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31.1.09 : U-Kiss is making a comeback!
Posted by XYZ at 11:54 PM

U-Kiss is scheduled to be making their comeback tomorrow on February 1st on SBS Inkigayo. Their title track is "니가 좋아 (I Like You)". Their new mini-album is called "Bring It Back To The Old School" and will be released soon.

Comeback on Inkigayo first, mini-album later :)


Cheeeken, klAss and myself first saw them at last year's Korean Pop Night in Singapore. It was pretty awesome but I was too infatuated with 2PM (I have to watch their live performances again!!) and Wonder Girls and V.O.S (their voices are really beautiful :')) to really notice U-Kiss (SORRY :\). Cheeeken and klAss, however, were screaming their heads off - I became the photographer. -.-

If I'm not wrong, Cheeeken had an obsession over the rapper guy? Eli? :D I think klAss liked Eli too - I couldn't hear what they were screaming about haha


Eli's the one on the bottom left, right? :D And that's Hyun Joon's (SS501) younger brother in the pink hoodie on the top left, right? :D I mean the one in the middle with the cap haha :)

(Gets bricked for not knowing U-Kiss) ... sorry :$



: F.T Island Behind Rock Prince Concert + Litmus + Bonus photos
Posted by Joy at 10:57 AM

F.T Island picture spam again! :D It's a small one though. :D

Do you still remember the video of F.T Island dancing to So Hot and Pretty Girl at their concert (Behind Rock Prince Concert)? Here are a few pictures of them taken backstage. HAHA, Min Hwan, Hong Ki and Jae Jin looked so yellow!

I like yellow.

(Credits: Litmus + Miink@FTIsland Thailand)


Won Bin ahhhhhhhhhhh, I'll miss you.

This was probably their last group photo since it was Won Bin's last performance. ):

Here are more photos of them at the Litmus photoshoot + bonus!

I think hoodies are cool!



Comments are appreciated. :D



30.1.09 : Tohoshinki (DBSK) 4th Japanese Album: The Secret Code Tracklisting
Posted by Joy at 9:23 PM

Omg I've got to start saving up because so many albums are to be released in Feb/ March/ April, including DBSK's new Japanese album which is expected to be released on March 25. The date is tentative.

I only heard Bolero today from Cheeeken and I think it's very melodious. This album's probably gonna be another big hit.

(Image from: Asianfanatics)

30th January 2009 by Krilla@LJ + Ivanne@AF


●Beautiful You
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Nobody Knows



: Seung Ri's Strong Baby is... crap?
Posted by XYZ at 6:12 PM


{Video credits to jaeurazn1live @ Youtube}

Seung Ri performed at the SBS 2009 Visit Korea Incheon Special Show Icon today and the lyrics on screen were "crap crap crap crap" when it was supposed to be "crack crack crack crack" (original) or "clap clap clap clap" (clean version).

Other videos of the other performers below:

Brown Eyed Girls - 어쩌다 (How Come)
I MISS THEM PERFORMING THIS SONG. And I quite like their outfits :) They sound really great live, as usual. :D

2PM - 10 Points Out Of 10 + Only You
DID YOU ALL SEE THE POSTER? HAHAHAHA "IF YOU SEE THIS MAKE A HEART OVER YOUR HEAD". Lol these fans!! They're so awesome hahahaha. Did you see the 2PM glosticks thingies? I want one too! It looks unique and cool! I thought the performance was okay but I wished they'd stop wearing those jeans hahaha :) I think Jun Ho's mic had problems cos I thought I heard the backtrack playing when he was singing...

Only You winter special remixxxxx!! :D OH MY. I love the choreography (Nichkhun's part was cute hahaha) and the end - Jay's flip was cool shit!

SHINee - Replay + Amigo
There are several parts I found interesting in the performance of Replay but watching them made my heart break because they looked so tired, and the footwork looked rather messy and I THOUGHT THEIR LEGS MIGHT SNAP ANYTIME. :( I hope they had a good rest!!! They're supposed to be on break, right? So I guess this must be pre-recorded. :D I hope it is.

