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30.9.09 : Korean Fans dance mob (Again & Again)
Posted by XYZ at 4:43 PM

{Video credits to LeadjaProtectionProj @ Youtube}

So I dug up this video yesterday, and I was completely fascinated by how the fans dance!! *________________* I'm a dance idiot, btw. Hahaha. I loved how it was really organized and stuff :)

I think they must have practiced together. Hahaha.

And maybe it's just me but I felt like they danced with extra ~energy~ during Jaebum's parts hahahaha :D

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26.9.09 : 2PM Jaebeom - '08 가요대전 Dance Battle (Animation Version)
Posted by XYZ at 5:10 PM

{Video credits to Mendips9 @ Youtube}

SIDETRACK: I was reading the Youtube comments and there was one in Korean where I could TOTALLY UNDERSTAND HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg. Korean has hit a new level :P

This video is sick! Jay looks good even though he's animated.

I think it's based on a dance battle at 2008's Gayo Daejun (that's what the title means) but I don't know WHICH Gayo Daejun. LOL.

I saw it while lurking around on 2ONEDAY forums and there's going to be an international flash mob for 2PM and SINGAPORE IS TAKING PART.

:D :D :D :D CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!!!!!!!! :D (You must be a member of 2ONEDAY forums in order to view those posts - and you should totally join because there's a lot of stuff there!)

I think it'd be so cool if we freeze doing the Again & Again dance move or something hahahaha (international Hottests - or is it KHottests?? - plan to freeze in a 2PM move) but people would thing we were being mad in Singapore... so Singapore's plan (according to the forum post anyway) is to carry signboards with little messages or something. :)

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25.9.09 : Super Junior-M - Super Girl MV (Korean version)
Posted by XYZ at 9:47 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

I prefer the Chinese version just a little better, but I was singing the song the other day and my mum said to me, "What kind of song is that?" T_________T

This version's the same as the Chinese version, just that it's got Korean track playing.


P/S: Sorry for the rare updates for the 1000th time!! Hahaha, major exams start on Wednesday, though there's a paper tomorrow (which is a friggin Saturday!!). Will try to update properly from next week :D

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22.9.09 : G-Dragon - Breathe MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:37 PM

{Video credits to taijizero1 @ Youtube}

This is the second of the trilogy of music videos he is planning out for his solo album.

I haven't got the time to watch it yet. ;_____________; I'll edit this post when I get round to watching it!!!

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20.9.09 : [090920] f(x) at Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 7:09 PM

{Video credits to CodeMonmonSeason4 @ Youtube}

I watched it!!!!!!!! Is proud of self for watching f(x) at the very least. Hahahahaha. Luna's voice cracked at the beginning, I think her throat was dry or something haha cause the rest of her lines came out strong :) I'm trying to rap Amber's rap now. Hahaha. And seriously. AMBER IS A QT. Watch their campaign song for people to take more public transport. OH MY GOODNESS. Qt moment when she went like "Omo" during the hot air balloon ride thing. It's at Lotte World isn't it? I wanna go thereeeeee. :\ And Sulli is so cute too!! Hahahaah I think she's the fainthearted one cause she was screaming so badly during the Pirate's Ship ride! And the 3 older girls were just laughing at her tsk tsk hahahaha Btw, Victoria was so cute at the beginning?!! "Whooo~" HAHAHAHA

G-Dragon won today! He's maxed out Inkigayo already but still going strong on Music Bank :D

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18.9.09 : Park Jaebum Fan Song - Waiting For You
Posted by XYZ at 9:52 PM

{Video credits to time2sub2 @ Youtube}

I know it's sad that Jay has left, and some Hottests can't bear to watch videos of Jay in it. Well, I have. And I miss him a lot :'(

This video is fan-made and it's just so beautiful! I think the fan who sang it is pretty good, and the lyrics are just...amazing. They fit so well with what's happening now. And I loved how they fit in some song names of 2PM + WG (JYP Family ♥). I thought the rapping was amazing too.


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: Epik High - 따라해 (Wannabe) MV (Episode 1
Posted by XYZ at 8:12 PM

{Video credits to mapthesoul @ Youtube}

LOL! I just watched this and this the like the first episode of a few...

I thought it was one of the better MVs that I've seen since most MVs are about dance and singing, but this one's got a pretty solid story and Tablo and Tukutz (it's him right?) are just so hilarious!! Mirthra (sp?) comes out all funny as well hahahaha

Sorry if I spelled names wrong and stuff :( My head's clouding over lol. And sorry for the lack of updates!! They'll start picking up again in a week or two :)

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16.9.09 : f(x) - Behind the scenes
Posted by XYZ at 3:55 PM


Dance practice and MV filming
I'm kinda sad to see them perspiring so hard hahahaha only makes me think that I'm not going through any hard obstacles yet!! Lee Soo Man also gives them tips in some sort of meeting. Amber is so feminine before the hair cut omg I almost couldn't recognize her (and Sulli) without make-up and the different hairstyles. Hahahaha. AMBER IS A QT, I CAN'T SEE HER AS HOT OR ANYTHING BUT CUTE. HAHAHAHAHA she keeps doing the V sign and towards the end of the video she gets taken advantaged by... ;D

LOL @ Sulli jumping up and down on the trampoline hahaha :)



: 2PM's Jaebeom background
Posted by XYZ at 3:45 PM

I am a parent of someone that is close to Jaybum's age. Watching what has been happening these past few days, I have built up some confidence to say a few words.

