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30.6.09 : Wonder Girls - "Nobody" MV (US version)
Posted by XYZ at 5:39 PM

{Video credits to wondergirls @ Youtube}

I didn't watch the original MV enough so I can't tell if they actually remade the MV or not. Hahaha, except the mouthing seems in sync with the English words - so I'm guessing the remade the WG parts but not the parts with JYP because it's all dubbed over for sure.

It's catching on, even though "Nobody" is so overrated here. I'm slowly getting the lyrics. :D

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: SNSD - "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" Mini-Album
Posted by XYZ at 5:10 PM

SNSD's 2nd mini-album for 2009 has been released! Thanks to f1am30n on Youtube for the upload.

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Actually, after more listens this song sounds better and better. :) It's pretty upbeat and fun.

여자친구 (Girlfriend)

남자친구 (Boyfriend)
LOL contrasting to the previous song and their titles are on different poles. HAHA, "여자친구 (Girlfriend)" was more happy and cute? I find "남자친구 (Boyfriend)" darker (?) but it's still got a girly feel to it.

동화 (My Child)
LOL, after a girlfriend + boyfriend = child hahahaha :D It's got the ballad-ish feel, slower than the previous songs. It's got a beat that feels somewhat Christmas-sy. Haha

1년 後 (One Year Later) feat. Onew
This song's a duet between Onew and Jessica. Jessica's voice sounds rather nice here, it's not that high. AHHHHH Onew's voice! ♥ My fav voice haha it's a nice song overall - slow ballad. Onew's voice is much more mature here.

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28.6.09 : 2PM - "I Hate You" MV
Posted by XYZ at 9:44 PM

{Video credits to jypentertainment @ Youtube}

D'awwwwwwwww, it's a compilation of backstage footage on 2PM. And you should watch it because it's full of cuteness haha! You can see them all behind-the-scenes, and Nichkhun acts cute at one point. ;D

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: [090628] Inkigayo - SHINee won! :D
Posted by XYZ at 5:38 PM

SHINee won on Inkigayo today, breaking 2NE1's winning streak from the past two Sundays.

{Video credits to CodeMonMonSeason3 @ Youtube}

LOL ONEW RUNS ACROSS THE STAGE WHEN THEY ARE ANNOUNCED THE WINNERS. Hahahahah he seems energetic! :) And he speaks high pitched towards the end of the speech and Key whacks him bahahahahahah :D Yah, Key! "Song for my SNSD"??? Hahaha

SNSD - Etude
I thought it was a super cute song haha not for me I guess, reminded me of their Kissing You song.

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Taeyeon's vocals still power! And Jessica has long hair here, which makes me wonder if they put on and take off hair extensions all the time??

2NE1 - Fire
They're doing the space version outfits now huh. Bom has some cards that she throws towards the crowd later and it seems like the crowd's ecstatic over that hahah! :D Ooooh new choreo?? :D They're doing the hands thing at Dara's Indian dance move.

4Minute - Hot Issue
They've improved a lot since their debut! :D And for once, HyunA's not the only one heels, the maknae (?) is also wearing heels.

2PM - I Hate You

V.O.S feat. Super Junior, 2PM, Chae Yeon, SHINee, 4Minute - Energy Song

SHINee - Juliette

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: [090627] Super Junior at Golden Melody Awards
Posted by XYZ at 12:30 PM

{Video credits to 13MySJ13 @ Youtube}

Red Carpet + Interview

Kibum is not present, and Sungmin wasn't there either - I think it's because his leg still hurts so he didn't appear at the red carpet. They do a "Sorry Sorry" demo and it's kinda funny cause Donghae's the only one dancing and he looks really happy haha! Leeteuk looked super cute cocking his head to one side to listen to the translations. And Ryeowook is in frames again! Oh oh! It's the same translator as the one when SHINee went to Taiwan lol :D

Okay, I'm in a rush so I'll drop the links off here. It's not the best quality but it'll do!! Hahaha, hurry before it gets taken off! :)

Watch: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

They sang "It's You" live and performed "Sorry Sorry"! Plus, in Part 1 there's a parody of them too haha I believe it's quite funny.

Enjoy~! ♥ :)

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: Big Bang - "GARA GARA GO ガラガラ" preview
Posted by XYZ at 11:50 AM

{Video credits to madeinheaven01 @ Youtube}


Hahaha, it actually sounds quite raw and unfinished, but I'm already liking it! Typical BB style, which is why I like them. :)

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27.6.09 : [090627] Music Core
Posted by XYZ at 6:14 PM

I'm dropping the links off. No time!! D: I've watched a bit though.

2PM - I Hate You
They have a cool intro video showing off their B-Boy style haha :D

4Minute - Hot Issue
I wish they didn't have the weird image stills popping out in the middle of the performance - it's distracting!! And the picture of them that flips when they're doing the chorus is really distracting too. They should just leave the performance, and some camera angles were a bit wrong haha. They got too close.

SNSD - Etude

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

SHINee - Juliette
Oh, there's some sort of intro video where they are dressed in smart suits and shoes *______* I knew it! :) They were paying tribute to Michael Jackson. :) Especially since we all know how they're so inspired by MJ.

