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30.6.10 : [100629] SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Posted by XYZ at 6:37 PM

{Video credits to mrgoldenfishman3 @ Youtube}


Look at this you guys~!! All the covering of hair is making me screaaaaaaaaaaaam hahahaha

i think Jonghyun and Key got radical changes cos I can hardly see their hair at all (they wore scarves, and caps!! seriously) but Key's sideburns are making me worry, actually. They look a little like... the RDD vogue-ish hairstyle haha

That said, Taemin's hair looks long!! Minho looks like he had a proper haircut (finally, no long curly ends hehe) and Onew's hair.. looks relatively the same? Poor bb slipped and his hat dropped. HAHA. Ooh btw Minho's hair is totally black! Yesah back to black :D

I don't think all of them had changes - at least not drastic ones like i suspect Jonghyun and Key to have - but they all wore hats/covered hair so they'd look more like a team I guess hehehe


P/S: Sorry for the lack of updates!! It's exam week right now, till next Wednesday. I promise to be back by next Thursday haha :D ♥

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22.6.10 : Goo Hye Sun - "Brown Hair" MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:21 PM

{Video credits to gilbakk002 @ Youtube}

My first time hearing the song as I watched the MV. It was really sweet, very much Goo Hye Sun's style.

I'm in awe of this girl, really. She makes such a good role model. Acting, singing, composing, writing, drawing... Is there a limit to her talents? PLUS SHE'S PRETTY. That, and her sweet image doesn't exactly fit in with the YG Entertainment image (cos of Big Bang and 2NE1 - damnfierce haha).

I think this MV was shot in Japan? I'm not sure, but it looks like Japan :) Basically showing her going about her daily routines, in a very relaxed manner and I'm feeling jealous of her right now. I want to go on a holiday/relax like that too :( but nooo, studies first. And it's not going well cos I keep drifting off to dreaming about my "dream vacation" haha

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: TOP - "Turn It Up" MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:05 PM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}


TOP is amazing. He is fully clothed, and just his face is making the whole video very sexy HAHA. His eyebrows are crazy!! And those eyes. Plus, the whole video is in black and white. It's not even coloured and you can see sooooo much. Smexy? HAHA

Alright I need to study. Need to study. NEED TO STUDY. Bye friendzzzz :D

P/S: TOP's song ("Turn It Up") has been released on iTunes!! Go get it :D

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17.6.10 : Orange Caramel - Magic Girl MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:01 PM

{Video credits to yunakimdaebak @ Youtube}

Orange Caramel is a sub-group of After School, made up of 3 members that are fairly new to the group. They are Nana, Raina and Lizzy.

This was cute. Probably too cute even though I liked the pastel colours of the set. Haha. But seriously, the dance was too cute-sy!! Only good thing was watching Minhyuk. HEHEHEHE. He is so cute inside! Used to think he was the maknae in C.N.Blue but he isn't haha

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: Jay Park - "Billionaire" cover
Posted by XYZ at 5:54 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

You're going to be a billionaire hahahaha (listen carefully to the rap, it's quite...benevolent? HAHA. He thanks the fans towards the end - it's in the rap - but the word "fans" gets cut off HAHAHA)

I thought my computer spoiled/video jammed when he paused for a REALLY LONG TIME thinking of how to say "Billionaire" in Korean. The video looked like it froze.

P/S: B.o.B featuring Jay Park with the song Nothin' On You is out!! Don't know if it's on iTunes yet.

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Posted by XYZ at 10:15 AM

Okay, I just found out yesterday and managed to get my hands on a computer today!!!!

*********All information here has been taken from Universal Music Group's Facebook page*********

For those who didn’t manage to get the showcase or autograph coupons,
This is your last chance to attend Beast's event during their stay in Singapore!
Now…you will get to have eye contact & TOUCH Beast!!!
Do you want to have an official Beast’s T-Shirt?
Do you want to have exclusive Beast’s poster?
Here comes your opportunity!