I have been business partners with Jaybum's dad in Seattle and am a Korean-America who has been living here for 30 years. I have known Jaybum since he was a little kid and have watched him grow throughout the years. Also my kids have been going to school with him since pre-school and so they are quite close. Thus, I think I know a lot about Jaybum's family.

Jaybum's house in Seattle is near a beach called Edmonds and is in a prospective middle-class neighborhood. This house has been built for 40 years, but Jaybum has lived here ever since he was born for over 20 years.

In the parking lot aren't BMW's and Lexus's, but rather there are cars that are about 5-10 years old. Just recently they just leased a car from Hyundai Dealershop for an Elantra, but after Jaybum's situation, they had to return it.

In their house is a 37 inch Sony TV that has been there for 10 years. All the computers in their house are very old and about to break, and the best computer they have is a notebook that a fan had bought for Jaybum.

The reason i am telling you all this is because I wanted to show you how Jaybum's family life style is not fake nor ostentatious, but rather humble and normal for a middle-class family.

After Jaybum came back from Korea, about 2 days later Jaybum's dad told Jaybum that he should study music and went out and sweating from the weight of the it, bought and brought into the house a 15 year old electric Yamaha piano that was $300 just for Jaybum.
Without any complaint, Jaybum took and practiced with that piano,a nd thinking of how I bought my son a Roland piano for $5000 made me so embarrassed.

On Friday night Jaybum's dad and I got together to drink some beer and talk until 3AM, and all of a sudden tears dropped from his eyes and he began to share. He felt so bad for Jaybum.

For the past 5 years, no one knows how much Jaybum suffered from frustration and hard work, and so many times when he so much wanted to go back to Seattle, he always fixed his mindset and practiced for long hours, but now right as he gained so much popularity, he escaped to Seattle in just 4 days, and that really breaks my heart.
Coming home from Korea, for those long hours on the plane, how much did he have to suffer and think in his mind?

In the beginning of August, I remember when Jaybum came to Seattle for a quick visit. Because Jaybum's immature younger brother was not listening to him, I remember what Jaybum said to him.

"I want to go out and meet my friends like you and go out and have fun like you but do you know why I am going through all of this and working hard? It's because of you and our parents! Why can't you be more thoughtful of what you do!"

In the car I asked my daughter who is the same age as Jaybum "Yuri! What does 'Korea is gay' mean?" "It means that Korea is stupid or annoying, we say it when we're tired or annoyed".

Even when my daughter and I fought when she went through her teenage years, she used the word 'hate' a lot. "Dad i hate you!" Just because she said that would i have to kick her out of the house?

During that time, I believe that Jaybum did not understand the Korean culture, and had a hard time adjusting, while the people who translated what Jaybum said on his myspace translated in a very wrong way because they don't know that that is just how teenagers speak in America.
I don't understand how what he wrote as a teenager has anything to do with betraying Korea in any way.

How can someone who really hated Korea work so hard for their family so they can live better lives?

Us Korean-American's do not see America as a place just for money. We think of America as a new start where we have more opportunities, while our hearts are still with Korea and we want Korea to thrive.

During the 2002 World Cup instead of watching it at home my friends and I went to a sports bar and watched it in order to spread interest in Korea and soccer. When Korea put in a goal we all screamed for joy and the American people who had no interest in Korean soccer seemed interested.

Even during the WBC, instead of watching the Major League we urged the Americans to watch Korea's games and those people who have Nokia phones and not LG or Samsung, we went and talked to them on why they wouldn't use a good Korean phone.

Don't these little things show how much pride we have for Korea? Even more than the pride of those overseas, we feel like we have a lot of pride in our country. Because of what a teenager wrote 4 years ago, i don't think that it was right to accuse and point fingers at Jaybum when he didn't mean anything like that, and cause him to be kicked out of Korea. That is not called having pride in our country.
Everyone, I urge you all to take a step back and think of what has happened in the past week, and also i urge you to have a big heart and embrace our young Korean-American who is trying so hard to live out his life and give him another chance.

I am not asking for you to put out a red carpet for him, but all I ask is for you to help Jaybum not feel embarrassed or guilty anymore, and instead help him think more comfortably and have a warm heart for him.

During these past few days when the netizens said biting remarks about Jaybum, I want to say thank you to Boom for standing up for him and being brave. Boom still calls Jaybum everyday to check up on how he is doing.

Right now, Jaybum's parents are in panic mode, and do not pick up the phone if it not someone they know.

Jaybum visited his old breakdancing studio when a black kid recognized him and put a camera up to his face and so he had to hurry up and just go home.

He hasn't even been able to go to the church he went to all his life because he's still embarrassed and guilty and disappointed in himself, so he hasn't been going out anywhere and just been staying home.
Seeing all of this, i feel so bad for him and am heart broken.