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: [090626] More on the incident at Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 1:44 PM

Updated: Onew's test results have shown that he is fine and he has since been released from hospital. He'll be performing with SHINee on Music Core today.

Apparently, the lighting structure had collapsed, but not directly on Onew. There were many other stars standing there when it collapsed, but Onew fainted and people speculate that it was probably due to the hurt ankle (which he injured when he slipped during Juliette), lack of sleep, screaming fans (noise) and the chaos from the falling structure which led to him fainting.

{Video credits to pherenal, shineer5 @ Youtube}

From the above video, the lighting fixture fell at about 1:09. Before, Onew was limping off the stage with the help of Minho and a few others that I can't tell because it's fuzzy and the clothes don't stand out.

Anyway, Onew leaned onto their manager's shoulder and can be seen carrying off the stage later in the video, with Taemin and Minho close behind. Leeteuk also rushes towards them, followed by Jonghyun.

From the video below, you can tell how big and heavy the lighting structure is, considering how so many people were there to push and hold it up.

Other idols and staff, such as Yesung and Sungmin were also present when the structure fell.

Onew is said to be in stable condition, I hope he rests well!

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26.6.09 : [090626] Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 8:52 PM

Updated: One of the light fixtures on the stage @ Music Bank came loose and fell on Onew, but luckily Siwon and Kyuhyun prevented it from hitting him. Onew is fine, but hospitalized because he fainted from shock and had signs of psychological distress. POOR BB, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!!

Dropping links off because I've to go back to studying!! Finally watched them. :) Uh, I did selective watching though, haha they are some stuff I haven't watched yet - and I don't think I'll get round to it till next week when exams are over.

KPOP Parade (Kara, SHINee, Girls Generation, 2PM)
Oh, they're tributing to the idol groups before - Kara for Fin.Kl, SHINee for H.O.T, SNSD for S.E.S, 2PM for G.O.D.
Awwww it's that cute child actor (I forgot his name!) and he goes and gives Jessica, Tiffany and Seo Hyun flowers! He's got the best expressions for a child!! And Taecyeon's greasy voice in their performance hahahahaha

2NE1 - Umbrella
They sound nervous haha, and not strong like how they did for other songs at radio stations lol. Omg they put in water, but I think they shouldn't have because it's really messy. And it looks like a bucket is pouring off Minzy's umbrella and splashing onto Bom. Hahaha.

2NE1 - Fire
Ah, so she was paying tribute to MJ. He'll be remembered, fo' sure! Dara almost trips on Minzy as she's walking backwards, thank goodness neither fell. And since they're in heels, they do the Indian inspired move differently haha :) GOOD. They might trip in heels!

2AM - A Friend's Confession

2PM - Again & Again + I Hate You
Still good, they're still good! Hahaha.

Davichi - 8282

SNSD - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
OMG THE FANCHANTS ARE SO DAMN LOUD!! And they also won on their comeback, They are the K-chart winner for the first half of the year, here.
I'm watching this and the dance is so leggy because they have nice legs :(

They put Eunhyuk in so there's only 1 SHINee member and it's Key!!! ♥
JAY DANCES WRONGLY HAHA omg it's a Boys Generation mix and Eunhyuk raps in it I've missed him rapping so much!!!!! :D :D :D :D And then Seo Hyun, Yuri, Soo Young and Yoona jump in from the other side of the stage - how exciting!! And the rest of SNSD too, they start walking in from another side!! Oh, so they close the song awwww my Boys Generation is gone lol :D

Kara - Honey + Pretty Girl

Rookie Dance Battle - Chung Lim vs. AJ vs. Taegoon

SHINee - Juliette
Onew falls at 0:29, looks like he slipped because of the wet stage from 2NE1's Umbrella stage. THEY SHOULDN'T USE WATER, SEE!! I love Key so much, he always catches the camera - like he did in Gee, he did it here! ♥

Son Dambi - Saturday Night

Super Junior - It's You + Sorry Sorry
I like the stuff that's going on on the background screen!! It's got polaroids of them flashing around and it's nice :) Shindong and Siwon's hair wtf -________- Sungmin didn't perform cause he injured his leg but he still took part in the Boys' Generation performance which is why I love him so much Hahaha. And he didn't perform in Sorry Sorry, but he sang from a platform :) AWWWW SUNGMIN!! No wonder all the fans were looking in the other direction at 1:37 - cause Sungmin was there. Aw he is so awesome + cute at the same time, he dances by himself over there!! :D And Leeteuk smiled at his part!! :D :D :D Eunhyuk still does his awesome bow at the dance break, and they spread out to surround the stage towards the end. "We are Super Juni-or~!" :D They'll be at the Golden Melody Awards today (Saturday)! I think you can watch it on cable from Singapore :)

Okay, I've put up almost every single performance lol but I haven't got the time to watch them!! Damn exams, because of exams I can't go and see F.T. Island. :( I NEED TO GO AND STUDY AGAIN I'M BEHIND TIME!!!!1 D:

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: Wonder Girls - "Looking For Nobody" (English version of Nobody)
Posted by XYZ at 5:28 PM

{Video credits to f1am30n @ Youtube}


I can't hear what Sohee's saying though.

