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27.4.10 : SM idols predebut videos
Posted by XYZ at 6:23 PM

Watch: Part 1 Part 2

I enjoyed watching this. I love predebut stuff (even though I don't get what they're saying) but especially stuff like this where you can see them play around and stuff. Shows how much of a SM fambam they really are :')

Watching this kinda made me sad. Kibum looked so cuteeeeeeee back then omg I would have fallen for him (and Yunho) beautified or not haha! Yunho's hair was like it went through an explosion btw. I thought it was quite funny. Changmin seemed so shy and stuff!! Aahhhhh I had a lot of fun watching this.

Also, Yoona seems like a fun person to be with. I used to think she was overrated and everything, but now that news about her has toned down, she seems to come across as someone you can identify with? HAHA. I'd like to be friends with her hahaha

I couldn't recognize a few people in the videos though. But I don't think they're in SNSD/Super Junior/DBSK groups y/y?

EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS. TRUST ME. You'll miss them (the idols) a lot and fall in love with them all over again.

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25.4.10 : Dumbfoundead Feat. Clara & Jay Park - "Clouds" MV
Posted by XYZ at 2:24 PM

{Video credits to dumbfoundead @ Youtube}

I think the lyrics are beautiful! It has so much meaning too. Like how the weather is actually so reflective of our lives, the hardships we go through, the joy we have etc.

Clara's voice has a really unique texture? It's nice to hear, I like her voice!

Also, Dumbfoundead is really good, seriously. I'm glad he featured Clara and Jay in Clouds!

In Jay's rap, he kinda makes innuendos about the situation and his thoughts on the whole thing. HAHA. I can hear those conspiracy theories coming out. Hehe

See the lyrics @ the video's description over here!

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: 2PM - "Without U" MV
Posted by XYZ at 2:00 PM

{Video credits to 2pm @ Youtube}

I thought the dance was cute, actually hahaha! It didn't really show off beastliness? Although Taecyeon is like a beast in all of his scenes. Anyway, the "Ok" part was kinda funny + cute, even though it showed off their arms/triceps :D

Song wise... it's kinda blah. I really miss them doing something like 10 Points Out Of 10. Even though it is not similar in style to the songs on the market (guess they're doing stuff like that for the market), it made them stand out :')

Glad they're coming back though :') Even though I was angry like the rest of the fangirls, I think they deserve luv from us still :)

Oh, and sorry this post was so late everyone! Have been extremelyyyyyyyy busy. Btw, it's 2pm now!! :D

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16.4.10 : 2PM - "Without U" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 1:58 PM

{Video credits to jikakalau @ Youtube}

I love the piano instrumental in the background. The rain and background is like a pathetic fallacy blah blah blah (too much literary techniques + terms!!)

2PM seems to be getting darker and more and more emo. I kinda miss 10 Points Out Of 10 days where there were LOADS of b-boy moves and acrobatics, plus they always changed the dance a little in every performance (it was one of the songs that i LONGED to see it being performed live extremely badly hahaha. I'd watched all their performances on Youtube, all the different styles). Sometimes I wish they'd do something not so dark, but, oh well.


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: Jay Park - "Can't Take My Eyes Of You" cover
Posted by XYZ at 1:32 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}


At first I thought there was something wrong with the video! But he popped out :) And the rap is kinda funny, though cliche at parts. "your feet must be tired you've been jogging through my mind" WHUT hahahaha that's like a pick-up line we keep making fun of but I'll never get tired if I'm running through your mind, Jay HAHA

I thought he might do an abs flash at the end but nah he didn't. All the better though. Abs flashing gets overrated if it's overdone :)

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: BEAST - "Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)" MV
Posted by XYZ at 1:28 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManTV @ Youtube}


I never knew the lyrics were this heart-breaking till I saw this!! The MV is rather simple, with a lot of graphics and mostly solo shots of the boys in different backgrounds, heart-broken.

I guess they might be promoting this song soon? After SHOCK? Also, with regards to memorizing their voices...I can't differentiate between Hyunseung and Gikwang. They sound alike cos they're both raspy. Hyunseung used to sound a lot ish (just the way his voice is~) but now it's almost alike!! This MV helped a lot to differentiate their voices hehehe :Db At least I know who sing what/where and am able to slowly memorize the differences now~

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12.4.10 : Lee Hyori - "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:19 PM

{Video credits to TheRunDevilRun @ Youtube}

You guys, I'm so sorry, have been so busy with school and I really need to buck up :(

Just watched this, though! Admittedly, there are loads of Lady Gaga influences here, but I think Hyori's style still managed to shine through? It's different from U-Go-Girl days, Hyori's makeup is SO THICK here. I miss her natural look on F.O haha.

Other than that, this was rather daring for an MV, with many different sets and clothes. Can't imagine the long hours of filming that went into this!! I rather liked this, and I can't wait to see her perform this, the choreography is quite fierce!

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4.4.10 : Jay Park - Dance video
Posted by XYZ at 9:13 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

I think they're Puma kicks?

Nice to see/hear from Jay again heheheh I think his dancing is a lot more fluid and the timing between the two of them is AMAZING. The choreography is really tight. I like.

Ok sorry for the short spazz hahaha I have so much work to do :( Online assignment, here I come~~



: T-ara & Supernova - "TTL 3 (JP)" track released!
Posted by XYZ at 8:57 PM

{Video credits to MllkteaXD2 @ Youtube}

This is a song for a Gusto CF, not sure what exactly the song name is but it's cited to be TTL 3 :D

I really like this song right now hahahaha it sounds great in Japanese even though the TTL remixes aren't as good as the original. Still, there's a quality in the remixes that makes me like them? Here, I particularly like the part where they go "Come one, it's time to love~" ♥

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: Lee Hyori - "Swing" MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:33 PM

{Video credits to girroxx123 @ Youtube}

I've tried watching this many times but I can't get past the halfway mark of the video. I love Hyori's voice here, and the genre of the song. It's very different from the energetic songs she usually does so I was surprised by the release of this music video. Plus, it's got very mysterious qualities to it.

The reason why I couldn't watch this mainly has to do with the clown. It's so freaky!!!!! I'm not usually afraid of clowns, but I think in this case, the mellow atmosphere and the clown's ridiculous smiley face was just too much. Hyori's make-up was artistic but scary at the same time. :S

But this MV also shows how much of a veteran (and a well-respected one too) she is in the industry, because she dares to try different styles. Oh yes, and I'm looking forward to the Hip-Hop track where she collaborated with Jiyoon (from 4Minute) and Kahi (After School)!! Can't wait for that one. ♥

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1.4.10 : Zuno - "Nothing To Lose/Just Let Me Go" MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:20 PM


{Video credits to AsianMusicVideoHD @ Youtube}

Tbh I didn't finish watching the entire thing. Zuno (sounds weird saying Zuno, the name is so fictional like haha) is going to debut in China, so the song is in Chinese with HUGE Kpop influence in its style. Hahah but I couldn't bear to finish watching because of the Chinese actually, I couldn't understand what he was saying... :(

Still, Zuno is looking good!!!!!! I finally see some resemblance between him and his twin. Ok, so they're not supposed to be identical twins but maybe it's the hair? I see some similarities look-wise :) And Zuno has nice eyes. They're different from Junsu's.

K. Btw, I heard Zuno is coming to Singapore? Sometime this month, yes? I haven't been keeping up with these stuff...hahahaha no more chasing-Korean-stars-who-come-to-Singapore till after my major exams!! :D HAHA.

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