Last saturday, my family and Jaybum's family went to a friend's chinese restaurant in order to brighten everyones mood. Although he wasn't jumping for joy, being his first dinner outside since he came to Seattle, we had a good time and Jaybum's mood got a little better and more comfortable.

I asked him "Jaybum, do you wanna go back to Korea?"

"yes..but i'm not sure."

original source : isplus
translation : JIHYE@2oneday

I don't know how much of it is true. I'm kinda wary of what to believe and what not to believe in nowadays hahahaha. It's a long article, but I still recommend that you read it!! :)

And what Jay's dad did for him made me ;__; a bit as well.



15.9.09 : Time to Love MV
Posted by Connie at 8:45 PM

T-ara and Supernova's Time to Love MV

I must say it's a pretty awesome song.
You've got to listen to it, it's kinda soothing in an upbeat way. Geddit?
Lollll, it reminds me of My Girl, I don't know why.

Anyway, enjoy!

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14.9.09 : Super Junior-M - Super Girl MV
Posted by XYZ at 10:12 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D 8D


The lyrics are pretty cheesy actually haha, but I kinda like the dance cause it' they're driving a bus or something.

I have a ton of work to do before dawn (I don't think I can sleep tonight =_____________=) so you all won't have to bear too much of my incoherency :D Didja like it? I loved it!!

Even though I still had to read the lyrics off the MV which distracted me. :)

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11.9.09 : Jang Geun Suk - "Just Drag" CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:29 PM

{Video credits to urasiansourceKpop @ Youtube}

It's a CF for Samsung's d'light or something. I actually enjoy some of these MV CFs hahaha.

Jang Geun Suk reminds me of Hongki during this CF/MV!

Just drag itttttttt

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: Super Junior-M - "Super Girl" MV teaser + teaser pictures!
Posted by XYZ at 5:21 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


Their Engrish amused me, but it seems like they're ten thousand times cooler than during 迷 (ME) days! And I never used to like Henry in a ~omg Henry is so cute~ way like I do to Ryeowook (haha) but he looks so much cuter now!!!! :D I think he lost weight. Anyway I feel like putting him into my pocket too, along with Ryeowook :)

Jessica from SNSD will be featured in the music video. There's this scene where they seem to be having a party hahaha or something like that. I'm guessing from the pictures taken at the MV set. :)

Teaser pictures below! I think Donghae shouldn't hide his hair under a cap cause HIS HAIR IS SO PERFECT RIGHT NOW. Kyuhyun looks like the Sorry Sorry promotional pictures with those shades and a hat. Hahaha. Hangeng looks so much younger and vibrant!! :D I thought he looked tired during Sorry Sorry promotions, even though he was full of energy on stage, he looked aesthetically tired, if that makes any sense :)


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10.9.09 : Sandara Park + Lee Min Ho - "KISS" CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:35 PM

{Video credits to jingyo0818 @ Youtube}

Ah, so the storyline is (apparently, similar to She's All That, a movie) that Lee Min Ho makes a bet with his friends about whether he can get Dara, and Dara figures it out in the end, so she kisses him, takes the cheque (the bet money) and tears it up.

Bottomline: SHE'S NOT A BET. Hahahahha

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: Jang Geun Suk - "Just Drag" single released
Posted by XYZ at 4:27 PM

{Video credits to XxtenerifexX @ Youtube}

Haven't got time to listen to it properly (it's kinda noisy right now haha) but it's got a fun beat to it!

So what do you think of Jang Geun Suk singing? Or should he just act? :) I think he's great both ways. His looks change drastically with different images and stuff hahahah SO VERSATILE!

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: JYP speaks! + "Might Come Back" #1 on Cyworld
Posted by XYZ at 4:24 PM

Finally what all you hottests have been waiting for. Head man Park Jin Young from JYP entertainment released a statement on September 10th, 2009 through Korean news outlets. His topic of discussion was none other than the huge controversy that has captured Korea’s attention over the past few days, 2PM’s leader Jaebeom.

Here’s what he had to say:

JaeBeom's exit from 2PM was sad for everyone.

Park Jin Young revealed on the 10th on JYP Entertainment’s homepage the reasons he debuted Park JaeBeom and why he took JaeBeom into JYP. Park Jin Young expressed his grief for what happened with the recent controversy surrounding 2PM’s leader.

JYP proposed that 4 years ago, a troubled youth (Jaebeom) was met by music and was transformed. He also suggested that, "just as things were turning for the bright side, Jaebeom's online posts from his rebellious years unfortunately surfaced. He was extremely regretful and sorry to his 2PM members, to me, to the company wokers, to the fans, and most of all to the Korean people who had received him so warmly. He believed that if he hesitated making a decision, the fans would turn their anger to the other 2PM members as well. Even more, the current situation made it impossible to perform on stage."

In Jaebeom’s last email he wrote, “I was really a punk with no respect back right? I’m sorry. Because of you, my view on life has changed so much. I’ve become a stronger person and a much better person. Thank you so much.”

JYP said about the letter, “The pain is ripping. It hurts. But, I knew what Koreans would think of his words (in the past). They would feel betrayed. I could not say anything in his defense.”