I want nobody nobody, but you
I want nobody nobody, but you
How can I be with another
I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I think I must still be used to do the Korean version, the rap sounds nicer in Korean but I bet it'll grow on me!

MOVE OVER, THE KOREAN VERSION (I'm actually directing this @ everyone here who thinks "Nobody" is the hottest new thing in town -_- which is a lot of people, actually)! HERE COMES THE ENGLISH ONE!!

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: I don't care.
Posted by Connie at 2:25 PM

2NE1 will release a new song for this summer.

They will be releasing the song ‘I Don’t Care’ on 1st July. Much interests into whether the group will be able to make a triple hit after their previous hits ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Fire’.

The song is written and composed by YG producer Teddy and Stony Skunk Kush, and it is going to be the song included in the 2nd minialbum by 2NE1 to be released on 8th July.

YG Entertainment said, “With the song ‘Fire’ still doing strong up on various music charts, the girls want to show fans a new image and we have decided on revealing the song early on 1st July.”

‘I Don’t Care’ is a R&B pop song with reggae melody and a medium tempo.

The girls finished the filming of the MV on 22nd and 23rd with the director of Big Bang’s ‘Lies’ MV. The girls will be performing ‘Fire’ for the last time on SBS Inkigayo on 28th June.

Credits: kbites, Asianfanatics

Oh em gee, I can't wait! I love Fire so much, and I bet 'I don't care' would be a HUGE hit as well! :D Muahaha!

Sorry for such a short post :\
I'm sorta in a rush.
I'll do a longer one next time, I promise.

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: SNSD - "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" MV
Posted by XYZ at 1:13 PM

{Video credits to soshisubs7 @ Youtube}

Okay, the MV doesn't look like anything like the teaser haha but I like Soo Young's hair here!! She looks so different, but better with the shorter hair :) Yoona's hair makes her look really girl-next-door.

Actually, if you look at the choreography it seems like the whole using of legs in the dance is the new in, cos SHINee's got some "leg dance" too haha. It's really quite difficult too, considering how they're dancing in heels. You'd have to balance and all that. I'd fail terribly. :D

P/S: OMG! Tomorrow when SNSD have their comeback on Music Bank, members from 2AM, 2PM, Super Junior and SHINee will be performing "Gee"!!!!! OMG. HAHAHAHA. 2PM BOYS DOING GEE. SUPER JUNIOR DOING GEE (but we've seen that before lol!) I can't wait!! The supposed line-up is...
2AM: Jo Kwon
2PM: Jaebeom, Nichkhun and Taecyeon
Super Junior: Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin
SHINee: Not known

2 members from SHINee will be picked - PICK KEY!!!! HAHAHAHAHA AND OMG PICK MINHO. I want to see him dance "Gee" plus he was in the MV!! :D

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25.6.09 : Super Junior - Kyochon Chicken CF
Posted by XYZ at 8:30 PM

{Video credits to HyukGem @ Youtube}

They look like they're advertising the television, then the mobile phone - but just not chicken.

No time to count who's in there!!!!! Back to the books B)

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: [090624] Music Travel (Lalala)
Posted by XYZ at 5:35 PM

The whole show is up on CodeMonMonSeason2's channel, but I'm going to embed some videos here. :D

{Video credits to CodeMonMonSeason2 @ Youtube}

SNSD covering Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry"

They do it in acoustic and it sounds pretty good actually. This whole show is about covering songs in acoustic/slower versions of the original dance/pop mix and I think that hearing these songs in a different vibe is really cool! Shows that the song isn't shallow at all as it can be mixed differently. :)

Super Junior covering SNSD's "Gee"

I like this very much!! ♥ They all sound good and harmonized :D See, even "Gee" can be slowed down and sung in a less upbeat manner but still sound good. :D

Super Junior and SNSD also sang Way Back Into Love from the movie Music & Lyrics. I realized that I've never gotten round to watching that movie because of school. I haven't done a lot of things because of school. :( I still can't go and see F.T. Island later because of exams next week. I hate don't like school. :( :(

Anyway, I liked the Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore version, it was really nice - KYUHAE'S VOICES WERE SEXY OMG ♥ ♥ Taeyeon's accent isn't that bad I can hear her, and of course Jessica has to do well haha but OMG! Kyuhyun and Donghae were singing it low and omg it sounds...awesome. Okay except that I don't know what Donghae is singing and Kyuhyun's one sounds muffled cause of the mic or something I just can't hear them but THEIR VOICES ARE SO SEXY HERE. YOU MUST MUST WATCH LISTEN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!

And there are a whole load of interviews too, which can be found on the channel.

