{Video credits to taijizero2 @ Youtube}



Apparently, Big Bang and Kim Yuna are going to be doing a CF together! For the World Cup 2010 in support for Korea. Seriously, the country is going all out to support their soccer team!! And, with the influence of all these idol groups, I'm going to get pulled in at this rate hahahahaha

There's probably a CF/MV coming along soon, since there are pictures of Yuna in what seems like the new YG Entertainment building's practice room (very sleek + smart, I like!!) dancing with Big Bang!!! :D

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