Did you see Key's errrr, wave? At 2:44? HAHAHAHAHA seckshi. :D And at 2:36 Key found the camera and is staring at it though it's more of filming Tae Min. I'm glad Dubu and Tae Min are still smiley :D But Min Ho looks all serious and so does Jong Hyun and Key. :( I guess they're tired...

SS501 - UR MAN + The One
I like the choreography of UR MAN and the song grows/has grown onto me :D But I haven't been following them closely so any comments? :D SBS spelt "The One" as "Tje One". -.- "Crap" and then, "Tje One". -.- x10000000000003

Hehehehe Kyu Jong's heart :D @ 4:03. ♥ I should start watching more of their videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news... SCHOOL STARTS ON MONDAY :( :( :( :(

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Posted by Connie at 9:35 AM

Dbsk Bolero Mv

Sorry for not posting for very long! :\
A thousand apologies to my fellow friends, sorry!

Anyway, the song's so sweet.
Oh my gosh, you know I almost cried because the lyrics and the music video are just so touching.
This song really brings out their prowess as singers, it brings out the colour in their voices.

Sorry for being so slow, oooops.
Lovely song man, awesome awesome!

Oh, plus I'm really (x123456789) depressed that WonBin left Ft Island. The group won't be the same without him, since they've already made their mark for two years. I wish him best of luck in his solo career, and I'll definitely support him :)


I'm anticipating the new addition to Ft Island, I hope he fits into Ft island like a glove and revive everyone's disappointed demeanour :)

Love you all :D

P.S school's starting on monday, oh my gosh.

P.P.S sorry for the weird spacings, my computer and the html is so screwed :\

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29.1.09 : Super Junior - Dance practice
Posted by XYZ at 7:44 PM

{Video credits to sushimadness @ Youtube}

I'm currently getting attacked by a mosquito but I'm still gonna post this!!!! (DETERMINATION AHAH)

Click the HQ button which can be found when you hover over the arrow at the bottom right corner :)

You can watch their actual performance here. They were up against SS501 Triple S and that link will bring you to the performances of both groups. :D IN HD! REAL HIGH DEFINITION!! Watch it if you haven't please! :D


I LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY OF THIS DANCE. IT'S SO... CLEAN. And I thought the music beats worked well with their choreography omgggggggg. I cannot express how I feel right now. HAHAHA.

I realized that they've been doing a lot of popping and stuff - clean moves - so I'm really excited about their comeback!!!!!!!! :D :D :D


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: F.T. Island's new member Song Seung Hyun
Posted by XYZ at 12:59 PM

{Credits: as tagged + daum + pochako_02 @ soompi aka pun @}


F.T. Island's new member has been revealed. Song Seung Hyun is 18 years old (Korean age) and stands at 180cm. He weights 60kg and his birthday is on the 21 August 1992, hence Min Hwan still remains the youngest member.

Song Seung Hyun also plays the guitar and sings (like Won Bin) and from what I read on Soompi, he also raps.


He also shares the same name with T.O.P and Seung Ri from Big Bang.



I don't know how to feel about this whole sudden change - I'm not a huge follower of F.T. Island but I've watched their videos before (under the influence of Joy) and have somehow gotten used to them as a group like that.

It's still quite shocking to me - and the fact that they already have a replacement makes me wonder if it was already planned and thought of, Won Bin had already decided to leave (PLEASE NOTE: He left own his own accord) but they've only decided to announce this now.

But I still think Seung Hyun deserves a chance to prove himself - so let's just wait for their new mini-album that is slated to release in February.

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28.1.09 : Big Bang DaeSung’s new trot single
Posted by Joy at 7:36 PM

Good news! Haha, I would definitely look forward to Dae Sung's MV! :D

28th January 2009 by sookyeong


Big Bang DaeSung will release a new trot single ‘DaeBak IYa (Big Hit)’ on 29th January after his first trot single ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’.