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23.6.09 : 2PM - "I Hate You" practice room
Posted by XYZ at 8:50 PM

{Video credits to 2pm @ Youtube}


  1. LOL @ Chansung's shirt - it says "Hero" hahaha
  2. @ 00:46 Junho drops the mic. I think it's a dummy mic but when he picks it up later at 1:01 it's pretty smooth :D And he rolls it over to Wooyoung who is supposed to sing.
  4. Then there's some shouting at 1:49 cos Junsu went in the wrong direction ahah! Nichkhun pushes him and Jay turns around at the disturbance and SHRUGS HIS SHOULDERS, aw Jay! :D
  5. Taecyeon's sleazy eyebrows at 2:13!! (Hell starts to break loose here :D)
  6. Jay, Taecyeon and Junsu fooling around while the rest are dancing in the background. They stop dancing at 2:42 hahahaha AND HELL REALLY BREAKS LOOSE LOL!
  7. Wooyoung plasters himself at the wall haha! Chansung stamps his foot like a maknae :)
  8. Junho looks fed up :\ He throws his top at the wall.
  9. Nichkhun stands there looking calm. But I think he's kinda pissed maybe haha.
  10. I really think Junho was pissed off. :\ :\

All the above happened in just 3:08mins. That's just 2PM for you :D

OH! AND THE SONG REPLAYS ITSELF AT THE END. You mean that's how they practice?? The song on repeat and their bodies + dance too? :\



: SS501 drama MV collection - Episode 1
Posted by XYZ at 1:47 PM

{Video credits to toofabhj @ Youtube}


It's Youngsaeng's song first and we only see him once inside a television. -_- Anyway, Hyunjoong is like some psycho killer or something hahahaha he wants to kill Jungmin because he wants the girl. But Kyujong turns up and he wants to kill the girl cos (I read) their families are enemies. So anyway, it's all about killing and assassination and it's really really exciting, I'm digging everything up!! :D

Can't wait for the next episode. Jungmin wakes up from the coma if I'm not wrong. And he wants to kill Hyunjoong.

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22.6.09 : F.T. Island's flight details
Posted by XYZ at 5:58 PM

I'm still kinda sore that I can't go for the showcase *sulks*. And to make matters worse I have to go for training (yeah, sport haha) on that day :( which means I can't even stalk outside the venue :'(

Details are as follows:
What: FT Island Singapore Arrival
When: Thursday, 25th June 2009
Time: 9:20pm SINGAPORE time (GMT +8) (Check time HERE)
Flight No.: KE641, Terminal 2, Changi Airport

To show support for the boys, fans / non-fans who will be fetching the boys at the airport are encouraged to wear YELLOW.
(FT Island’s color is sunshine yellow)

Credits to: primanoona @ wordpress

They are arriving at night :'( I DON'T THINK I CAN GO!!

Argh. This is pissing me off.

Any readers here (heehee :D) going to receive them?? :D



: SNSD - "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" full song released
Posted by XYZ at 11:53 AM

{Video credits to anneth021 @ Youtube}

I quite like it, it's a whole different genre from "Gee" and their concept took a 180 degree turn too (Yoona and Soo Young have so much shorter hair!!) but I like the song. :)

The album covers has also been released, and people are speculating that there will be 9 different versions - here's Yoona and Yuri.



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21.6.09 : [090621] Super Junior's goodbye stage
Posted by XYZ at 10:25 PM

Updated: I added in links for the other performances :D

{Video credits to CodeMonMonSeason3 @ Youtube}

Kibum didn't appear. 2NE1 won their 2nd Mutizen (they won last week) - while I'm happy from 2NE1 I was kinda wishing that Super Junior would win for "It's You". I suppose if they win after they stop promotions victory would be sweet too!! :D

Better goodbye stage today, it wasn't so down and sad all. Leeteuk looked @ the camera!! :D And Donghae's hair's got a weird parting but he still looks damn good omgggggg (look @ the photos from Inkigayo below!!!!). Teuk says something after his part!! Sends the fans into a screaming frenzy - is he wishing Ryeowook happy birthday cos I thought I heard he said something like congratulations which is what they say when it's your birthday - they congratulate you haha :)

Eunhyuk chest popping @ 2:40 - luckily the camera caught him!! Hahahaha and he bows again during the dance break :') Heechul's hair grows really fast huh. Hahahaha! It's was super short when they made their comeback! Well, on the 3rd day of their comeback lol.

Today is also Ryeowook's birthday!
You're looking more and more boyish nowadays :) I wish you have eternal boyish good looks. Hahahahahahaha :D

2NE1 - Fire

2NE1 Winning + Encore
OMG JAY AND SHINDONG JAY AND SHINDONG!!!!! :D They're like trying to get their faces on camera lol! And Bom is still so pretty!! I like her eyes :)

2PM - I Hate You

4Minute - Intro + Hot Issue

SHINee - Juliette
@ 1:21 after Key sings his part he turns and he smiles - I think he's smiling at Minho lol cos they're facing each other ♥ And Minho is smiling back!! HAHAHAHA :D Key is catching the camera again!

SHINee Energy Song Part 2
SHINee + Kids = TOO AWESOME. And they are feeding the kids and everything omg WATCH IT :D

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20.6.09 : [090620] Super Junior's farewell stage
Posted by XYZ at 9:56 PM

"We love you. Thank you. We'll remember this."