He stated that, "The comments Jaebeom made to his friend 4 years ago gave a huge shock to many people. However, people like me who knew Jaebeom for a long time were not surprised because we already knew he used to be that type of kid."

"The Jaebeom 4 years ago was a rude and pessimistic kid. He looked upon Korea, his friends in training, and, furthermore, me, as a joke. I even think he looked upon the occupation of a celebrity as a joke. He was a kid that would much rather be a b-boy than a celebrity. He had countless fights with the company staff trainer and got into arguments with fellow employees. Our company was not pleased and, hence, demanded that the producer to take care of the situation.

Park Jin Young commented, "If JaeBeom back then didn't join JYP, he still had a chance to succeed." "Some staffs have questioned me why I would bring in someone with no manners in the past. But I believed that if his feelings were naturally revealed, he would have hope." "JaeBeom thought of everybody, including me, lightheartedly and even expressed that way physically. That was what I liked about him." "Bad kids usually have tremendous energy in them but they don't get a chance to use it. Some haven't met trustworthy people to help them use that energy."

He continued to say, "I wanted to teach him how to have fun on stage and I trusted it could happen which gave me hope. To Jaebeom, there are two types of people. His family and people who are not his family. He loves and protects his family to death and they are the reason he became a singer. He trained so hard for his family. He acted rude but he practiced to reach for the best."

And he said, "...Jaebeom changed little by little. He started to become close to the ones he thought were picked only for looks, he started to build a relationship with the company's workers, and he started to love being on stage. His impolite face changed to a bright smile and his singing and dancing skills became excellent. His energy shined through on stage and that is why I picked him to be the leader. The rest of the members trusted him and followed him. He was touched by the nice people in the industry after he debuted as well as the Korean fans. And it's music that changed him."

Lastly, "Jaebeom's new persona was not fake. He didn't take things seriously but he was never a bad guy. We have heard the anger from the people as well the fans' grief upon his departure from the group. We are listening to everyone's reactions. But the important thing right now is not 2PM's Park Jaebeom but it is the human Park Jaebeom. He needs to think back on himself and reflect on his past. I really want everyone to respect Jaebeom's decision. Finally, I want to just say sorry once again."


After reading what JYP had to say... ;____________________;

2PM's "Might Come Back" is also #1 on Cyworld charts, and "Only You" is ranked at #5. It's apt how these titles seem to speak of the current situation :) Yay Hottests, hwaiting! ♥

It's one of my favourite tracks after hearing it repeat over and over again during Nichkhun's Scandal episode :')

Join the Support 2PM + Park Jaebeom projects to help them through this tough time!

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: Chapter 3
Posted by Connie at 12:58 AM

Hullo people :)

With all the sad things about Jae leaving Korea and Hyun Joong contracting H1N1, I'm here to try to lift the spirits!

F(x) has come out with Chapter 3 of their photos!
Am terribly sorry if it looks messy (arrangemnet of peekchures)


f(x) has a super pretty leaderrrr!
She's like super cool with her abilites to do her swanlike pose after the intro.
& she has this really elegant feel about her.
You know, like those elegant feel about the really pretty Chinese girls?
Awesome nehzzz :D


Ohmigu, I think she's super adorable!
She has like mega watt smiles! :D & she looks like a korean princess when her fringe is down.
Super cute and pretty!
Teehee, and I think she's really tall? She looks more like the maknae though.


She looks like a korean princess!
& her tanned skin makes her look really mysterious, I dunno why.
Lollll, she's really beautiful and damn, she has a really good voice :D
Am not digging her full body pictures though.
I think it's the belt, lollll.


Maknae of the group!
Okay, she looks older though.
I admire her being able to speak English, Japanese and Korean.
Cool or what!
She's pretty in a big-eyed way, teehee.
Frankly, I think she reminds me of an SNSD member, lol.


Say hello to f(x)'s kewlllllest member, Amber!
Ohemgee, it rhymes :D
Anyway, she does have a feminine side to all who are convinced she's a guy.
The above picture ^ is prove that she is a damn good looking girl.
Pretty in fact with long hair.
She looks like a mixed blood! Chinese mix Eurasian.
(Click on picture to get better look)

Man, she should get long hair!
& she looks pretty in a skirt!

Credits: allkpop

Am highly jealous of their legs now ):
My thighs are definitely twice or thrice of theirs, and I'm not kidding.


Do support them cause they're awesome! (Have you seen their debut stage?)

& be a member of their official international forum now at

All right, night peeps!



9.9.09 : Support 2PM and Park Jaebum
Posted by XYZ at 8:05 PM

Hey everyone :)

There are loads of projects going on right now, to support 2PM and Jay.

I'll just post about some of them that I've read so you can join them if you want :) Do let us know if you have a project or something that isn't posted here! ♥



You must join 2oneday Forums to take part in the project/see forum posts.

Support Jay with a video/audio message - The video/audio message will be compiled by Hottests @ the forums and they will post it up on Youtube. (SIDENOTE: There's a Youtube group made by someone from Soompi, called supportjaebum and you can post up your videos onto this group channel as well :))

Send JYPE a petition for Jay - Download link is there (log in/register to view the forum post!) and one is encouraged to mail it to either JYPE's office in NYC or Seoul (NYC is preferred because JYP is located there). Time is essence, so send it asap! :)

Post-Its of Love at JYPE NYC Office for Jay - This is personally one that I'd go for if I were in NYC right now. I was touched when I saw what KHottests did outside JYPE's Seoul office.

