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31.12.08 : Bring on 2009!
Posted by XYZ at 12:48 PM

NOTE: Please wait patiently for the page to load! Otherwise, you won't be able to see the gifs :(

2008 has been an eventful year.

DBSK's awesome awesome comeback, Wonder Girls and Big Bang having a great year, the whole variety shows drama (LOL)...

Personally, the best of 2008 was fandom to me. I'm not one to be sucked in so bad and so madly in love with people I don't even know in real life (but feel like I know them like the back of my hand haha) so the whole turning point actually began with Super Junior.

{Photo credits as tagged}



I think it's pretty evident that everyone here at Jumpingnutz misses them... hahahaha Joy just wrote a pretty long paragraph yesterday about what she misses about each and everyone of them?

I miss their jokes.

This is Donghae falling down, sorry but it's so Super Junior! :D

Super Junior-M fooling around.

See? These are the kind of things that only Super Junior is capable of. HAHA :D

And then I got sucked into the whole entertainment circle in Korea. Hence finding out about Wonder Girls + DBSK + Big Bang etc.

ESPECIALLY THE WONDER GIRLS MANIA. It even got to some of my friends (who initially did not like what I liked. And I ended up being the insane one by myself.)

{Gif/Image credits to and}

The Wonder Girls effect.


"Nobody nobody but YOU!"

Then there was DBSK's comeback after forever! Okay, exaggeration but in "fan years" it would be forever. :D

{Image/gif credits to Yesasia, as tagged and 훠우훠우@DNBN}

Rising Gods Of The East



After watching them on several variety shows, I realized that DBSK is full of crack too. :D They're pretty funny! (Chang Min is too cute here!!)

{Gif credits to mixotic@livejournal}


LOL x1000 @ Chang Min's expressions.

Then there was variety shows.

I got into Family Outing first because Yun Ho and Junsu were guesting! Hahaha, I saw cuts before but it was really hard to find episodes on youtube at that time - they kept getting removed, I think. (Copyright laws?)

But Family Outing brings me so much laughter my mum thinks I'm choking on air when I watch them.

Then Wonder Girls were gonna appear on We Got Married so I started watching that too. I think it's still a pretty good show. But then again, I didn't watch everything from the beginning. In fact, I watched backwards (LOL). I watched till the farewell episode where Andy and Solbi left and then stopped watching backwards. I thought it wasn't healthy hahaha.

So I don't know how much better it was before. Nevertheless, now that Kang-In is on = MUST WATCH hahahahaha



Then the end of year comes and all the award shows start popping out. I think MKMF 2008 was a huge thing especially with their very hot + scandalous stages. Remember T.O.P. and Lee Hyori?

MKMF 2008

Hahaha I just had to put them up. Cheeeken is gonna kill me or something I think, cause she thinks that T.O.P. cheated on her. :D

DO NOT BE FOOLED, it was like less than a second, anyway.

Sun Mi and Taecyeon (who is looking very handsome! :D)


My friend was telling me about how 2PM was so lucky, getting to dance with the Wonder Girls. (FYI, my friend's a guy.) I was all, "WONDER GIRLS ARE SO LUCKY."

There is so much more about 2008 but these are just to name a few.

What did you like best about 2008?


: KBS2 Gayo Daejun 2008 (Videos)
Posted by XYZ at 10:15 AM

Hey everybody, it's a Wednesday! (And the last day of 2008...)

Anyhow, last night was KBS2 Gayo Daejun 2008! I was feeling lazy + tired so I didn't stream it online.. :x Whoops! But I've got the videos to link you all too, credits to jaeurazn1live @ youtube. They are all in HD so I'm linking you there, but click on HD to watch it in awesome quality or add "&fmt=22" to the end of the url :D (Well, as awesome as it gets on Youtube) WATCH IN HD/&FMT=22 BECAUSE THE QUALITY IS ALKSDJLFKDGJODIFUGJDFOKGM GOOD.

NOTE: The videos are not in order. I'm putting up what I can find haha. I didn't watch it so I don't know the order, sorry! jaeurazn1live is awesome, the videos are in order of appearance :D

Rain (Bi) + WonderBang (Wonder Girls + Big Bang) + All Singers - Opening show dance

SPECIAL - Mamma Mia + Honey Honey + Dancing Queen and Waterloo
Honey Honey: Wonder Girls Sun Ye + Ye Eun
Mamma Mia: Park Jung Ah, Baek Ji Young, Jang Yoon Jung + Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jin Ho, Dae Sung
Dancing Queen & Waterloo: All of the above

Special Diva Stage: Wonder Girls - Survivor, Son Dambi Ft. After School - Lose My Breath, Jewelry - Bottle Pop + 4 Minutes, All - Outro

Wonder Girls - Nobody (Remix)
Kinda like a club remix.

Big Bang - Haru Haru (Orchestra Version)
OMG the beginning? Awesome, it felt like a freaking musical/movie. Hahahaha, but the orchestra version's good. G-DRAGON'S HAIR OMG. I kinda like it? :D

Special performance with Lee Moon Sae: Park Jung Ah Ft. Wonder Girls - Fly Through The Deep Night, Big Bang - Sunset Glow, WonderBang and all singers

Brown Eyed Girls - How Come (Remix)
I like this remix!! Seems like most of the remixes are club music kind, to me?

Jewelry - One More Time (Remix)

So far, these are all that have been uploaded on youtube. Will add in if there are more performances! :D

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30.12.08 : Super Junior's 3rd album!!!! + Lee Hongki admitted to hospital
Posted by Joy at 9:48 PM

Super Junior will be coming out with their 3rd album most probabaly next year's March!!!!!Actually I thought it would come out next year's January, but it's all right because good things are worth the wait. I'm so looking forward to their new album and am definitely going to grab it, yay!!!!

They have started recording for their new album since September and are currently still recording. Besides, Super Junior-M will also be releasing their 2nd album next year, so three cheers to Year 2009!

I really really really really really love/ miss all 13 of them:
Leeteuk's craziness, Heechul's pinkness (haha, cinderella!), Han Kyung's Beijing Fried Rice, Yesung's enthusiasm, Kang-in's strength, Shindong's rap, Sungmin's versatility (he can change his image with his hairstyle, haha), Eunhyuk's funny jokes, Donghae (東海) the Sea, Siwon's excellence at sports (that's why he's called a horse!), Ryeowook's soft-heartedness, Kibum's quietness and Kyuhyun being the maknae!

Really miss those times when I was going crazy with the rest of Jumpingnutz over Full House and Exploration of the Human Body.

It's wonderful to see all 13 of them together again!

Also, here are some amazing images taken from Boys In City! Shindong looks so adorable in his new hair cut! (Credits to: Asianfanatics)

On the other hand, I read an article about Lee Hongki from F.T Island (omg, another Korean band I really love) on Asianfanatics.

Lee Hongki of 5-member rock band FT Island has finally hit the hospital for treatment on the afternoon of December 30th (Korea).

FT Island's rep stated: Due to the concerts and busy end of year schedules, the members were extremely exhausted. Lee Hongki was affected the most and therefore was admitted into the hospital, where he will rest until January 1st. We will then head off to Japan to continue our promotions there.

Lee Hongki's unhealthy condition was extremely evident at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejeon show, where he was still able to put on a stellar performance, although sounding very raspy and losing his voice towards the end. Here's to a speedy recovery in the new year!

Yet another artist being admitted to hospital. Let's wish him a speedy recovery and may F.T Island gets better and better in the new year to come!