The song is for all Korean citizens who are suffering from the difficult economic crisis in 2009 to have everything they do as ‘big hits’.

The song, like ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’, is written by Big Bang member GDragon. The song was written for “young generations who enjoys trot music.”

Like how ‘Look at me, GwiSoon’ was performed during Big Bang’s previous concerts, ‘Big Hit’ will also be revealed during Big Bang’s concert at the Olympic Stadium from 29th January to 1st February.

DaeSung said, “I was worried how would this reflect Big Bang’s image. And thinking about how we are not just sticking to one style and music, so we came up with the name ‘Big Hit’ for the trot song. This song will become the comfort and motivation for everyone who are having a hard time now.”

The MV to this song will be directed by the same person who did ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru’.

Sidetrack: Damnnnnnnnnnnn, I would REALLY REALLY REALLY miss Won Bin. F.T Island's gonna be so different and incomplete without him. Sigh.

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: Oh Won Bin to leave F.T. Island
Posted by XYZ at 4:32 PM

{Credits as tagged}


So the rumour was true. :(

We regret to bring the devastating news that Oh Won Bin has left F.T. Island and will no longer be a member but pursue his own solo career (it is not known if it will be acting or music).

It is all very shocking and sad.

After all they've been a group for 2 years (today's day 602) and now. They will be looking for a new member to take his place (although no one can actually take Won Bin's place) and will release a mini-album sometime in February with the new member.

His name has been removed from the group's page on Daum (?) and this is currently the number 1 search item on Naver.


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: SHINee - Ent @ Asia (Taiwan show)
Posted by XYZ at 12:51 PM

A rather short but cute show! Get to see all of them practice their Chinese and Jong Hyun's pretty good at it. He's fast. Onew keeps saying things to flatter the MC. Hahaha

No Eng subs yet but I'm sure SHINee subs is churning them out (if they haven't already) right now as I type. Many thanks to brenda0620 @ Youtube for the upload! :D

Part 1
The MC speaks to them about Taiwan and Jong Hyun talks about the Xiao Long Baos Super Junior mentioned that were delicious. They are going to the Raohe Night Market soon so they also learn some Chinese phrases that they are supposed to use later haha. The second one isn't really a Chinese phrase though, it's a dialect. Onew and Tae Min learn real fast and the MC (who is acting teacher now) appoints Onew as her assistant. HAHA. The first phrase is, "I'm hungry". The second dialect phrase means very delicious/nice to eat. The third means, "You are very pretty. I am very handsome."

LOL @ Key when he did that dorky action under his chin. When I was younger I did that all the time in photographs hahaha! We all thought it was cool :)

Then it's time to ask and answer questions. When you answer a question correctly, you get to take one xiao long bao (XLB). So you have to answer questions in order to eat the xiao long baos. JONG HYUN IS FAST! Hahahaha.

The MC asks the question in Chinese, then counts to 3 and the first one who raises up their hand gets to answer. The first question was "What is your Chinese name?" which Jong Hyun understood perfectly and got the XLB. The second question was to sing the chorus of Replay and JONG HYUN UNDERSTOOD IT TOO! HAHAHAHAHA. That's why he was so fast he got it right and he took the XLB before the MC told him to hahahahahah PROACTIVE. Also means that he's starving.

Part 2
The next question is to say aloud all the member's birthdays in Chinese. The MC abandoned Onew as her assistant for Jong Hyun because Onew didn't understand what she said anymore hahah! But Onew redeemed himself when he managed to say aloud all the birth dates of the members in Chinese. :) And he got the XLB!