Beast "Shock Of The New ERA" Hi-5 Session
Date: 23rd June 2010(Wed)
Time: 7pm (Doors open at 5pm)
Venue: IMM, Level 3 Garden Plaza

Special Limited version includes:
1. Shock of the New Era Full length album Digi pack + Folded Poster (together with CD)
2. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) T-Shirt (Free-size/Black or White)
3. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) Hi-5 session coupon
4. Exclusive Beast (B2ST) Singapore Edition A2 sized Poster
(Posters will be handed over to attendees by Beast personally on stage)

*** CD/T-Shirt bundle is on sale at S$55 at CD RAMA! ***

*** Opportunity to win autographed A2 sized poster.*** Lucky draw would be conducted before the start of the event, fill in your details on the coupon and drop it in the box at the venue!
(ONLY 50 winners will be selected on the day of the Hi-5 session)

Pre-Order Starts : 16th June 2010 (WED) (AT CD RAMA ONLY)
You can collect it starting from 18th June 2010 (FRI)

Available at :
1. Bras Basah Complex / 10:00am
2. Jurong East MRT / 10:00am
3. Jurong Point / 10:00am
4. Hougang Mall / 11:00am
5. White Sands / 10:30am
6. Bukit Panjang Plaza / 11:00am
7. Causeway Point / 11:00am
8. Toa Payoh HDB Hub / 11:00am
9. Lot One / 11:00am
10. Tampines Mall / 11:00am
11. IMM / 11:00am
12. Junction 8 / 10:00am

• CD + T-shirt + Hi-5 Session Entry Coupon will be available for collection on 18th June (FRI)
• Please go to the stated shop to make payment for the pre-order. No reservation will be entertained through phone.
• Collection must be made with the same store of purchase at CD RAMA upon presenting original receipt

Please read on*
*** 1 Hi-5 coupon is enclosed in the CD bundle.
*** This Hi-5 coupon is only applicable for the Hi-5 event
****Available at CD RAMA outlets ONLY.
*** Each coupon is entitled to 1 opportunity Lucky draw for Beast’s autograph Posters.
*** Only 50 Beast’s autograph Posters are available for Lucky winners on that day.
*** The Hi-5 coupons are NOT FOR SALE!

Only 1000 Limited tickets out for grabs!
Please take note that no additional event will be added for this trip anymore.
So grab this LAST Opportunity before it is all sold-out again...


I've highlighted some of the important information over here!!!!! All the best~ I hope you get your tickets!!

P/S: Will update more later today.



10.6.10 : Jay Park - Taylor Swift parody/cover
Posted by XYZ at 4:47 PM

{Video credits to jayparkaom @ Youtube}

hey guys just a bunch of footage of battles i’ve been doin lately and just talking bout my fan club, hope i didn’t disappoint to many people, also one of my best covers yet 재밌게보세요 ㅋㅋ사이좋게다잘지냅시다 ^ㅠ^

Okay so the fanclub's name is out! The fan CLUB will be called Jay Effect, but the people in the fanclub (meaning, the fans) would be called Jaywalkers. And, the colours of the fanclub would be black and yellow, bumblebee colours.

Jay is seriously worried about disappointing fans haha he keeps apologizing and explaining why he decided/chose this, it's quite cute because it shows how much he really appreciates the fans. You don't hurt the people you love. Also, at the end, there's a Taylor Swift parody featuring Junior which is seriously crazy. Everyone should watch it!!

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: Infinite - "다 시돌아와 (Come Back Again)" MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:28 PM

{Video credits to woolliment @ Youtube}

Ooooohhhhhhhh hehehehe I've been reading about these guys but have never really heard their stuff. It should be awesome since Epik High helped them out! I think Epik High produced the mini-album/the group, yes? They've already released their mini-album, if I'm not wrong? So you can hear the songs online and stuff, but I haven't got the time to give it a proper listen.

Okay, I haven't got their names down yet. I was looking at their profiles online, earlier but I can't seem to match the face to name hahaha they all look different from photos! Otherwise, I think it's a catchy song. And I LOVE all the kinds of transport they take here. My favourite would be the one at 1:17, seems like this scooter thingy is all the rage in Korea? Cos I've spotted them in several dramas that are aired in 2010 hahaha! I wanna try one so baaaaaaad. My next favourite would be the scooter+passenger thing, at 2:37 hehe

However, I don't exactly understand the concept of the MV. Where are they all going? Who are they asking to come back?? The dog at the end???? Uh. *confused*

I'll try to learn their names asap and update this post with something to help you guys learn their names too! :D

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8.6.10 : KPop is coming to Singapore!
Posted by XYZ at 9:44 PM

Sorry everyone, most of this is pretty old now. ;~;
I haven't been up to date about stuff (busy studying for mid year exams that are coming up in 3 weeks!!) and so...we here at Jumpingnutz have also, regrettably, missed out on golden opportunities.