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: SBS Gayo Daejun 2008 (Videos)
Posted by XYZ at 9:08 AM

I watched Gayo Daejun on TvAnts last night and OMG so amazing!!
It only lagged a little in the beginning, so I missed quite a lot of the Super Rookie stage (2AM, 2PM, SHINee) but then it was all smooth sailing and I watched quite a lot...

But I gave up during Seung Ri's performance of Strong Baby. :( I WAS TOO TIRED!

Anyhow, the videos are up! (Shall link them in order haha)

2AM + 2PM - Intro
Hahahaha I missed the introductory part because it lagged, so when it stopped lagging it was already part way into the performance. I was thinking, "Wth? Star wars? Light sabers?" OHHHHHHH, THEY WERE NINJAS. :D They were fighting each other. Hahahaha.

2AM - This Song
They remixed the beat omg omg! Inorae is really nice to hear but the starting puts me off because it's uhhhhh, too slow? Hahaha. But this one's good! EVERYBODY SHOULD WATCH THIS because they even dance! And Jo Kwon sprained his ankle but he's still doing so well! :D

2PM - 10 Points Out Of 10
Ah, their live performances are all to die for.

SHINee - Love Like Oxygen + Amigo + Replay
To join the songs LLO and Amigo together, they did a dance break!! Very cool because Key, Onew and Tae Min got their own dances, and Min Ho and Jong Hyun danced the same moves. Ah, so hard to describe! Just watch it!! Key dances first, then "passes" to Onew, and then Jong Hyun and Min Ho dance together, lastly Tae Min (very fierce dance) :D They do Replay ♥, I love that song haha. OMG I ACTUALLY MISSED THIS?!?1 Ye Jin is their Noona and they act out what they did in the MV!!! (Which is, dancing around noona) and then when she comes out Min Ho gives her flowerssssss.

Davichi + Tae Yeon (SNSD) + Wonder Girls (Sun Ye) - Stand Up For Love (Destiny's Child)
I missed this performance too!

Dae Sung - Look At Me GwiSoon
I laughed so hard when Dae Sung appeared. HAHAHA, Seung Ri follows the actions! Although trot is kinda hard to appreciate for people in our age and day (LOL) but you have to watch this! It's full of Dae Sung nonsense. Hahaha :D

FT Island - After Love, + Girls Don't Know + Heaven
I thought the eye make-up was too much :( Makes them reaaaaaaaaaal emo.

Kara - Pretty Girl (Sexy Bunny Remix)

I can't find Brown Eyed Girls and Jewelry's performances.

Dae Sung and Seung Ri + Yuri and Tae Yeon mini-drama
This is a must watch! ♥ Dae Sung and Seung Ri are really cute here - and the ending is alkjfalkjf hahaha! They have like so many songs fit into here! ♥

Piano Battle - Junsu VS. Tae Yang
No winners or losers. :D Tae Yang sang "Don't Wanna Try" and Jun Su sang "My Everything". I find it really cool how Tae Yang wore a white suit while he played the black piano and Jun Su was the opposite :D ♥

Dance Battle - Tae Min (SHINee) + Seung Ri (Big Bang) + Eun Hyuk (Super Junior) + Jae Beom (2PM) + Yun Ho (DBSK)
OMG EUN HYUKKKKKK MY BEST FRIENDDDDDDDDDD so different from the rest but awesome!!! ♥ Jae Beom cheated. Hahahaha, with all the pelvic thrusts and lifting of the shirt. Yun Ho's dance is so slick.

Wonder Boys 2: Sung Min + Shin Dong (Super Junior) + Tae Min (SHINee) + Seung Ri (Big Bang) + Jo Kwon (2AM) - Kissing You (SNSD) + Nobody (Wonder Girls)
OMG. Wonder Girls falling about laughing in their seats. :D So ghei but so awesome! And when they did Nobody, WG was laughing like nobody's business hahahaha ♥ So apt that Tae Min was So Hee - maknae!! Hahaha :D Watch their first Wonder Boys stage here.

Super Junior-Happy - Pajama Party
I MISS THEM LIKE CRAAAAAAAAZY. They changed the choreography + music. You should watch it! They put in moves from "U" inside. :)

STAND UP Stage - Epik High + Big Bang (G-Dragon, T.O.P.) + Eun Ji Won + Dynamic Duo
MY FAVOURITE STAGE OF THE NIGHT. I think they brought the house down. MUST WATCH!
Dae Sung is such a dork! ♥ First they sing "Where Is The Love" and Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls joins in for the chorus - IN ENGLISH. :) Then Tae Yang is jumping up and down (My first thought: :( By himself...) and Jong Hyun jumps up after him and starts dancing along

Wonder Girls - Princess Intro + Nobody (Sexy Remix)
♥♥ Their Nobody remix was the bomb! So fierce!!

Seo Tai Ji - Intro + Human Dream (Outdoor performance)
I'M DOING THE HAND ACTION THING NOW TOO. Hahahaha even SHINee's doing it!! I never heard his songs before even though his like a reallll big name but now I'm in love with Human Dream! ♥

Big Bang - Shocking Intro + 오.아.오 + Strong Baby + Heaven

Rain (Bi) - I'm Coming + Rainism + Love Story

DBSK - Wrong Number + Mirotic

BoA - Eat You Up + Look Who's Talking
She's back! :D

P/S: KBS Gayo Daejun tonight!

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29.12.08 : Tohoshinki - Bolero PV
Posted by XYZ at 11:22 AM

{Credits to imXmay @ youtube}

Bolero by Tohoshinki

Another one of those ballads/slow songs that I can actually finish listening to. (I like fast songs better) :D

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: Infinity Challenge - Big Bang parody
Posted by XYZ at 11:15 AM

Infinity Challenge (Read about it here) is a variety show on MBC on Saturdays. Actually, there are a lot of great variety shows out there online but they are hardly subbed because there are too many episodes. Apart from We Got Married (which was consistently subbed until recently haha) my other favourite is Family Outing but subs for this show is hard to find.

Anyway, Infinity Challenge decides to parody Big Bang's Haru Haru and they film the MV the exact same way, with each Infinity Challenge MC styled to look like one of the Big Bang members. During the course of shooting the MV, it got so realistic that one of the MCs, Park Myung Soo had a nose bleed. He acts as "Myung-Dragon".

{Image credits to coolsmurf @ wordpress}


Yoo Jae Suk is "Suk-T.O.P.", Noh Hong Chul became "Dubukri", Jeon Jun Ha acts as "Won Sung" and Jun Jin became "An Yang". And together, they are called BIG BAG (LOL).

The full MV for their version of Haru Haru is supposed to be out on Christmas Day, but I can't find it on Youtube!! So anyway, just 3 videos of them recording the song and filming the MV first. :D

Infinity Challenge - Recording Haru Haru
THIS IS SO MUCH WIN. The members of Infinity Challenge go to Whee Sung for help, as well as to record the song. Myung Soo can't get his lines right before the "Say Goodbye~" part and Whee Sung gets pissed at him, it's so funny! Hahahaha, and then Whee Sung gets Jae Suk to do that part and he does it well. Myung Soo is like shocked. Then they move on and start on the chorus. Whee Sung lets them sing it, and they sound like little children singing to me! HAHA. Anyway, after they're done, Whee Sung lets them hear what they sound like and they get a shock. I'm not sure what happens after that, but they keep recording and hearing how they sound. The second time they record and hear themselves, Jun Jin can't stand it and he takes off the earphones. And then one by one they all do so, HAHAHAHA!