The next is a game kind where they have to say a Chinese word or phrase, one after another. Anyone who breaks the chain loses and won't be able to eat the XLB. Jong Hyun's pronunciation causes a stir because it sounds like a vulgar word but he doesn't mean that. HAHAHA. Key said 公共汽车! Which actually translates literally to public car. But it refers to public transport and stuff. HHAHAHA. Public car sounds weird.

The MC pronounces all of them winners and allows them all to eat the XLBs because their Chinese is too good. And they all deserve it hahahahaha. Jong Hyun says that it tastes like dumpling. ONEW OFFERS ONE TO THE MC HAHAHAHAHA. So gentlemanly :D but the MC declines, she says she eats them all the time. Hahah.

The move on to the night market! The second challenge is a physical challenge. LOL. As physical as it gets - throwing basketballs into the hoop at the arcade. Quite taxing but I think the practicing they do is way more physical.

LOL @ JONG HYUN. His fingers are beckoning the balls to come but it hasn't actually started yet hahahaha! And then his mouth/facial expression? HAHA :O He misses so much! JONG HYUN YAH. Aim properly haha. Sacrifice speed for accuracy!!!! :D Tae Min's pretty good! HAHAHA BUT HE MADE THE BALL GET STUCK AT THE HOOP. And had to lose another ball to push it off haha. Onew's pretty good at it too! JONG HYUN'S MOUTH IS STILL OPEN HAHA

Part 3
ONKEY! ♥ OMG OMG HAHAHAHA THEY IMITATE THE MC'S ACTIONS - SO CUUUUUUUTE HAHAHA! And so in sync too see even the Taiwanese know how to cut and edit it because they spot Onkey.

Onkey's too cute for words hahaha they're a team too! Jong Hyun, Min Ho and Tae Min are in the other team. Lol when they're making the noodles - SO MUCH NOISE. "Oh oh oh! Okok Ah okok" hahahahaha AND THEN KEY. HAHAHAHA "Yah, I'm doing so well!" ♥ Oh Key's too generous. HAHA. He gives so much pig's trotters! (Yeah that's what it is hahaha - pig's trotters noodles) Onew puts a lot of rice wine hahahah.

The MC asks Onew, why is Key doing everything and why aren't you trying out. I thought Key might say because he's the umma (Hmmmmm.) but he says that it's because he's good at it and Onew's bad at it. HAHA.

The MC asks Key is it true that he knows how to and cooks a lot back at home. KEY SUDDENLY GOES, "QUICK QUICK QUICK FASTER." HAHAHAHAHA. The translator translates and he says that he does but he knows how to cook a little, not very well. UMMA. HAHAH. Then Jong Hyun (I think) says, "FASTER FASTER!" to Key and he shushes him. HAHA. The MC praises Key for being too modest and Onew holds up the rice wine bottle and the caption says, "Look at me!" LOL. ♥

Part 4
Onew gives his team a score of 720/100. -.- HAHA

It's now Jong Hyun, Min Ho and Tae Min's turn and their so cute when they say "欢迎关岭" together hahaha! ♥ Onkey becomes the 5th and 6th customers. LOL.

Jong Hyun pours the soup into the bowl and asks why it keeps leaking lol it's because you're using a ladle with holes! ♥ HAHA. The fans and Onkey are at the table spouting nonsense. HAHHA.

Key says that they aren't fast enough - then he phrases it wrongly. HAHAHAHA. The caption says that he doesn't know what he's saying hahaha so cute the little boy corrects Key's wrongly phrase Chinese hahahah then they get him to pressure the other team too :D ♥

Hahaha Onkey become food critics and they critiqued the food rather harshly! About the soup and noodles - some have too much, some have too little. Jong Hyun gives his team a score of 730/100 HAHA.

The fans said that it didn't taste nice and Jong Hyun looks as if a bomb just dropped HAHA. Then the fan pointed at Onew (or is it Key? :\) and said that they told her to say that haha!

Onkey won. :) Jong Hyun says can't accept the defeat haha!