{Video credits to CodeMonMonSeason2 @ Youtube}

They are ending promotions for the third album already T_T

And the performance was so sad - like they were all sad; Leeteuk wouldn't even look at the camera, Eunhyuk did a bow, Siwon winked twice (hahaah that was one of the happier parts of the performance) and Sungmin and Ryeowook were cute during their part in Sorry Sorry. :D

"We love you. Thank you. We'll remember this."

Tomorrow is their last farewell stage for third album promotions and I actually hope that Kibum would be there to surprise everyone and they win Mutizen. For "It's You". They haven't maxed out right?

Can you believe it. They ended third album promotions with Kibum not appearing for anyone of the performances at all. T_______________T

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19.6.09 : SNSD - "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 10:51 PM

{Video credits to wondersmurf}

I think the MV concept looks very CF like haha! :D And it's really pretty with all the bright colours and the ice cream (!!) and...

I'm looking forward to hearing the song because there is hardly anything from this teaser. :)

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: [090619] Jaebeom interviews Lady Gaga
Posted by XYZ at 8:40 PM

{Video credits to Jenny891025 @ Youtube}

Jay + English + Lady Gaga = *O*

The interview starts at 2:50 but before that you see footage of some fans who cosplay Lady Gaga haha!

Omg Jay is so nervous it's so funny. HAHAHAHAH he won't even look at her and he keeps staring at the flashcards he's holding lol

"Do you know any Korean artistes?" "I know you." OMG JAY hahah he's bursting with happiness man. ;D

"Oh wow" "That's cool" "Crazy" <----- Jay's English :D

If you can't get enough, watch Nichkhun, Jay and Taecyeon introduce Lady Gaga's stage here where they talk in Korean (mumblejumble to me - I need to get serious about learning another language haha) and then introduce her stage in English. And Jay actually tries to do some funny dance omg he's such a dork.

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: [090619] SHINee #1 on Music Bank!
Posted by XYZ at 8:27 PM

SHINee won #1 on Music Bank!! Omg I'm so happy because while they have a huge fan base and are really talented especially at such a young age, I worry about their #1s because it's not...consistent? Hahaha. 4Minute's second performance (debut on Music Bank) but if I'm not wrong 2NE1 weren't there.

2PM - I Hate You
Red and black! Jay with a Rolling Stones tee :D And it's got studs on the tongue wow hahahaha. They sound a bit tired. :\

4Minute - Hot Issue
HyunA's high pitched singing is still bugging me hahaha her rap sounds high too! Btw, is the short haired girl Ji Hyun??! Her voice is pretty strong but sometimes I think she runs out of breathe, I don't know. I thought this performance was slightly better than the one they did yesterday on Mnet though. :)

SHINee - Juliette
Omg they're wearing okay clothes again!! :D Colourful, but okay. Except for Onew and Minho. Minho's like, not wearing summer clothes hahaha especially with that coat. And Onew's blazer looking thing looks weird haha! And I like Jong's shirt even though it's so colourful!! Taemin's wearing this thing round his waist like a belt, but it makes his shirt ride up so he has to pull it down when dancing (see 0:41 :D) and Key is totally catching the camera again!! This time Jonghyun catches the camera at times too :) Oh and Onew's wearing the Rubik's cube necklace thing that Taemin wore before :D AND AND AND THEY ARE WEARING THE SHOES!! The cool ones with gradated colours :D

AND IS IT ME OR DID TAEMIN TOTALLY IMPROVED ON HIS SINGING!!!!??? :D He sounds much better now! Even better compared to the other Juliette performances. I can hear his voice and it sounds almost stronger too? :)

Watch them win number 1 here against V.O.S and Super Junior (Super Junior weren't present) and Minho enfolds them all in a huge hug :) Okay the video hasn't turned HD yet so it's all blur and stuff I can't see if Jong's crying or anything haha ;D


AND WHAT DID ONEW SAY WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO SING!!!!! D: I want to know so badly hahahaha I hope someone subs the encore video haha! :D

Okay okay I need to study again after I watch the last part of my Family Outing episode! I am totally addicted.

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: SS501 solo collection - Young Saeng and Jung Min's teasers
Posted by XYZ at 6:09 PM

{Video credits to quainte501@Youtube}

Young Saeng - 이름없는 기억 (Memories Without a Name)


Apparently he wrote the song lyrics and it sounds so beautiful, he has a really good voice. It's a ballad, and it will connect with the rest of the other members' teasers to make up one whole MV drama.

Jungmin's teaser has also been released!

{Video credits to quainte501@Youtube}

Jung Min - 하면은 안돼

I think Jungmin and Youngsaeng got the lighter songs - in the sense that it's not dark and sexy like what the other 3 members got. They got ballads kind, the kind that makes you...feel at ease? I don't know. But Jungmin's got a really nice voice, I like it!