Filming of Haru Haru (Parody) Part 1
Hahaha so many takes because they keep laughing! HAHA. OMG Myung-Dragon is so exaggerated! His walk doesn't look as suave as G-Dragon's... it looks gangster! HAHA and since Big Bang has only 5 members, one of the 6 Infinity Challenge MCs, Hyung Don, becomes the handy boy! He carries a huge bag with "BIG BAG" on it (in Big Bang font too!) and at 6:50 HE IS CLEANING THE CAR. LOLLLLLLLLL. At 7:07 he acts as a fanboy?! OMG. Hahahaha. Oh, Jun Jin demos the way they should walk because Myung-Dragon is just...WEIRD. Hahahaha and insanely funny when it's supposed to look cool haha!

Filming of Haru Haru (Parody) Part 2
OMG Hyung Don is so extra at 1:01! Hahahaha he tries to stop the fight between Suk T.O.P. and Myung-Dragon and in the end, get pushes away by Dubukri! LOL! But he doesn't give up and still tries to come in. In the end, Won Sung pushes him away and he falls to the ground. Hahahahaha! MYUNG-DRAGON KNOCKS HIS NOSE AGAINST THE CAR IN THE WEIRD FISTFIGHT THEY ARE HAVING. So that's how his nose bled! Okay they move on to the car park scene and Dubukri seems to be enjoying his lines, he is "singing" them with a smile on his face hahaha! Myung-Dragon doing the solo scenes - pure win. :D

Will add in + edit this post later when I get hold of their MV, and I think they also performed it at their You And Me Concert so the performance will be added in too, if I can find it!

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: Strike!
Posted by Connie at 1:23 AM

WHOAAAAAAA, such a huge news and I didn't even notice it D:

Credits to coolsmurf

Korean Broadcast Unions To Strike Against Media Legislation Bills.

The National Union of Media Workers (NUMW) in Korea will hold a general strike beginning today, 26th December to protest the ruling Grand National Party’s (GNP) proposed revisions to seven media-related bills which they believed is an attempt by the Lee Myung Bak administration to seize control of the media.

Uncertain Times Ahead as Korean Broadcast Unions Goes On Strike

The labour unions of MBC, KBS, SBS, YTN, EBS and CBS have announced their decision to join the strike one after another yesterday with the impact far greater than imagined. The MBC labor union has announced that all of its union members will be actively participating in the strike meaning that regular programming could be affected. It remains unclear whether the year-end MBC Drama Awards and Gayo Daejun will be able to go on as scheduled.

We Got Married, Infinity Challenge, Golden Fishery plus other variety shows are all affected by this as the production workers are set to go on strike. Other than daily dramas which are produced solely by MBC, other dramas currently being aired are unlikely to be affected by this strike. This is because most of the dramas are outsourced to a third party production company and does not belong to MBC. One prime example is the East of Eden drama production which will be filming as normal. The news department will also be affected as announcers Park Hye Jin and Kim Joo Ha will also be participating in the strike.

MBC has expressed that it would be mobilizing all available resources to recruit temporary staff to ensure that the year-end MBC Drama Awards (29th December) and Gayo Daejun (30th December) will go on as scheduled and run smoothly. With the Gayo Daejun requiring more manpower than the Drama Awards, it will be an ardous task for MBC to find the required manpower to complete the stage setting and broadcast in a few days time.

The above is only MBC. The same goes for SBS, KBS and other broadcasters whose labor union members will be actively participating in the strike. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything will go on as scheduled.

Major news man, if things get worse all the end of year shows, award ceremonies etc are like kaboosh-ed, gone with the wind, whammo-ified, poof-ed.

I really hope this strike actually blows over so that everything can actually proceed as originally planned. This strike actually affects a lot of people's work, especially those working in the entertainment industry.

Thus, I'm praying that everything will be straightened out soon :)



28.12.08 : Lee Hyori rushed to the hospital + Music Bank and Music Core Christmas Edition Videos
Posted by Joy at 9:14 PM

I'm sure many of you know who Lee Hyori is, right? She's an extremely popular and successful South Korean singer with great hits like U-Go-Girl and Hey Mr.Big from her latest album It's Hyorish released just 6 months back.

I know it's kinda weird for me to actually blog about her here because this space is mostly news about Korean groups/bands. Haha I don't know, but I personally feel that Korean bands/groups and artists like her work extra harder (not that other groups from other countries do not work hard) to get to where they are today. Oops I'm digressing.

Whatever it is, Jumpingnutz would like to show our concern for her because she's truly a multi-talented artist. (Read article below) Losing 7kg in only 10 days is quite worrying. But no matter what, health comes first. Let's just hope that she'll recover soon even though it'll definitely be a shame if she misses the dance battle.

(Credit to: Asianfanatics)

Lee Hyori was hospitalized on 26th December after fainting at home.

Lee Hyori’s management, Mnet Media expressed, “We tried contacting her at her home at around 11pm on 26th December but no one answered the phone. So her manager went up to her place and found her unconscious at home. She was immediately sent to Gangnam Samsung hospital for treatment.”

It’s believed that Lee Hyori is suffering from pneumonia and dehydration. Mnet Media also revealed that Hyori had lost about 7kg in the last 10 days and her health condition wasn’t very good. She had her first-ever solo concert on the 19th and 20th December and will take part in the year-end music festivals from 29th to 31st December. She had in fact been making trips to the hospital in the period between her last Family Outing recording and her concert to treat her fatique and flu picked up from the harsh winter outdoor variety filming.

Doctors has advised Lee Hyori to be warded in hospital for rest and recuperation for 10 or more days and will be undergoing a detailed checkup tomorrow. Mnet Media expressed that it would be cancelling all the scheduled CF shoots and broadcast programs for Hyori and are still deciding on her involvement in the year-end gayo daejuns from 29th to 31st December.

Hyori is scheduled for a series of dance battle stages with Rain and Son Dambi over the 3 days while she is also 1 of 3 main MCs for the SBS Gayo Daejun.

Besides that, I have 3 great videos from Music Bank and Music Core Christmas Edition for you too! I know XYZ has already posted up the links for the videos but I'm really excited about it so I'm embedding it here.

1. DBSK performing Are You A Good Girl? and Mirotic.

2. Big Bang performing Haru Haru and Sunset Glow

P.S. Lol Dae Sung wore a shirt with a piano print at his chest, and G-dragon has a telephone hanging on his neck! I think their outfits are quite cute!

3. Sunye (Wonder Girls), Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls), Nam Gyu Ri (Seeya) and Taeyeon (SNSD) performing Buttons by The Pussycat Dolls.

I thought their overall performance was quite good, even though a few commented that Taeyeon was uncomfortable being sexy, haha.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and comments are appreciated. :D

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: THSK Bolero PV preview + SJM's HK fansign photos
Posted by XYZ at 9:54 AM

{Credits to farahmicky4 @ youtube}

It's a 1:30 preview and omg I'm so behind in their Japanese activities. -.- (Such a bad fan!!!)

OMG the first thing I think of when I look at Yun Ho's hairstyle is...Wolverine. I think his hairstyle in Mirotic was nicer. Haha, it looked - NORMAL. :D

I AM AMAZED AT YOO CHUN'S HAIR. This is the __th time it has changed this year, right? But it still looks undamaged. He has the most versatile hair, ever.