Part 5
They have to make a dessert/treat that Doraemon likes to eat (?). KEY WAS LOOKING AT HIS REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR. Hahahaha

Ah. It's pancakes.

Okay they cook the pancakes and stuff. When they're placing a filling between the two pancakes, Key steals a bite at someone's pancakes. THAT HUNGRY. Hahaha

Jong Hyun won because the pancakes were rather symmetrical and identical which is very important. :) LAST CHALLENGE!

Part 6
Onew's shocked face! HAHAHA. It's quite a tricky game, but need of steady hands. He touched the sides in the end but was very close! :) Hence the shocked face! :D Lol Tae Min hit the sides of the thing when the game started. Way far from Onew's result haha :)

ONEW WON HAHA ♥ Tae Min and Min Ho got last so they've to sell a CD using Chinese as their punishment.

Hahaha the captions at the end are really funny. Onew's continuous clapping, and then Tae Min stops halfway because his hands hurt. The MC talks about SHINee being cute and the speech bubble for Jong Hyun is "Is she talking about me?" :D

Min Ho! ♥ so cute hahaha he couldn't pick up the XLB and the caption said something like the XLB saying, "I'm not going to let you pick me up!" Then Min Ho picks it up and the caption points at him pretending nothing has happened :D TAE MIN BEING DORKY HAHAHA. He goes around shaking the hands of those machines that are supposed to be for arm wrestling lol the caption says that he really loves acting.

OMG. KEY. HAHA. "I'm gonna try chocolate." IN ENGLISHHHHHHHHHH NOT ENGRISH HAHAHA and he ate so many pancakes! He was at his second then Tae Min gave him his to eat. The owner asks if he's hungry and he's like, oh no. HAHAHA IT'S SO OBVIOUS YOU'RE HUNGRY :D ♥

Alright time for my lunch now :)

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26.1.09 : SHINee - Star Dance Battle
Posted by XYZ at 10:03 AM

{Video credit to KOREAPOP10 @ Youtube}



You can see SJ-H and SNSD cheering them on. Hahahaha. So cute, Eun Hyuk dancing along. LOL.

Tae Min's dance break was like WOAH. And although it was lip-synched and all, it was still very hot!! PLUS, I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT WHEN EVERYTHING IS SO IN SYNC. There are so many people dancing together, but they are dancing as one.

I used to be in dance (I'm not really proud of it - you can't see the "dancer" in me hahahaha) and I didn't get all the fuss the coach was about about looking as one when we were dancing. I used to dance real slip-shod. HAHAHA. Now I know the importance of dancing together as one! :D AND I REALLY APPRECIATE IT. :D

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH THE ENTIRE SHOW!!!!!! I might do a spazzing but I don't know if I'll have the time. See first?

Watch: Part 1


Thanks to Heebongie @ Youtube for the upload. I'M SO THANKFUL FOR THE UPLOAD. The line-up for the Lunar New Year Special edition of Star Dance Battle is epic.

P/S: Happy birthday Jae Joong! If I were in some way related to you I'd be so proud. But even though I'm not, I'm already very proud of you :D Okay that didn't make sense because SHINee is doing my head in. :D

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: 26.1.09 Happy New year
Posted by B at 3:36 AM

Happy Lunar New Year! :D
it's currently 3.37 in the morning now! 
YAY, i'm good! (I want my parents to live long, LOL) 
(btw, the tradition for the children to stay up late so that his/her parents will live long)

And it's the year of the Ox/Cow/Bull (?) HAHA, but only one in chinese, NIU! 
and in korean! 황소 (for ox) 

SORRY, THIS IS A REALLY EXTRA POST, beacuse i really dunno what to post since there are already 2 posts on chinese new year! 