There's also some sort of "sneak preview" in this teaser, where there's a scene of all 5 of them pointing guns at each other in some underground looking carpark. O_______O

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: 4Minute - "Hot Issue" MV released!
Posted by XYZ at 5:58 PM

{Video credits to LindaKimLe @ Youtube}

I actually thought the MV was better than their first performance.

The whole song seems more together, and ohemgee I think the girl with the short hair (I haven't got their names down!!!) looks really cool. She's got the whole character to boot! I'm still quite surprised that HyunA's the one singing in a really high voice. Apparently she's not the leader? Then who is? Is it the one with the short hair?

Overall, I think they have a good song - but they need to work harder to make it a good performing song as well.

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: [090618] Mnet Countdown's stellar show!
Posted by XYZ at 10:38 AM

4Minute debuted! 2NE1's first stage on M!Countdown! LADY GAGA APPEARING FOR A PERFORMANCE. Jewelry's comeback!

2NE1 - Fire
There's this intro video of 2NE1 too, and they are in the practice room. They kinda share a look and walk out, which leads to them opening. :) BOM IS SO PRETTY OMG! And her hair is like, long and STRAIGHT. Lol so random, the hulk fist suddenly appears. HAHA! CL is so awesome, she's totally running all over the place haha!

2PM - I Hate You
O______O They appear one by one to sing their part, and seriously I like Nichkhun's voice! And it's not because I'm bias. :) Wooyoung finds the camera!! Hahaha and he sorta wants to keep pointing at it but he's moving away from the camera lol. :D

4Minute - Hot Issue
Okay, for a debut I thought it was kinda weak like they're voices aren't strong enough. But it could have something to do with the lousy mics because they sounded loud at times and soft as well. The one with the short hair (I have to learn their names haha) has got a lot of charisma! She's bursting with character. HyunAh's voice got so much higher I'm not used to it!!! And I can't remember the rest of the girls, I thought one of them actually looked a bit like Ye Eun from WG. I think if their voices were stronger the song would sound much better, it sounded kinda empty like a lot of spaces between. Looking forward to their next stage though! And btw, I realized HyunAh was the only one in heels, FRICKIN HIGH HEELS while the rest are in those awesome shoes that were very popular with boys (I think of them as SHINee kicks actually hahaha) but the girl kind. I WANT A PAIR :(

Jewelry feat. Nassun - Rally
Rally didn't sound like rally, it was more like a leilileili or something haha. I thought there were loads of English words in it and the beat was kinda jumpy. But the leader is so pretty!! I can't remember her name either. Hahaha, but she's really pretty plus she's skinny and tall.

Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Apparently, she's the first international artist to perform on a Korean music show :O LOL the fans are like cosplaying as her! So cute hahahaha with the blonde hair wigs. What she's wearing is kinda revealing though - looks like a bathing suit. Or the one that Bom wore in 2NE1's Fire street version, except without the black leggings. I've never heard her live, but she sounds really good! :) THE FANS ARE ACTUALLY MOUTHING THE WORDS OMG. I've listened to this song loads of times but I can't remember the lyrics at all hahahaha *shamed* :D

Which stage did you like best?

I'm tied between 2NE1 and 2PM - but I thought 2NE1 delivered a better stage because they brought the atmosphere high. :)

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: SS501 solo collection - "Hey G" Hyung Joon's teaser
Posted by XYZ at 10:05 AM

{Video credits to hoonfami @ Youtube}

This was released like, 2 days ago, Young Saeng's one is supposed to be floating around on Youtube somewhere hahaha. Jungmin's would be released today.

There's this girl dancing in it, and well, a lot of dancing actually. Black nail polish too. That looks like most of it came off already haha :D

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17.6.09 : SS501 solo collection - "Please Be Good To Me" Hyun Joong's teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:49 PM

See previous post (scroll down)

{Video credits to hoonfami @ Youtube}

Imo, this song is way better than "Wuss Up". I kinda like it. "Wuss Up" was a bit too repetitive but maybe it's because it's the chorus or something.

Anyhow, Leader looks mighty fine here!!!!!!! Except that he looks like he's wearing a girlish top under the jacket. (Looks similar, in design, to what Key wore @ Inkigayo for Juliette x()

Still! SEXY!! Hyungjoon's (aka Baby right right right??! *is proud of self* :)) teaser is supposed to be coming out today.

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: SS501 solo collection - "Wuss Up" Kyu Jong's teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:45 PM

Apparently, SS501 will be releasing an album as a collection of their solo songs and the respective instrumentals before embarking on their 1st Asia Tour Persona.

This is the first of the release (we're kinda behind haha sorry - been stressing over exams and Family Outing omg that is the best show ever I'm so glad I've found subs for all the episodes so much that I lost the mood to post) featuring Kyujong's solo, "Wuss Up". (I'm separating the two released teasers into different posts :D)

Oh, and all these teasers are supposed to add up and come together as a 20 minute music video. 0__________0

{Video credits to hoonfami @ Youtube}

Wth is "Wuss Up" supposed to mean? Isn't it "Wass" or something else other than "wuss". Hahahahah, man!