FTI Singapore:
Joy emailed me about it :) ♥ Join FTI SG forums to find out more about the project.

This is an initiative of FTI Singapore, and from their email, they will be working with Timefor2PM and other forums of Kpop artistes.

Basically, they are collating handwritten messages for 2PM (which includes Jay) into a book and the admin for FTI SG will be dropping by JYPE when she travels to Korea in October to pass it to them.

Again, visit FTI SG forums for more details!

{Video credits to 2pmLOVE @ Youtube}


On another note, updates will be less frequent. We're having a one week break from school now but we have major exams in 3+ weeks' time, so bear with us!! :)

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: Epik High - [e] album teaser
Posted by XYZ at 12:37 PM

{Video credits to mapthesoul @ Youtube}

I like the teaser, it's different from normal teasers hahahaha! And at the end, I got quite a shock, but I was scrolling up and down reading comments so it didn't scare me totally lol. "EPIK HIGH IS BACK!"

Their official 6th album will be released on the 19th of September.

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: Lee Min Ho is coming to Singapore!
Posted by XYZ at 12:20 PM

It was announced today that actor, Lee Minho will be dropping by Singapore this October and meet his fans.

He will be in Singapore to officiate at the opening ceremony for the second Etude House outlet (for which he models) at Ion Orchard. To celebrate the opening of the second outlet in Singapore in the short period of 3 months, the brand decided on having Lee Minho in Singapore to make the occasion an even joyous one.

Lee Minho will drop by Singapore for a 2D1N trip on 10th October, and it will be a pretty packed schedule, incorporating a fanmeeting. Details like places he will go to, number of people accompaying him, etc are not known yet.

He is not the first Boys Over Flowers star to visit Singapore as his fiance in the drama, Lee Min Jung had already dropped by in June, for the launch of the new Sony Ericsson mobile phones for the Asia Pacific region, for which she is the model for. Fans in Singapore are advised to frequent Etude House at Plaza Singapura or look out for promotions in newspapers/magazines for the latest on Lee Minho's trip here.

Many thanks to zax for the tip.


(This brightened up my day :))



: CASS CF - "KISS" Feat. CL (full song) + MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 12:15 PM

{Video credits to ygsecret21 @ Youtube}

Listen to the full song here, by Sandara featuring CL. Not feeling the song, actually :\ but the CF looks cool! Except I think that Lee Minho's hair looks kinda weird. And I think Dara rejects him, but actually she still keeps on to the "ring" that he gave her. I'm unsure HAHAHAHAH

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8.9.09 : Jay leaves for Seattle
Posted by XYZ at 6:42 PM

Jay has left for Seattle. I just came online about 5 minutes ago, and twooneday @ Twitter have been updating on the news at the airport.

Just posting up some photos of the scene at the airport.

{Credits as tagged}







In the second last picture, it touched me because it seemed like KHottest were kneeling on the floor (?) ;____________________; And the third last picture just showed the power of KHottest.

I do hope he comes back. I hope JYP issues some REAL confirmation (like, maybe his Twitter or something).

Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh Jay, one of my favourite jokers ♥ I hope you have a good rest in America. Don't beat yourself hard about it!!!!!!!!

I can't imagine the kind of pain he's probably going through right now. :'(

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: Sign the petition to bring Jay back!
Posted by XYZ at 2:04 PM

Hello. I’m 2PM’s fan club president ‘Dew’
When it was a little past 12, through a lot of texts… I was very surprised.
Our proud leader, Jaebum goon has been pulled into a bad incident… and the decision that has been made
Is the unreasonable decision to withdraw from 2PM.

This is the time to show the power of Hottest.

2PM is 7 people, and he is the leader that leads 2PM and Hottest. We must protect this beautiful child.
Through these words, there will be people who criticize me. I’ll accept it all

Those who can only help through the internet, please sign for the opposition of Jaebum goon withdrawing.
We can’t just lose a member like this.

No matter what words or heart Jaebum goon had in the past…
It was then that Jaebum goon was at his hardest times…
Others all made it through and won but… our Jaebum goon differing from his image on the outside, inside he
was every so weak please don’t forget this… protect him. And please believe in Jaebum goon.

They say his plans to leave for today.
Everyone has to show they strength.
Though it may be decided that he is leaving… still the passion you always cheered with at the member’s performances!
And that love… now you have to give strength for our last outburst.

I am the proud president of the 2PM members, fan club president.
Our officer in the east is quickly preparing….. It’s planned that we will move to the Inchon airport.
As for everyone, so that there is as small discomfort to those at the airport…
Please gather each and everyone’s small powers to make a big power.

Currently, from what the vice president has researched… it’s terminal 24
Please be at in the middle of A~ C check in at the Daehan airlines
Now please show us the power of those working offline.
I’m always behind Hottest, and I’m the president of the fan club behind 2PM.
I’m going to try with my hardest with my last power.
Our Hottest everyone please help us a lot.