Oh! And also, Super Junior-M was in Hong Kong for a fansign and concert (asdlkjslkdfj) and THOSE LUCKY FANS!!! See photos here. I nearly died of jealousy.

I don't know how to link posts so I'm just gonna quote the text and credit.

we have a good news to share with everyone even though this is NOT YET confirm.SJM is in Hong Kong now for the concert, and our dear mod vivian is there to attend the concert.

There is a fansign yesterday and our mod manage to tell the members that she is from Singapore and amazingly when she was talking to HanGeng,Geng said to her

"see you in Singapore next month"
(Geng have said this to some fan last time so we are not sure what he really means~)

so today there is a event in the morning and vivian have manage to go and also attend the small press con (Only HanGeng is there, where the rest of the members have return to hotel or somewhere)

Vivian manage to ask him one question during the press con, which is
Did SJM have any plans to come to Singapore for promotion or concert?

this time Geng replied is

They have plans to come for concert and promotions,planning in progress now.Maybe it will be the starting of the year.They will also come when their 2nd Album is out

so Singapore fans here, you can start looking forward to SJM but this is not 100% confirm that they will come at the start of the year.we just want to tell everyone that they have plans in coming to Singapore for promotions and concert!!

Credits: + soompi

COME COME COME!!!!!! Hahahaha I'm over the moon now even though it is not confirmed.

Super Junior can't come as a whole but still! Super Junior-M! We can communicate with them :D

But I hope they don't work too hard! Han Geng already got hooked up to receive saline solution because of fatigue. He's fine. BUT, STILL.

P/S: On that same soompi thread, if you scroll down you'd see them wearing Santa outfits at their concert! So cute~ hahahha

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27.12.08 : [081227] Music Core Year End Special
Posted by XYZ at 4:31 PM

EDIT: SS501's performance of YOUR MAN (UR MAN) has been added in! This is a stage where all 5 members of SS501 reunited together to perform.

SHINee - Replay + Amigo
Good performance! Hahaha Replay was cut shorter and I noticed a lot of Tae Min close up shots. Hahaha. Then Min Ho goes "Cold heart baby~" and the camera gives a close up shot of him - HE WINKS AT THE CAMERA. (And it kills all the Min Ho fans out there) Haha it's at 1:36. Amigo was cut short too! And no dance break but Tae Min still manages to do some of his own moves haha. :D I think his legs are made of rubber or something. At 3:22 MIN HO STICKS HIS TONGUE OUT.

Brown Eyed Girls - My Style + How Come
Ga-In's hair! It's still the same haha I think it makes her look too mature/old? Good performance too, they are really great live singers.

2PM - Only You (Winter Special) + 10 Points Out Of 10
Happy birthday Taecyeon! I'm such a bad fan, I just found out it is his birthday. Birthday post later! Like I've said before, 2PM's great! :D I like this version of Only You too, it's upbeat but still cool. Ah Taecyeon acting cute at 0:07 haha! And then Nichkhun and Woo Young in the background at 0:10! (Waves back, lol) OMG I CANNOT DESCRIBE THE FUN PARTS IN THIS VIDEO ANYMORE. EVERYONE MUST WATCH THE ENTIRE THING FOR YOURSELF. The choreography - it's just ♥!

Wonder Girls - So Hot + Nobody
I like the colour scheme of this set of outfits too! Brown looks nice on them :) So Hot was cut short so it was immediately the rap? Cool! Gah Sun Ye's mic is faulty again in Nobody. Their outfits look nice too, though. Bling bling. (Thinks of Jong Hyun haha!)

Big Bang - Haru Haru + Sunset Glow
Seung Ri's outfit is weird. G-Dragon's wearing the telephone round his neck again, like in the Sunset Glow MV. They squat down again in Sunset Glow! Hahaha :D G-Dragon punches all of them again and Seung Ri looks afraid now, he doesn't dare go near him? Hahaha at the end, G-Dragon bows instead of his usual muscleman pose :)

Tae Yang - Look Only At Me
:O (Speechless)

DBSK - Are You A Good Girl? + Mirotic
Can't type much, I'm being attacked by a mosquito and my internet connection is screwing up. I like their outfits this time. Less fur, only Jae Joong's wearing it and it's not so bad because it doesn't stand out against the dark colours they are wearing. :)

Gah but there are no shots of Hyun Joong or Jung Min! It's mostly the other 3 because they are singing. And I don't know why but the video is kinda funny eh. It keeps blacking out, and then it shows shots that have already been shown before? Weird. But I'm sure fans out there are happy to see them reunited! :D

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: [081226] Music Bank Xmas Special
Posted by XYZ at 10:47 AM

2PM - Instead Of Saying Goodbye (Bi)
The beginning reminded me of Sunset Glow by Big Bang. Haha. Nichkhun raps in this!!!! Askjsdfkjsdf. Jae Beom and Jun Ho's pants looks like they'd drop any moment. I think they modified it from the working suit thing that Woo Young is wearing, which is why there is so much excess cloth around their butts. :D

DBSK - Mirotic (Clean version)
I don't know what to say about their outfits. I really don't like the fur thing. And the clean lyrics sounds weird to me haha. But Jun Su's "breaking my RULES again" is freaking cool! I realized that he keeps doing that in recent performances. I really like the part at 1:14 where Chang Min sings and everyone else dances. In a straight line. Hahaha. Okay, DBSK also picked up 2008 MVP award and did an encore performance of Mirotic.

SHINee - Wild Eyes (Shinhwa)
Jong Hyun so fierce in the beginning when they were sitting on the chair! Haha that's the first thing I noticed when it opened. Min Ho's rap - in English! I thought it was pretty good... hahaha :D Key being sexy at 0:55. I think the chair dance is really cool! The English is a little weird though. When Key sings at 1:12 I don't really understand what it means haha. But the performance looks a little messy, I think because there is a lot of people on stage doing the same movements at the same time and also partly due to the camera angles.

Tae Yeon, Gyu Ri, Ga-In, Sun Ye - Buttons (Pussycat Dolls)
I thought it was not bad, especially since it was sung entirely in English! :) But Ga-In's hair (short hair) doesn't look flattering to me :(

Big Bang - Haru Haru, Sunset Glow
I wish G-Dragon didn't wear that furry hat in Haru Haru. YOU CAN'T SEE HIS EYES! But kinda ironic cause he was smiling when he said the part where "oh girl, i cry cry" hahahaha. I kinda like the colour scheme of their outfits in Sunset Glow although it isn't as bright and happy as the other colours they performed in before. :D OH NEW MOVE AT THE "AH AH AH AH AH" PART. Okay it didn't make sense. I mean, at 2:17, they all fall to the ground haha! AH OMG 3:18 G-DRAGON PUNCHES ALL OF THEM TO THE GROUND. And then he makes Seung Ri fall at 3:25! ♥

Wonder Girls - So Hot
Sun Ye's mic is faulty!! Gah I thought why the hell isn't her voice coming out but they switched mics for her later on in the performance. Ah at 1:37 Yoo Bin mouths out Ye Eun's lines hahahah. I like their outfits. :)

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26.12.08 : Key's chinese name
Posted by XYZ at 11:13 PM

Ever wondered what Key's name would be, when translated to Chinese?
I always have! The other members have their names translated from their Korean names. But Key's Key (Lol, Key is Key.)! Does it mean he'd get called "key", literally, in Chinese?

We're about to find out! (Oh my, I feel like I'm becoming MC or something.)