Kyujong's wearing too much eyeliner :( It'd be better if it wasn't that dramatic. I think the plot is somewhere along the lines of them being assassins and that's why there's fighting and guns. O_O

Looking forward to the full song though! :)

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15.6.09 : Super Junior - "It's You" Dance version
Posted by XYZ at 6:35 PM

{Video credits to HyukGem}

Watch the dance in all of its glory!! HAHAHAHA finally :)

Oh, and if you're bored, check out this hilarious parody of "It's You" that my friend linked me to.

I never understood parodies until recently, where I learned how to appreciate them and omg this is win!!

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: 4Minute - "Hot Issue" song + MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 4:29 PM

{Credits to randomRinnie @ Youtube}

Explosion of girl groups this year!! Kinda similar to 2007, is it? I'm not sure - that was before I got infatuated. HAHA.

I kinda like the song, it's got a catchy beat! Although they are rather similar to 2NE1 (and if they debuted earlier than 2NE1 it would be the other way round haha), I think these 2 groups might own 2009 because they give off a fresh look to girl groups. Instead of the normal cute girl groups, they are showing off the charismatic and strong character that girl groups can also have.

I like! Looking forward to their debut on 18th June @ M!Countdown. Check out their MV teaser here! :D

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: [090614] Inkigayo - 2NE1 wins!!!!
Posted by XYZ at 12:20 PM

{Video credits to CodeMonMonSeason3 @ Youtube}

2NE1 won their first award yesterday at Inkigayo!!!!!!

I thought that was an awesome performance because they really brought the crowd high and it was overall a really energetic performance, I like!! I can almost imagine them with a successful concert already O_o

Check out their winning video + encore here. Bom is crying!! Hahaha so happy for them!! They were standing so far back too omg, that must have come as a wonderful surprise :) Hongki is a total retard. HAHAHAHA what's the mustard colour suit he's wearing man! CL IS SO CUTE SHE RUNS BEHIND THE BACKUP DANCERS WHEN THEY COME OUT HAHAHA! :D

2PM - I Hate You
This song is growing on me - it sometimes gets stuck in my head when I'm studying. HAHAHA. The clothes are much more wearable here than in Again & Again but the shoulder pads they are wearing makes them look like they are going to war :x and I'M SO GLAD JUNHO HAS LOST THE CHIN MASK!!! Except some of their hair looks like it went through an explosion - which leads me to believe that Khun's hair grows at the speed of light because I remember it really short in A&A but now it's kinda long. So much so that it can stand up haha

SHINee Energy Song
THIS IS SUPER CUTE hahahah Taemin goes around bopping the member's heads, and when Key turned around after getting bopped on the head he really looked like he wanted to bite Taemin's head off. And Jonghyun is like some overgrown child on his tiny bike LOL!!! Onew's not there though.

SHINee - Juliette
OKAY I'M WATCHING THIS COS THEY ARE WEARING OKAY CLOTHES!! :D Jonghyun's pants are kinda loud hahaha I'd rather the solid colours like what the rest of them are wearing. And their accessories kinda like make no sense, like Jonghyun looks like he's wearing many boomerangs. Around his neck hahaah! Minho's rap is starting to amaze me every single time now. Oh! And I can't remember the choreography for Juliette :( I can't see it in my head but I want to learn it so badly haha

Super Junior - It's You
OMG IS EUNHYUK LIKE, DOING A MOVE FROM JULIETTE AT 2:40!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D x1000001 ♥ ♥ Hahahahaha and Ryeowook is so cute in frames (still) I want to put him in my pocket!! Hankyung's wearing a hat - but it kinda covers his eyes so I hope they change the hat or just lose it haha.


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: Lee Min Jung is coming to Singapore!
Posted by XYZ at 11:46 AM

Image Hosted by

Lee Min Jung (이민정) will be arriving today (15th June), on SQ603 at 2.20pm. She will be here from the 15 - 19 June, a total of 5 days, promoting the Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Lee Min Jung was cast in Boys Over Flowers as Ha Jae Kyung and she plays the role of Goo Jun Pyo's fiance.

She will be holding a press conference on the 17th (Wednesday) with the local media. On the 18th (Thursday), she will be making an appearance at the new Sony Ericsson store at Iluma (Bugis) at 6.30pm. A small-scaled, exclusive fan meeting will also held.

Source: My Paper (15/06/09)

I'd bet there's a queue at the airport now. HAHAHAHA.

Maybe this will be a stepping stone for the rest of BOF to come! :D's back to studying. x(



14.6.09 : Music Bank + Music Core stages
Posted by XYZ at 11:02 AM

Music Bank

2NE1 - Fire
Their first performance on Music Bank (they've only been performing on Inkigayo - lol I read on allkpop where they described 2NE1 as being released from their Inkigayo cell HAHA) Stellar performance, CL is mad fierce (as usual) and Minzy does a split on stage omg :O

And they're in the Space version MV kind of clothes, so it's high heels and they still do the dance at Dara's part with such ease!! You know, the one where they have to balance on one leg. In heels. Oh my goodness.