HOTTEST = Pride of 2pm

Hottest fancafe (SOURCE) G-race @ 2ONEDAY (TRANS)

I think Hottest are going to stop him at the airport. I HOPE THEY DO SO. I'm totally missing my lunch and screwing up my study schedule but that's not the point.

Hottest are having a Korean petition on Daum, to bring Jay back. I can't read Korean well so I can't do that one.

But there's another one on twitter/in English:
The goal is 10,000 signatures, there are 394 now! GO GO GO!!!!

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: Leader Jaebeom to quit 2PM
Posted by XYZ at 1:28 PM

Park Jaebum himself and JYP confirmed his departure from 2PM.

On September 8th 11:59PM, Jaebum wrote on his fancafe "Hello, I'm 2PM's JaeBum. I'm sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter. I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart. I'm really sorry to everyone, and I'm even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.
2PM boys, I'm really sorry to the boys and I'm sorry I couldn't be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.
Again, I'm sorry."

Jaebum said "I am sorry to everyone, especially to the fans who loved me and stuck by me. From today I will break away from 2PM"

JAebum finally wrote "I am very sorry to the 2PM guys and to others that I couldn't be a good enough leader and hyung. I apologize again."

JYP Entertainment also confirmed through a phone interview with Newsen that the departure of Jaebum from 2PM is indeed true.

Hearing about his departure from 2PM, one of the biggest and most popular idol groups, there was lots of commotion and distress from netizens.

One person said "Jaebum's actions were indeed wrong but he did apologize and did all he could. I am very worried about how the fans will react."

Translation by pinkiyoojin @ LJ

I can't confirm this on allkpop, but Newsen reported it and I'm just pissed off right now.

Most of you should know that Jay is involved in this incident where he wrote on his myspace 4 years ago as a trainee about how Korea is gay and how he wants to go back to America.

Netizens have completely blown this matter out of proportion because he is truly sorry and it was all an immature act afterall!

Tbh, I think it's got to do with pride. Just last year my friends were going around calling everyone and EVERYTHING GAY. It's like a phrase, a figure of speech, an expression.

I AM IN SHOCK RIGHT NOW. Will wait for JYP's tweet to confirm this. Apparently he forced Jay to quit, or to demote from his position as leader.

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7.9.09 : Mini message.
Posted by Connie at 10:41 PM

I love SHINee! Especially darling Key, cause he's such a cutie.


안녕하세요! 오랜만입니다!’ -‘*
SHINee 만능열쇠 Key입니닷…!
Hello! It's been a long time '-'*
It's SHINee's Almighty Key...!

From. SHINee 남기지 못한지 정말 오래된 같네요
Juliette 활동을 마치고, 달콤한 휴식 시간을 잠깐 갖기도 했구요!
( 진짜 대박 쇼핑의 시간 )
Key 위한 많은 준비의 시간도 가질 있었어요.
It seems like it's been a long time since (I was on/left message on) From SHINee
Juliette activities have ended and managed to have a short sweet break
(Really great shopping time)
(I've) also managed to have lots of time to prepare for Key**

저희 많이 보고 싶으시죠?
조금만 기다려 주세요~
열심히 준비해서 초대박 노래로 찾아 뵐게요 ㅋㅋㅋ
You really miss us alot right?
Just wait a little more please~
(We're) preparing really hard and attempt to show you the best through (our) songs

그리고 저희 신인 ‘f(x)’ 나왔다죠!
라차타(LA chA TA) 현재 저의 휴대폰 벨소리와
통화 연결음을 차지 하고 있답니다.
Also, our new group 'f(x)' has debut too!
Lachata (LA chA TA) is my current handphone ringtone
As well as voice mail tone

SHINee 후배가 생겼다구요!ㅋㅋㅋ 얏호-!
SHINee has juniors too Yaho-!

많이 사랑해주세요!
Please give lots of love!

물론 SHINee 많이 사랑해 주시는 것도 잊지 마시구요..^0^
저는 이만 가보겠습니다~!
At the same time, do not forget to give SHINee lots of love too.. ^0^
For now, I'll go (off)~!

SHINee forums - shakizi

Key's so sweet! I love it when he says SHINee has juniors too! He sounds so eggcited, like a little boy who just got his candy! :D

I miss SHINee, come back soon!

Like what XYZ likes to say,




: Evisu
Posted by Connie at 10:32 PM

A new definition of sexy like hell.

Credits: allkpop

I just love his awesome awesome high tops! :D

DON'T DROOL! Get a bucket first, teehee.
Studying Geography has gone to my brain ):


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: f(x)
Posted by Connie at 10:21 PM

Yes, am a little bit loony when it comes to f(x).
Aw, who won't be right?

f(x)'s fan meeting after Music Core.

Victoria's doing the heart shaped thing with her hands, and she looks so happy! :D Yay to such a cheerful leader. She reminds me of Eeteuk! Teehee, so cute siollll.

Sulli's so smiley! Omg, she's so cute and bouncy!

I see Kryber moments, lollll. They look like best friends, aw!

I can't see Luna properly though :o Definately(?) Amber! She's so sweet and cute with her smile! (HAH, SHE'S A GIRL NOT A GUY) & she's helping the girls to open the door! Okay, that's normal.