{Photos credits to baidu and soompi forums}


Key's name is literally translated from "Almighty Key". Key in Chinese is yao shi. And, that's what it's written on that photo, wan neng yao shi.

They also got the birthdates of Onew and Jong Hyun wrong. I guess it's a typo error because the missed out the "1" in Onew's birthdate and added in a "1" in Jong Hyun's. :)

SHINee on the stage of 《舞林大道》, Let's Dance

Ahhhhhh the outfits from the first performance of Amigo. :)
And Key's "Hajiman sexy" part that killed all of us here at Jumpingnutz when Amigo first came out.

Alright, I'm gonna crash now. Couldn't resist posting this up after stalking soompi. :)

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: 100% Entertainment - Talking about SHINee
Posted by XYZ at 6:02 PM

EDIT: Found another video + added it in.

{Credits to shineesubs02 @ youtube}

This is just a cut of Luo Zhi Xiang (Show) and Xiao Gui talking about SHINee coming onto their show the following day. They also talk about DBSK and also about SHINee cross dressing haha. It is subbed in both Korean and English, thanks to the hardworking SHINee subbing squad!

This is a short part about SHINee, the boys aren't out on the show yet. Basically, it is cuts of videos from behind the scenes when they were filming the MV for Replay. Sorry, but Xiao Gui (I like him hahaha) is kinda cute at the end. Haha. His actions, and Show's just stoning there. Hahaha

Okay I think Mediacorp airs 100% Entertainment really slowly. So we will have to keep watching and watching.

Youtube just don't cut it if you have the chance to see them on TV. :)

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: Group members from DBSK, Big Bang, Super Junior, and SHINee Dance Battle on SBS Gayo Daejun
Posted by Joy at 11:00 AM

Hello everybody, it's one day after Christmas and I guess all of you have received lots of presents right? :D It's currently 10:20AM and I just woke up 20 minutes ago. I feel sleepy zzzzzzzzz. Let me take a break first, lol.

It's now 10:40AM, haha. Anyway, here's some news. On 29th December 2008, various artists like Big Bang’s Seungri, DBSK’s U-know Yunho, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin will be doing their own style of dance to compete against each other under the theme of dance battle on SBS Gayo Daejun. (Scary music) JUST WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN?????

Besides that, DBSK’s Xiah Junsu and Big Bang’s Taeyang will participate in a piano battle. Omg I didn't know Taeyang could play the piano (slaps forehead). (Even scarier music) SO WILL IT BE JUNSU OR TAEYANG????

Do leave your comments! :D

Extracted from article (Credit to: bubbletea29@Asianfanatics):
Following that, Super Junior’s Shindong-Sungmin, Big Bang’s Seungri, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, SHINee’s Taemin will form Wonder Boys and has a surprise event under their sleeves.

They (Wonder Boys) received attention as they performed SNSD’s “Girls’ Generation” last September on SBS Ingigayo.

Other artists like Rain, Kim Jongkook, F.T. Island, Jewellery, SNSD will be participating in the SBS Gayo Daejun which is hosted by Lee Hyori, Lee Chunhee and Park Yejin.

What an event. I'll probably melt or faint to death if I'm the spectator, haha. WOW I JUST TOOK 40 MINUTES DOING THIS POST, LOL.

XYZ HERE BARGING IN ON JOY'S POST omg the family being hosts?!?1?1 Hahahaha! I watched an episode of Family Outing recently where Chunhee was bullied by the sisters (Hyori and Yejin) LOL.

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: Happy 5th anniversary, DBSK!
Posted by XYZ at 10:07 AM

{Photo credits to}

Cute, eh? (Stares at Yun Ho)
Lol @ all of them acting cute while Jae Joong gives his charismatic side-profile... Haha!

To be honest, I've only started liking them after the big hoo haa of their comeback and then falling in love with Mirotic's MV (and Yun Ho haha). Then after watching some variety shows with them in it, I fell deeper...

I realized that they're pretty funny too!

I'm amazed that I've resisted liking DBSK for so long. Cheeeken started going on and on about them 2 years back and I didn't take any notice. Hahaha. Until she started going on about Super Junior this year then I fell into K-pop's clutches. I don't think I'll ever be free from it - life would be too bland!

I can't say much, except that I think they're exceptional ballad/acapella kind of singers because during my holiday I've been listening closely to their album. I don't usually like slow songs but WOAH. Their songs are soothing and if I'm not too jumpy (where I'd need a fast song), their slow songs actually work for me :D Good job DBSK, you've converted me into a fan! :D

{Photo credit as tagged}

Happy 5th anniversary, DBSK!

Cheers to 5 years, and more to come! :D

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: More updates of SHINee in Taiwan
Posted by XYZ at 9:05 AM

Even more translated news... but I don't really mind because I can translate this - instead of relying on others to translate news about them from Korean :D

Original article here.

{Photo credits to}


2008/12/26 04:34 by

Yesterday SHINee held a handshake event and there were fans queueing up there the night before the event because they were worried that they would not be able to make it into the first 300, hence being unable to shake their idols' hands.

SHINee is made up of members aged 15 to 19 years old, and they debuted just 7 months ago, but is already very famous in Korea. The youngest member is Tae Min (泰民) who is only 15 years old. Tae Min says, "Everyday on the way to school, there is often girls that I do not know taking pictures secretly from the window. Thanks to my classmates for helping me block them, I'm very thankful." Jong Hyun (鐘鉉) also added that even now when they see themselves on TV, it feels very surreal and they are not used to it.

SHINee's debut song is Noona You're So Pretty (Replay). All the members agree that true love can cross/go beyond all boundaries such as age, and they do not discount out a older woman and younger boy kind of relationship. (Those noona relationships? Yeah, this was kinda weird to translate?) Onew (溫流) says that there must be feel, only then can it be considered love. Tae Min and Min Ho (民豪) both love kind, pretty girls. Jong Hyun expressed that he likes pure (?) girls while Key hopes that the girls will be honest (?) with him.

SHINee is only in Taiwan for 45 hours and after accepting the interview yesterday afternoon, they went to a recording for Let's Dance (《舞林大道》), followed by the handshake event. All 5 members managed to eat Xiao Long Baos (Food - that Joy especially loves) and spare ribs soup (?) and said that it was very delicious.

Today, they will be taking the flight early in the morning at 8.10am on Taiwan airline (I think?) CI160.

I guess that means they're currently flying in the air right now.

Another article, original here.

2008/12/26 00:45 by

SHINee had a recording for Let's Dance (《舞林大道》) on the 25th of December. With their cute appearance, they have gained much popularity and have won the hearts of many Taiwanese fans, despite this being their first time in Taiwan.

Although they are new, SHINee has Korea's 2008 Newcomer award, and are the juniors of famous seniors DBSK (東方神起). Although they have a lot of popularity in Korea, they feel honoured to be able to perform on a stage in Taiwan. They expressed that there is no such competition in Korea, where it is such a large-scale event (?) so they find this idea very refreshing and new. Furthermore, while performing with some of Taiwan's most strongest dancers, they feel a lot of pressure.

SHINee said, in order to give their best in performances, they invited a famous choreographer (who has also choreographed for one of Taiwan's celebrities, 小甜甜 - as stated in the article) to choreograph the steps. They performed Amigo and Noona You're So Pretty (Replay) and also demonstrated a move that most Korean teenagers are imitating, the skating move. (I think this refers to the track dance thing, in Noona You're So Pretty?) and they gave off an upbeat teenage vibe.