Inside joke : Cow is somehow realated to Cheeken! HAHA, they're both animals, but yeah, just different

Sorry, this is a really random post, i'll probably edit later! :D
and yeah, sorry for the previous post! FT ISLAND'S NOT SPLITTING :D :D JOY IS CRYING TEARS OF JOY (HAHAH)



: Happy Birthday Jae Joong!
Posted by Joy at 12:01 AM

Whoooooo it's finally 12:00AM sharp, so let me wish everyone of you a Happy Lunar New Year and yes before I forget......

Happy Birthday Jae Joong!


Whooo cute Jae Joong + Sexy Jae Joong! HAHA.
Don't drool!

Jae Joong, may your special day be filled with joy (haha not me lah), and we hope that DBSK will reach (even) greater heights in the future! We'll also look forward to DBSK's new album. Hwaiting! :D

Lots of ♥,

(Gifs credits to: herolicious2@Photobucket)

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Posted by XYZ at 11:36 PM

Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Jumpingnutz!






We'll be busy visiting and basically, celebrating the Lunar New Year, hence we will not be updating that regularly over the next few days, unless it is some huge news. (Or if I feel like I'm gonna explode if I don't spazz in the next second :D So the likelihood of me updating is quite high hahaha!)

Okay I cheated a bit. Not all of them are Korean New Year photos hahaha. SHINee's was from Chuseok last year...but I'm already having withdrawal symptoms so I had to put them in hahahahaha (Stares at Key) And Lee Min Ho (aka Goo Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers) is just extra eye candy for all of you! :D 2PM's photo is real funny - look at all of their expressions! HAHAHA

Do take our new poll on the right, please! :)

With ♥



: Kim Bum and Ara - Spris
Posted by XYZ at 8:29 PM

{Credits to Q_Park @ Soompi, Spris website}















Kim Bum is my latest obsession, along with Boys Over Flowers and Tae Goon. This boy's smile is so much like Kibum's!1 A killer smile.

Go Ara is really pretty and she has such exotic eyes! They're misty (to me) and au natural!!! How rare/exotic is that! :D Anyway the two perfect people do a photoshoot for Spris (Fashion brand) together and make the rest of the world jealous.


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: A small SHINee spam :)
Posted by XYZ at 4:22 PM

Some Nanas'B pictures from the ad. They look cute! AND THAT GIRL IS SO DAMN LUCKY. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay sorry. Forgive me for the commentary - these photos are too cute to not be captioned!! :D

{Credits to jean7 @ Soompi}

Tae Min ah~! Pick up my spectacles for me please? :)

Min Ho, too close too close!! Hahahah.
Jong Hyun looks like he's going, "DAMN IT! The girl likes Min Ho." ;D

They're all so smiley in this picture. :) None of their eyes can be seen lol.


Onew looks like he's punishing Jong Hyun and Tae Min's enjoying it all. :)

Key acting cute? :)




"Aw, thank you :') For me?"

"AREN'T THOSE FOR ME? WHY IS JONG HYUN GETTING THEM??" (Stomps feet and walks away)
Lol :D



Then we have them on Soo Yoo Jin's radio yesterday.
They look happy :) Maybe because they're gonna have a "break" soon. But I think they'll get up at maybe 6am to practice. Hahahaha just my speculation! :D

{Video credits to randy19972 @ Youtube}

Stand By Me by SHINee

This is the Boys Over Flowers OST. I smile everytime the song comes on when I'm watching. Onew's voice. Hahaha.

At the beginning, Onew leans his head on Tae Min's shoulder and Tae Min knocks his head onto Onew's. ♥

Trot Medley

:) KEY AND ONEW. Onew's really good at this!! Jong Hyun's voice doesn't seem to fit this genre though. Hahah. Too unique :D They looked like they had a lot of fun - dancing? HAHAHA. OMG THE HIGH PITCHED "SHABANG SHABANG". HAHAHAHAHAHA. Watch Jong Hyun at 3:45. HE LOVES DOING THAT KIND OF STUFF. WEIRD STUFF.

P/S: Do we have any Min Ho fans here? :)
Tell him it's too close!!! :D

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