Am just spazzing.

& she's a GIRL.
A super kewlzzz girl who's damn talented and like awesome.


Changed the gif at the side :D

Embers ftw! :)

& ohemgee, they're going on Kiss the Radio to meet their sunbaes for the first time!
Okay maybe not the first time, but only after 3 days and they're bursting with popularism :D

Yayyyyy. Watch out for the Kiss the Radio video tonight or maybe tomorrow! :D

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6.9.09 : [090906] Inkigayo performances
Posted by XYZ at 5:10 PM

Inkigayo today! Didn't watch it LIVE because the laptop was acting up (I think it was overheating or something :x)

I'm linking performances as they're being uploaded, so refresh the page! :)

{Video credits to CodeMonmonSeason3 @ Youtube}

They're in the same sleek black outfits again for the intro :)
Oooooh I like their outfits for Lachata!!! :D Except they dressed Amber up like a total guy :\ anyway she throws her cap off during the rap and the crowd screams LOL. Camerman also caught the hi5 thing between Sulli and Victoria during the start of the song :D

2NE1 - Pretty Boy
Those are some killer shoes they're wearing and Minji and CL even did a fierce dance break!!!!!!!! AM SHOCKED. CL also stood up on the chair and jumped off it?? OMG. The track sounds fiercer by itself but I'm just glad they decided to perform this song! :D I love this performance, got to look for HQ download naoooooooo.

4Minute - Muzik
Ahhhhhh, Gayoon and Jihyun have long hair now?? Hahahaha, I kinda like their outfits better than yesterday's. :) Another energetic performance, I hope they win something with "Muzik" actually! :D

Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
I just realized how many stage props they use in one performance haha! Miryo's shades didn't light up properly though :\ I heard next week they're performing Candy Man and this is the last Abracadabra performance.

G-Dragon - Interview
I think the first question was about performing solo or how he felt about performing by himself? Then he said that he was nervous or something. Sorry, my Korean is fail. HAHA. And then I lost track of the conversation already :\

I REALIZED THAT WOOYOUNG IS QUITE TALL!!!!!! I guess he seems short around the rest of 2PM (like Jay is hahahahahaha) because the rest of them are REALLY TALL. Quote Jay, "Taecyeon is FREAKISHLY TALL." ;D

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
The thing about the MV is that it was brighter, and things looked almost nicer. I liked it better when his hair seemed so blonde it was like white, instead of the yellow colour now hahaah!

I thought he delivered a better performance this time! :D He didn't seem so breathless and tired, and it was powerful throughout :D Well, Heartbreaker got him to win number 1 and he asked 2NE1 to stay HAHAHA but the thing is CL wanted to stay but didn't know if she could, and when G-Dragon signaled for them to stay she totally came back out hahahah :D D'awwwwwwwww the YG family ♥

KARA - Campaign Song
LOL @ the fake bus hahahahaha I think it's some sort of simulator. Nicole's a qt here, she sleeps in the bus and her seating position is just so weird but funny at the same time!! :D

KARA - Mister
I think Wanna is fiercer, but Mister is equally addictive!

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5.9.09 : [090905] 4Minute comeback stage
Posted by XYZ at 9:17 PM

{Video credits to CodeMonmonSeason4 @ Youtube}

Okay, I totally screwed up my knowledge of 4Minute. I thought Ga Yoon was the leader, but it's actually Ji Hyun. :\ EPICCCCCCC PHAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I LIKED THEIR PERFORMANCE AND NEW IMAGE A LOT. The song is really addictive, it's been in my head all day!!!!!!! And Ji Yoon is damn awesome here, I loved how she took off her shades halfway through the performance. I LOVE HER HAIR BTW. Okay scratch that I like all of their new hairstyles. I like HyunA's hair colour, and Ji Hyun looks great in that hairstyle. Ga Yoon too!! I think she cut it only recently because she still had long hair in the MV. So Hyun looks less maknae and more mature like that :)

Anyway, I thought it was a good comeback performance from them - showed how much they've improved since their debut Hot Issue stage (which was disappointing to me)!!! I like the choreography, the part where they like, move to the music? And when the backup dancers came out, it was even cooler because it was like watching one person dancing. They were moving as one, if you get what I mean haha! (This is one of the reasons why I love Super Junior so much, because all 13 of them are in sync with one another.)


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Posted by Connie at 5:45 PM

OMG, I just realized XYZ and I posted the same thing! Ahwell, two different reviews then :D


: f(x)'s debut performance.
Posted by Connie at 5:44 PM

f(x) debut performance on Music Core

Oh em gee! SM artistes never fail to make such an impact and wow me away with their superb singing and dancing skills especially debut performances!

The intro is mighty fine! Especially with all of them donned in such slick and black clothing, and if I'm not mistaken, is Sulli wearing a red bra? Hahaha, it kinda looks like it, lol!

The girls are doing really well! Their singing was awesome seriously. Two thumbs up! & the opening dance fo Lachata reminds me of SHINee cause well, the girls are so flexible and they smile a lot!

Am totally hooked on to this song now! It has been on my replay list for like the past 30 minutes, lollll!