This June holidays is still a hot one for Singapore, not just weather-wise! After Super Junior's whirlwind day trip to Singapore on Sunday, 6th June, Wonder Girls will make their 2nd descend this year in Singapore!!

Wonder Girls will be here on the 18th June for a music showcase in conjunction with Sony Ericsson x10 mini phone. Click here for more info.

U-Kiss will be following closely after the Wonder Girls. They will be having their meet&greet session and showcase on the 20th and 21st of June, respectively. As of now, I think both their packages for the 2 events have sold out already. ;~;

BEAST will be hot on U-Kiss's heels! They'll be in Singapore from the 23rd to 25th of June. Awkward timings, cos of the weekdays. BEAST will hold a autograph session and showcase on the 24th and 25th of June respectively. They'll also be having a press conference on the morning of the 24th of June. Albums that include the tickets (for either the autograph session or showcase, NOT both) went on sale on the 5th of June at CD-Rama and HMV outlets island-wide, but pre-orders were made before that. As of now, according to Universal Music Group's Facebook page, all tickets have been sold out at CD-Rama and HMV outlets.

I doubt any of you all out there (if we even have any readers left ;~;) followed this blog to get information about the stuff like that. But if you did, I apologize. Last week, we were all trying in vain to get tickets for Super Junior's showcase that we didn't realize that BEAST tickets were going on sale already. Plus, I thought it'd be like SHINee's fan-sign. But nooooooooooooo.

:( Anyway, we didn't manage to get any tickets for anything. Not that we should, since we have exams coming right up. What an exciting 2010 for K-pop fans in Singapore!!

P/S: I'm sorry for not updating this site regularly ;~;

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2.6.10 : [100522] Dream Concert 2010
Posted by XYZ at 7:06 PM


I didn't watch everything ;~;, I tried my best though! Sorry~ But I'm linking everything so you can still watch them all from here. :)


I haven't updated in forever. ;~; I haven't got the time to watch Dream Concert performances that were aired today. I promise I'll watch them tomorrow, EVERYTHING, after my paper!! And I'll do the recap haha.

Meanwhile, here's the video for the Opening!!

{Video credits to CrazyCarrot330 @ Youtube}

Heechul is SO smoooooth. Okay I promise to watch tomorrow!! I can't resist after watching Heechul's awesome MC-ing. :)

Super Junior - Bonamana
Awesome performance, I think they did the whole song!! :D I love how coordinated the fans are btw, they formed the words "SJ" and them waving the lights. I wonder how it feels to see it all from the stage, in their perspective haha. Kyuhyun's mic was spoilt I think? Could hardly hear him in the first verse. And he didn't do the sliding thing haha! He just walked to his position on stage hehehe

Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
I love her outfit here hahaha and you can see her abs :O I don't know who the rapper is actually, but he comes in for the song and this the rap halfway through the song. But that means there's no dance break. :( I haven't seen the dance break in a while haha. Hyori look great though :)

SNSD - Run Devil Run + Oh!
Ooh cool dance break led by Hyoyeon :) Feels weird watching them do Oh! in fierce outfits hahaha. Not to mention the heavy, fierce looking eye makeup.

Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears
I kinda like the denim outfits here even though Yeeun doesn't look all that flattering. :( And although Hyelim isn't really warming up to me yet, I think the girl is trying hard and it makes me happy to see her trying to input in some facial expressions into her part, but she still looks kinda stiff. Can't blame her, that's a lot of people watching, staring at you while you sing and dance. :) But the cameramen seem to be bored with her, she hardly has any close-ups during her parts :(

2PM - Without U and Don't Stop Can't Stop
Watching this pained me because you can see the exhaustion and pain on their faces from the response they were receiving - or rather, hearing - from the audience. I think they did an awesome job. And they really showed the audience who they were in Don't Stop Can't Stop. Taec did an awesome beastly shout of "2~ P~ M~!" during the chorus part :) Junho's singing was especially stylish during Without U. And Junsu is still missing. I hope he's alright, because he used to be able to shuffle around on stage but now he's not even there. :\

KARA - Lupin and We're With You
Okay imo the outfits look weird. :( But the girls look great. Although I think the original Lupin outfits were the best. I think these are outfits for We're With You? Haha. I dunno. But the shiny multi-coloured tops and bottoms kinda made them look like sea creatures? I thought Nicole looked really scaly cos of the shiny, colourful tights. Loads of dance breaks here. Haha. I liked how they entered/started the performance for Lupin :)

After School - Bang! and DIVA
Referee-like outfits! Hahaha idk that was my first thought when I saw them haha.