(The last paragraph is about one of the judges who is from Japan and is a pretty well-known dancer there.)


Original here.
2008/12/26 07:40 by

DBSK and Super Junior's juniors, SHINee came to Taiwan with the honour of winning Korea's 2008 Newcomer award. But all of them have never dated/been in love before, and as they spent Christmas Day working and feeling lonely, they couldn't help but talk about their dream girlfriends. (I think the article is dramatising things here - I'm translating word for word...)

SHINee debuted and immediately earned the name of Noona-killer and they have succesfully walked the path where both their seniors did not go before (? OMG this article is killing me). Currently the 5 members are aged between 15 to 19 years old, and were asked if they had ever fallen in love/dated before. All members shook their heads and said that they have never fallen in love before. When talking about their ideal girlfriends, Onew wants a girl where he has feel with, Tae Min hopes to meet a kind and pretty girl. Jong Hyun's (and Min Ho's [?]) ideal partner is one who is pure and clear-headed (?) whereas Key's ideal type is one who is honest.

(And then the last paragraph is about them on Let's Dance - all of which you can find in the article before this.)

OMG. Traditional characters will kill me. I'm half-guessing most of them so pardon me if they're not that accurate. My mum's not in!! (Lol, she can't help me check if I've translated/read them correctly.)

Anyway, forgive me for the slight comments in the articles here and there. I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING. Initialy I intended to save all my comments for the last part, but well, I can't help it. :D

Oh! I watched yesterday's episode of 100% Entertainment and it was a Christmas Eve episode. So SHINee is most likely on today! OMG. THE THOUGHT OF SEEING THEM ON MY TV SCREEN MAKES ME SO...JUMPY? I THINK I MIGHT SCREAM. And then maybe die spazzing by myself.

Hahah, oh wait! I must not die. I've got to meet Key ♥!!!!! Hahaha. And Tae Min is so cute~! He wants a kind and pretty girl. Hahahaha. You'll grow up, brother. :D

P/S: Happy Boxing Day! I cheated and opened my presents yesterday. :D

P/P/S: PLEASE COMMENT! It's heart-warming to know that our efforts are appreciated! AND WE KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE READING THIS!! We don't bite! Well, a cyber-bite hardly hurts, right? :D (Waves hello at our silent readers)



: Merry Christmas!
Posted by B at 12:08 AM

Merry Christmas! oops! not christmas! it's boxing day already! 12.11AM! HAHA, go open those presents!
Hope you guys had a fun and blessed christmas!!

Haha, just share with you guys this video! IT'S FUNNNY, IF YOU'RE IN THE MOOD TO LAUGH!

Haha, it's like a mob prank where 100 people do an action and see if the person follows!
(troop of the 100, it seems..)

Prank 1)
100 hundred people run towards the man, but he doesn't care and continue walking!
HAHA, smart man!!

Prank 2)
The guy walks and the people started running towards him , he followed and ran too!!! HAHA

Prank 3)
They run to the guy and surround him, carrying him and throwing him up!!! HAHA, and then they dispersed and ran away! LOL! :D left the guy on the street tucking in his shirt! HAHA

Prank 4)
My favourite! This lady talking on the phone, the group of 100 comes and follow walking behind her, then some overtake, and then suddenly, they all squat and she follows! HAHA! probably thought there was a bomb!

IF IT WAS YOU, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? HAHA, comment to share your ideas!
I think i'll just stone there!
Enjoy the festive season!


25.12.08 : Hohoho.
Posted by Connie at 10:49 PM

Hello people!


May God bless you all many many :D

I'm sorry for MIA-ing for like a kazillion years, don't miss me too much.
Anyway, I've managed to obtain the discs for Iljimae. (screams)
I will post up the sypnosis and all once I'm done watching.

Right, before Christmas is over I would like to make some wishes on behalf of the committee :)


1. We can fly to Korea very soon.
2. We will be experts at the Korean language.
3. There will be more people commenting on our blog.
4. We will be able to work in Korea's entertainment industry.
5. There will be more people visiting the blog.
6. All the bands we support will succeed in whatever they do and stay healthy always.
7. We can meet the bands we love face to face.

Hahahaha, I hope that our wishes will come true soon :D

All righty-o, I have got to read my book.

P.S I haven't watched finish Hong Gil Dong. (I feel so slow)
P.P.S I borrowed Hwang Zhen Yi from my grandaunt because Jang Geun Seuk's acting in it! :D (I feel like an old grandma now)



: Merry Christmas! + updates of SHINee in Taiwan
Posted by XYZ at 9:03 AM

EDIT: Another article found + translation by me added in.

Merry Christmas!


Translated loosely from this article here on Yahoo! Taiwan. Sorry, it might not be very accurate because the chinese is written in traditional characters and I can't read it very well...

2008/12/25 04:09 by 自由 Shi Bao

SHINee arrived in Taiwan for the first time yesterday for promotions for the repackaged album (I think). The minute they got off the plane they were ferried off to 5 events (part of their schedule) and only arrived at the hotel to rest for the day at 11pm at night. Their lunch was some kind of light snack (?) and all the while (?) they were complaining of tiredness and hunger.

Approximately 250 fans were at the airport to welcome SHINee, and about 20 of them were from the north of Taiwan (?). SHINee greeted them in both Chinese and Korean.

Although it is their first time in Taiwan, they have come prepared, speaking simple Chinese phrases along the way to their schedule. Phrases like, "Really?/Is this true? (真的吗?)", "Very good (很棒)", "Thank you (谢谢)" etc. Even though their schedule is really packed, they are all willingly working (? Don't know how to translate this) for the sake of interacting with their many fans.

Last night they appeared on a popular Taiwan variety show (娱乐百分百) and interacted with some 100 fans. They also played games, one of which was some acting challenge (?). SHINee will be holding a handshake event tonight at 8pm.

If you would like to take out my rather badly translated article, please credit. :) It wasn't easy reading those traditional characters. (Joy/Cheeeken/klAss - edit or correct this if I'm wrong anywhere!)

New article (Original here):

{Photo credits to}


2008/12/25 04:34 by

SHINee in Taiwan for 45 hours, their schedule is very packed and had to get by burgers from a fast-food restuarant for lunch.

SHINee arrived on the 24th, and fans at the airport were shouting loudly in Korean, "I love you! (Saranghae)". SHINee responded by greeting the fans in both Chinese and Korean and the fans were overjoyed. SHINee was friendly and warm, smiling the entire time until they boarded their transportation. The entire thing took 15 minutes.

SHINee's youngest member is Tae Min, who is 15 years old. The other 4 members are not over the age of 19 either. Their schedule was fully packed, which includes TV appearances and being guests at radio stations. They arrived at the hotel late at night, last night. The recording company comforted them by reserving a restaurant (probably quite famous with good food) for them to have dinner at, letting them satisfy their hunger.

SHINee will also guest on Taiwan's dance competition show, 《舞林大道》 (Let's Dance - broadcasted on Singapore's Channel U on Mondays at 8pm), and will be the first overseas idol group on that show. They will hold a handshake event tonight at 8pm.


AND ARE THEY EVEN GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP?! Make-up can do magic but natural beauty is the best!!!

(Starts meditating...)