Anyway, Victoria is super cool :o She's like .... FLEXIBLE! & I realise she can dance really well and really nicely! Kudos for hailing from Beijing's top dance school, awesome! Maknae Krystal seems so comfortable, and Sulli is so smiley! :D I've got to say Luna has a superb voice, I love it with she hits the low notes. She makes singing sound sexy! :D

& of course my favourite member, AMBER.

Hello, I swear she can turn 1) gay guys straight 2) girls bi or les.
Teehee, she's like da bombzz.

Hello to feros rapping man. Awesome! I salute her as much as I salute CL! :D & Oh my, do I see traces of her smiling?! Oh em gee, am having a girl crush on her now. Oh no, am still as straight as ever :D

3:19 - 3:23! : AMBER'S SMILING. OMG! Love her somewhat feminine and yet tomboyish fierce rapping. Hot stuff! (Sorry am biased here, teehee!)

I've no doubts about f(x)'s abilities cause they're a power packed group that's not so conventional :D Awesome! I'm not surprised if they pwnz the entire music industry. Awesome shizzlesssss, am in love with them :D

f(x) ftw!

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: [090905] f(x) Debut stage!
Posted by XYZ at 5:09 PM

{Video credits to SmoothyEco1st @ Youtube}

Okay, I just watched it. I missed it on Music Core just now.

I LOVE HOW THE SET LOOKS BTW. It's really cool, like their MV and their names are in lights! The sang live, and I'm impressed and happy for them! Oh yeah, and the more I watch their MV (like for the 50th time already HAHA), the more I think Luna kinda reminds me of BoA? Idk, just that the part where Luna's in the middle during the dancing part with Krystal and Victoria.

AND I'M IMPRESSED WITH KRYSTAL!! Her voice is pretty solid! When she hits the high notes she sounds a bit like her sister, but Jessica's voice is even higher than that.

Btw, @ 1:34 there's this cute hi-5 thing between Sulli and Victoria haha!

And Amber's rap was pretty good to me actually. I don't think she raps any Korean right, not even in the intro? The fans went louder when she first sang something HAHA, but I don't like her hair :\ it's like, a bit too long I can't see her eyesssssss. The only expression she can convey is via the mouth, by smiling haha.

Oh, and Victoria's forward acrobatic flip during the intro was cool! I think they're all kinds of flexible. And Victoria's ending pose at the end of the intro was WOW. Go watch it again if you missed it! She looks like a swan or something hahaha

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3.9.09 : 4Minute - "Muzik" MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:52 PM

{Video credits to itstimeforTARA @ Youtube}


Totally exceeded my expectations of the mv and I'm glad the other members get to be center instead of just Hyun Ah and Hyun Ah's voice is so much less annoying than in Hot Issue (for a moment there I forgot their debut single HOMG)!! Ga Yoon's (right? I'm referring to the leader btw) is totally shining and I'm glad she's in the middle during the ending pose!

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: f(x) - "LACHATA" official MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:25 PM

{Video credits to YoonaLoveable @ Youtube}

I just got back from school. BRB.
I totally ran into the house to the nearest computer just to watch this.

I'm liking it. Hahahahaha. Can't wait for fancams (if I ever have the time and patience to watch them). I want to see it being performed!!!!!!!

Amber looks less guy-ish to me now that I've seen the video :D But she looks a bit out of place doing the hip shaking dance? Hahahahah. And towards the end, their ending was kinda awkward because while Krystal and Sulli moved one position to their right, Victoria had to like, walk over to the other end for the ending pose. Hahaha!

I also liked the part where they waved at each other? Yes. Sulli is like a maknae!!! The way she waved at Luna was so maknae like lol. And btw, I like Luna's voice a lot. She looks really pretty and elegant, and her voice is like, luxurious or something. It's deep but nice and smooth at the same time.

So, did you like it?

I gave up waiting for it last night because I couldn't study at all if I kept checking ;__________________; but I rushed home after school... just for this! :D And I think it's pretty worth it. :)

P/S: Edited the showcase post with more photos! :D

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2.9.09 : [090902] f(x) Showcase!!
Posted by XYZ at 8:04 PM

Edited [090903 @ 1627hrs]: Solo photos of them @ the showcase added in + list of performance f(x) did!

Update [2038hrs]: Read about f(x)'s showcase coverage by allkpop!!!!

EXTREMELY EXCITING. I haven't got time to go onto forums to read fan accounts ;_________; but here are some photos from their showcase!!

{Credits as tagged}

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I'm waiting for the release of their MV now! :D :D :D

The performances the group put up during the showcase:
  • Sam Sparrow ‘Black and Gold’
  • Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’
  • Special preview to new song ‘Mr.Boogie’
  • Debut song ‘LA chA tA’

Special solo stages
  • Victoria – ‘Love Sex Magic’ dance performance
  • Amber – ‘Believe Me’ rap performance
  • Luna – ‘And I’m telling you I’m not going’

The special charisma and features of each member as mentioned during the showcase:
  • Victoria – sexy, feminine charms
  • Krystal – pure, girly charms
  • Amber – sharp, boyish charms
  • Sulli – cute and friendly charms
  • Luna – feminine and matured charms

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