4minute feat. BEAST - Who's Next + Huh
I LOVED THIS. Hahahaha. I thought there were too many people on the stage during Who's Next though. All the boys from BEAST looked great! Doojoon in the suit is the best. Kikwang didn't get a lot of air time but I SPIED HIM DANCING WITH HYUNA and my heart kinda broke hahaha! Keeding. 4minute did a great job with Huh though! Hyuna sounded slightly breathless during her rap, but maknae was awesome! They should have given her this role from the start instead of getting her to act cute haha

T-ara - We Are The One

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
I've missed them!! Watching this I felt a tug on my heartstrings HAHAHA. I love how Jonghyun showed some skin/shoulder over there :Db Fan-service ftw and lucky thing the cameraman caught that!! Key's hair DNW for me :( Taemin still looks skinny and I think Minho should cut his hair!!!!! I don't really like the wispy stuff near his neck. Onew was just, precious. That said, I liked how they entered. Even though the cameraman sucked by not zooming in on their dance. Seriously. But they entered in a really cool way I mean, HOW HIGH THEY DID JUMP UP MAN.

BEAST - Special
Nice entranceeeeee!! Did you all see Hyunseung lose his balance? SUPER CUTE HAHA. Red suits hahaha Yoseob looks extremely cute with the tiny bow tie (that reminds me of Hello Kitty, don't ask haha). Dongwoon's hair reminded me of a chicken :( I like his fringe but not when it gets too emo! The rest of them were awesome. Kikwang showed his shoulders! Haha. I love them. I wanna watch them perform live, so badly.

C.N.Blue - I'm A Loner + Love
I got quite pissed with the cameraman, he kept showing Minhyuk's back view what is this!!!!! Also, I was going to give this performance I skip cos it's always only Yonghwa singing and though I love him, it gets a little boring after a while. THEN, I SAW THAT THEY WERE PLUGGED IN. FREAKING LIVE PERFORMANCE MAN HAHAHAHA :D I'm so glad they did an awesome job!! Nice of Leader to shout Jonghyun's name during his part in the bridge :)

Hi Joon great fan service over there hahahaha I thought he ripped his blazer thingy to show his abs cos there's this button that secures the blazer together, but he must have unbuttoned it when he turned around :)

DaVichi - Time, Please Stop

f(x) - Nu Abo
Luna's voice still gives me the goosebumps haha! I noticed that Krystal was also wearing the heels sneakers shoes that Luna wore (and is still wearing) in their other performances. Seems like Amber is too! Only Victoria and Sulli aren't? Ok well Sulli shouldn't wear at all since she's so tall. HAHA.

ZE:A - Man2Man + All Day Long
I'm going crazy, I can't tell who is who and then they all come out in almost matching outfits + shades -___- TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE. Also, I was reading the comments about who and who stripped. Wait, who??? :( I know maknae pulled his shirt apart so I suppose the button popped and we could all see his body haha! That said, leader's voice is freaking high I can't believe it!! Okay. I'm saying maknae and leader cos I don't know their names :( Leader is the one who looks like Yoochun from DBSK, right? ~*confused*~

F.Cuz - Jiggy + No One (Remix)

Rainbow - Gossip Girl

U-Kiss - What
OMG is it me or does Kevin look a bit like Key during Juliette days hahaha! The eyes. Wow. Kevin looks like he's too skinny. Dongho looks like a cute little kid during his first closeup in the video (i'm too lazy to go back and find the timing haha)

Finally done! :D Spent the afternoon watching this. Time for dinner now~! I posted everything up even if I didn't watch everything. Hahahaha concerts are the best way to get a label/tag on Jumpingnutz lol

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