EDIT: My heart breaks even more. (Piang)

P/S: IMPORTANT! Singapore's television station broadcasts 《娱乐百分百》 too, at 5pm on Channel U daily. I'm not sure if it's a up to date broadcasting kind of thing, like where Singapore broadcasts the show the same day as Taiwan's. It is hosted by Xiaozhu (罗志祥) and Xiao Gui (小鬼). But watch out for it daily. :D WE MUST WATCH SHINEE ON TV - so that their hunger pangs won't seem so wasted haha. Same goes for 《舞林大道》. I'm not sure when it will be broadcasted.

P/P/S: After taking the pains to translate that first article above, I realized that someone on also translated it, here. :\ GAH. In the comments, there is a "fan-account" kind of thing by someone who went for the recording for 《娱乐百分百》. Apparently, they are skinnier than in photos?! OMG. (Starts exercising like mad)



: Merry Christmas^^
Posted by klAss at 1:44 AM


Annyonghasaeyo! Che iru mun klAss imnida. Hahaha, until I attend korean lessons, pardon my broken/inaccurate Korean.

Ok, spazzing time^^ And because it's Christmas.......

A video of SHINee and Kara singing christmas carols:

SHINee first sings Silent night. And then sings Jingle Bell Rock with Kara. Key's english^^ I like I like. Hahaha. I totally forgot about my lethargy from work after watching Keybum sshi( Teehee^^). Oh geez, 'work', that makes me sound old. I'm not! Although I'm a noona to Taemin, I'm still a dongsaeng to the rest of them. Oppa!! Hahahaha. Before I know it, I'll be a noona to all the new boybands/groups :S Not good...

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24.12.08 : SHINee in Taiwan
Posted by XYZ at 7:26 PM


{Photo credits to Yahoo! Taiwan}


SHINee has arrived in Taiwan safely and will be there for 3 days and 2 nights. They will be there for an autograph session. And more I guess, but Yahoo! Taiwan was pretty vague... I'm just translating what's written haha

(From the above photo)
TAE MIN LOOKS LIKE HE IS NOT WEARING ENOUGH WARM CLOTHES. I think he needs a thicker jacket? Then again, the weather there is only 20°C, nothing much compared to their sub-zero temperature back in S. Korea. BUT HE STILL NEEDS TO WEAR MORE WARM CLOTHES.

Jong Hyun is like all smiles hahahaha yay! So are the rest :) Good. They are happy, hahah

I am sad that they will not be spending Christmas with their families. :( But then they look quite excited and happy...

:O Close to 100 fans were at the airport waiting for them!

OHHHHHHHHH COME TO SINGAPOREEEE! It's still raining (yeah, since morning) and the temperature is now averaging 25°C. It's just 5°C higher than Taiwan's so come come! :D HAHA

Happy Christmas to all, in advance!



: SBS Gayo Daejun - Junsu VS Tae Yang!!!
Posted by B at 2:19 AM

Hey! It's 2.20 in the morning and it's raining! It's christmas eve already! So fast! Haha,
Anyway, Here's some news!!

SBS’s Gayo Daejeon, Xiah Junsu vs Tae Yang, WonderBoys 2!

People are getting excited over Hyori's and Rain's scheduled special stage performance at the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejeon on December 29th, but there's a lot more to be excited about. (Because there is some rumour about them having a secret seduction night?! OMG!! But oh well, Don't know whether it's true or not, but you can check this out HERE)

Not only will Hyori and Rain perform together, but DBSK / TVXQ, Big Bang, The Wonder Girls, Super Junior, and legendary Seo Taiji will all take the stage for performances. Seung Ri is also scheduled to perform a solo performance of "Strong Baby." Baby is correct, don't know about strong.

The biggest excitement for people would be the confirmation of Wonder Boys 2! This was confirmed on SBS website, although they don't say who the performers will be (probably the same).

The other thing people are excited about is the
showdown between TVXQ member Xiah Junsu and Big Bang member Tae Yang in a piano battle, also confirmed on the SBS website.


TAE YANG (ohmygosh, can you see his vein popping out on his right arm? HAHA)

(Ahh! I would Love to see the piano battle!! Haha! I think it would be cool, battle already sounds good to me!)
I don't really know Junsu, oops, i'm biased, i hope tae yang will win! please don't murder me, Junsu fans! HAHA,)

And! Comment to show your encouragement for either one or both of them! :D
Who Do you want to Win? ~~suspense~

(Credits to v i t a ✖ d o l c e and Asianfanatics! and google images!)

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23.12.08 : Inkigayo Diary backstage photos
Posted by Joy at 7:18 PM

This is my first time doing some updates on SHINee! I don't really know all the members well, but I think Tae Min is really adorable and hilarious? I remember the first time XYZ showed me a video of SHINee performing Replay, and Tae Min kept going to the front to pose for the camera.

Also, Key is undeniably the most popular one among Jumpingnutz. Cheeeken, XYZ and klAss sure love him to bits and pieces. But I've got to admit that their songs are really good, like Love Should Go On and their single Amigo.

All right, I've got some backstage photos of them for Inkigayo Diary. Not too sure what's Inkigayo Diary though. I did went online to check but to no avail. If you happen to know more about Inkigayo Diary, do leave a comment, thanks!

(Credits to: Asianfanatics!)

Jong Hyun and Key.

, Tae Min and Minho.

I love the way they are dressed! Because Christmas is coming, and they are in red and green! :D Omg can you feel the season Of giving?????

Anyway, leaving you with a scandalous picture of Jong Hyun and Key.

Ehem, just what is Key trying to do to Jong Hyun? Haha.

Ho ho ho, hope you have enjoyed this post, lol! :D
Comments are very much appreciated.

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: We Got Married - Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji cut
Posted by XYZ at 6:50 PM

ktinsj (aka gomdorii) will be subbing Kangin and Yoon Ji's We Got Married cuts! :D (I read the Channel page...)

Anyway, Sunday's episode (Ep 39) cuts are up!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

I AM SO EXCITED. I'm back from my holiday already, by the way (haha) but now my speakers refuse to work for me and I can't watch videos without audio! Also because I'm trying to pick up simple Korean lol.

But I've managed to watch Part 1 and they two of them are so cute!!!!! The "mission envelope" (to find his wife) is given to him by Tae Yeon because they just finished doing radio and 2PM is there too at the recording studio! :D Kangin gets really excited and he starts telling everyone that he is getting married - even though he didn't know who it was. Kangin is being all joker (as usual) when he goes to find his wife.

Kangin carries a Christmas tree (VERY RANDOM, plus it's got Christmas lights on it) because "it's a gift for my wife". Then he goes finding her and when he finds the place where she's supposed to be at, she isn't there. So he puts the Christmas tree down, and it falls. LOL. So Kangin. Everyone starts staring at him because of the noise he makes haha!

And when they meet! Awwwww so cute, because of the awkwardness. He is carrying that tree again because he started walking around the place to find her and he hides behind it when they meet!! Yoon Ji hides behind the book she's carrying and it's just so cute. :D


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: Super Junior Photobook
Posted by klAss at 4:09 PM

Annyeonghasaeyo everyone! I came across a video that I want to share. So here I am!

Super Junior!!! ^^

It's actually from their Boys in City dvd. So please support them, although there are already videos that have been uploaded on the net.

Here's the link to 2 subbed videos. (Woohoo, subs!) Part 1, Part 2
{Credits to amirahd2b on Youtube}

I miss them soooo much! All 13 of them. Well, alright, maybe I do miss Donghae a little more than the others^^ Can't wait for their 3rd album!!

Super Junior Hwaiting!~

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: Big Bang 2009 activities
Posted by klAss at 3:30 PM

YG Entertainment fills us in with more information on Big Bang members GDragon and SeungRi’s solo activities for year 2009.

