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16.12.10 : Infinite's L and Sunggyu + Ji Sun - "Lucky" (cover)
Posted by XYZ at 1:36 PM

{Video credits to yunakimdaebak @ Youtube}

Aw this was really sweet.

Sunggyu's voice is pretty good but his accent is heavy at the start haha. Ji Sun (fellow labelmate) has a really good voice!!!! Really impressed, it's very rich and harmonizes perfectly with Sunggyu's. And then there L in the background strumming away on his guitar hehe never knew he could play~

That said, the dog looks really cute!!!!!!!! But it looks like it's trying to get off Ji Sun's lap HAHA.

Sorry for the lack of updates : ( I've been busy working haha. Usually tired by the end of work, and then I'm still trying to get used to spazzing/recapping stuff I've watched teehee

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