Big Bang’s company YG Entertainment announced on 23rd December, “Big Bang will be promoting for the song ‘Sunset Glow’ till the end of this year. And next year, SeungRi will be promoting ‘Strong Baby’ his solo song from Big Bang 2nd album. We will be seeing SeungRi not as a the youngest member of Big Bang but a more matured SeungRi himself.”

‘Strong Baby’ is SeungRi’s 2nd solo song after ‘Next Day’ as collected in Big Bang’s single released in 2006.

Other than SeungRi, GDragon will also be on his solo activities. The YG representative said, “We are also preparing for GDragon’s solo activities next spring.”

“SeungRi’s solo song will follow GDragon’s producing, TaeYang’s solo album, DaeSung’s trot single, TOP and Gummy, Um Jung Hwa’s featuring.” Laying down all variety of unique solo activities of the Big Bang members.

SeungRi will have his first solo stage on 29th December on SBS Gayo Festival.

source: kbites

Credits to v i t a ✖ d o l c e on Asianfanatics
Picture credit to Dae-Hyun on Asianfanatics

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: Jaejin's birthday celebration + Big Bang's Fila CF
Posted by Joy at 2:07 PM

Hello everybody!!!!!!! I'll be posting some photos of Jae Jin's birthday celebration which I've found from Asianfanatics first, followed by photos of Big Bang's Fila commercial! Pretty exciting, no??? HAHA WHATEVER IT IS, I FEEL SO ENTHUSIASTIC DOING THIS POST!

(Jaejin-birthday-photos-post came so late, sorry! D:)
Omg, how I wish I was there to celebrate with him, awwwwwwwww.


The cake looks.....unique?

Jong Hoon (far right) has Tae Min's old hair cut!
Big Bang's FILA photo shoot is out already (on 18th December 2008)! In fact, Big Bang had modeled for FILA Korea early last year too and this is FILA's second time working with the group for one of its ad campaigns. The six-month contract will go into effect in December although the photo shoot began in November.

I'm not really into FILA actually, but Big Bang made their products seem more attractive? I don't know, but the limited edition FILA products are really cool to the max. (Especially the shing bags!!!!!!!!)

(Credits to: Asianfanatics)

I like the bag pack Seung Ri's holding! So.... shing!

Now for their individual CF photos! Don't scream, haha.
Or faint, or melt. Please don't die of....hotness.

I kinda like this bag too, haha!

Dae Sung.

Tae Yang.

Seung Ri.
OMG LOVE THIS BAGGGGGGGGG. Never knew FILA would have such SHING! bags. (Haha, no offence!)


The first video below is Big Bang FILA photoshoot Behind The Scenes. There are no english subtitles though, but still watchable! They had to keep jumping when shooting, haha.

They even have a FILA logo song for the commercial (see 2nd video). It's perfomed by Big Bang and the lyrics are written by G-dragon if I'm not wrong. This is the longest CF video I can find on YouTube.

(Credits to: BabyBongaholic@YouTube and seomoonkangyu@YouTube)

Haha I hope you've enjoyed this post! Comments are appreciated.
P.S. BIG BANG + F.T. ISLAND = LOVVVVVVVVE! :D (Not forgetting Super Junior, SHINee, Wondergirls and many more!)

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: DBSK (Tohoshinki) rank #1 on HMV 2008 chart
Posted by XYZ at 1:08 PM


This year, Tohoshinki's 4th Korean Album - MIROTIC manage to sweep though Japan's largest music charts, HMV, topping 1st on the list for the Asia category. In November, USEN 2008 on-demand chart has ranked Tohoshinki's ballad "Doumini coopere Kimi wo Suki ni natte Shimattandarou" 1st on the chart (Statistics from January 4, 2008 to December 4, 2008).

In addition, in year 2004 Tohoshinki came out with a Christmas Album "Christmas Gift from 동방신기" which was ranked 9th in the chart listing as well. Following Tohoshinki's 1st ranking is SS501's Mini Album "U R MAN" and 3rd rank, Jay Chou's album "Capricorn".

A company in Japan also states that, Tohoshinki in Japan is in fact, receiving a high degree of welcome and by continuing touring/promoting in Japan, good results will soon surface. Tohoshinki will also appear on NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on 31st of December, 2008.

Take out with full credits.
Source: Baidu
Translated by: lollyribena @Xietinloveshero

Good job guys!!
I remember 2 years back, I went to Japan for a holiday and got Cheeeken stuff (folders, etc) with DBSK on it. They were already getting loads of attention then!

It's amazing too! Their album from 2004 is on the chart!! :D

SHINee, Big Bang and Super Junior are on the chart too! Okay, I'm getting a bit excited now :D

P/S: Watch Kangin and Lee Yoon Ji on We Got Married here! Thanks to gomdorii (who is actually ktinsj haha) for the subs! It's only 9:58 long but I think they are sweet together. Kangin is hilarious, telling everyone he sees he is getting married lol! And at that time he didn't even know who his wife was - he had to find her.

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: Jae Joong's LV bags
Posted by XYZ at 9:56 AM

Thank you, ameline for sharing!

Anyway, about Jae Joong's LV bags, ameline has gathered info about that! He seems to like LV very very much, and apparently has a silver BMW convertible. Sleek.

{Photos credit as tagged}

Brown colour: CABAS SOANA

That bag costs US$1850!!

And doesn't his checkered top look a little like our site's background...? :D

The Cabas Soana is inspired by an island in the Caribbean and is known for it's softness and durability because its made from luxurious Kangaroo leather. But that's not it, the inside of the bag is also very cool 'coz it's lining is made of Damier nylon. Polished brass pieces also adds spice to the Cabas Soana.

The bag is really spacious, it measures 13" x 15.5" x 4.7". I think a laptop can fit into it. Cool huh?! I dunno why I'm very attracted to this bag, I just have no idea! I think it's because of the leather coz it looks ragged and very masculine but it also looks very chic.

The Cabas Soana is available at eLuxury and Louis Vuitton for $1,850. If you really want to have this bag, hurry up coz nowadays, it's really rare and the Spring 2009 bags are also coming. Good luck!

Credits to LV Resource Center

That's not all!



That costs US$1530! Oh my, US dollars.

Traveling has never been this chic. Introducing the Roadster in Damier Graphite canvas. It's a very sophisticated duffel bag suitable for weekend trips and overnight stays. It has these gorgeous leather trimmings and polished silver metal hardware that contrasts the black/grey canvas pattern. The handles are very comfortable because they're made from rolled leather with link attachments and removable leather ID holder. Apart from being hand-held, the Roadster can also be carried in the shoulder thanks to the adjustable and removable shoulder strap and clasp attachments.

You can literally put tons of stuff inside the Roadster because of it's spacious design and flat leather base which is protected with metal feet. The inside lining is made from fine textile which is not that prone to color transfer. Things inside the bag can is protected by the double zipper top closure and the signature LV padlock.

Credits to LV Resource Center

I personally like this one better than the other. I like the checkered pattern haha.

And he probably needs the double zipper top closure and padlock to prevent his stuff from getting snagged by fans at the airport! Look at the background, all those lucky fans staring at him in real life haha.

Once again, thank you ameline for the news! :D

If you have any news (stuff like the above) that you wish to share with others, do email us at or leave a comment on our latest post.

We will give you the credit (of course!) and spazzing over stuff like that can be shared with everyone else! :D

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