2PM - Again & Again + I Hate You
Khun and Taec in *shiny* pants. HAHAHA. Is the newest fashion style all about dangling stuff? Cause there's dangly chin masks and they are wearing stuff with fringes on it?

Huge improvement from M!Countdown! I personally think Khun has a nice voice. Hahaha. Or maybe it's just me and my bias, that I like his voice texture.

They also won with a rather long encore for Again & Again, dethroning last week's winners, SHINee. Great job! I think they deserve it, especially after winning on Inkigayo and M!Countdown.

SHINee - Juliette
I'm sorry but I can't bear to watch this performance :'( They are wearing the outfits from Inkigayo - where Key looks like he's wearing a halter top and I can't distinguish if it's a female or male outfit (Cheeeken told me that it's a female outfit) ;______; But they look mighty fine in just casual clothes - give Minho and Key Jonghyun's wife beater!!! HAHAHAHA

Super Junior - It's You
Argh, video still loading. (But I know Ryeowook is in frames!! :D)

Music Core

2PM - I Hate You
I'm glad Khun's pants aren't Khaki in colour anymore, now it fits more with the rest of them in terms of outfits. :D And all of them are sweaty!! I think they must have performed/rehearsed many times before they chose the cut. I'm not sure how these recordings for music shows work, but I'm going to find out. Hahahahah :D

Overall, I thought it was a good performance although Junho should really lose the chin mask :( but all of them are vocally sound. Taec's rap is so...greasy? And I don't get the sunglasses - maybe he's supposed to electrify everyone with his eyes after taking them off (Omg I'm not thinking straight!!!!)

SHINee - Juliette
Loads of closeups of their shoes!! :D Hahaha, they are wearing the outfits from last week's Music Bank stage (? if I'm not wrong) and thank goodness Key has changed his outfits haha. No more hat, and nicer clothes (ie the jeans look like from "Talk To You" outfits HAHA! but much better)

Jong's voice is... O.O wow. Also, Key keeps finding the camera in this performance - it's so amazing the way he does it. Like, the cameraman is filming him and Taemin but he's the only one who's looking at the camera because Taemin isn't aware. Same as the ending - he finds the camera and stares straight at it.

Super Junior - It's You
Shindong and Eunhyuk have some sort of dance battle? For a bit? But my video was kinda lagging so I couldn't see much x( anyway, they should do more of this kind of things!! Haha

RYEOWOOK IS IN FRAMES OMG SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE B) <-- did that look like frames to you? HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway he's so slkdjfsldkjfao adorable and during the chest popping part, Donghae and Shindong helps Eunhyuk to "take his jacket off" so that he shows off his shoulders haha. Eunhyuk used to do it himself. And towards the end Heechul fan services again - his face is probably centimeters away from Hankyung!!! :O

Alright. I have to do some studying now with my stuffy nose (it's actually affecting my eyesight - so I apologize if I see things wrongly in the videos even though it's in HD hahaha)

Inkigayo later - you can expect me to be back for sure!! :D

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13.6.09 : So cool, so fresh.
Posted by Connie at 11:49 PM

Holy macaroni!
I forgot to post something REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT!

Big Bang's Hite CF!

(slaps myself)

I miss Big Bang, and I love them to bits and pieces to! (I love everyone ok, just to be fair :B)

Big Bang Hite CF

This totally doesn't look like beer, it looks like some fizzy drink, lol!
Korean business people are smart. They get celebrities to advertise their products, which I believe draws lots and lots of people (especially) fans to support their product promotion.
Now even I want to drink even though I'm underage T.T

Korean producers: 1
Cheeeken: 0

& I see TOP! Oh mummy, he looks yummy.
I can be a poet, teehee. He grew a bit fatter, and he looks so much cuter and better! Awwwww, I love Big Bang, and I've come to love Daeseung's smiley face, I love his cheerful demeanour :D Taeyang's mimi yan (small eyes) is as cute as ever, like forever cute. One of my schoolmates reminds me of him, hmmmmm. G Dragon's hair, disaster T.T (No offence) & Seung Ri isn't there! From what I read, comments say that it'll be funny if he's not featured cause he's underaged and can't drink.


Next up, really belated Japanese MV by Big Bang!

My Heaven

SIGHHHHHHHHH, Singapore needs guys like Big Bang.
Hahaha :D

Anyway, as much as G-Dragon's hair needs a cut, I want his hairstyle here T.T I want my long hair back, and he ties his hair neater than I ever did in my 17 years of living O.O

I'm currently melting into a puddle whilst looking at TOP, I miss his deep voice, really sharp cheekbones, slanted eyes and his smirk! Ooooo, bad ass aura is really appealing. Heh.

& Seung Ri's looking really cute too! :D Oh my, I really missed them tons. & I swear one of my school mates look like Taeyang O.O Lollllll, funny eh. Maybe he's his little brother. HAH! Fat hope.

& I hope they'll be successful in their breakout into Japan's market too!
Omg, I'll support them like foreverzzzzzz. I sound spaz, pardon me. It's just that studying Geography and looking at Korean celebs are like chocolate and tea. They just don't go, lollll.

All right, I think I have spammed like a tad too much.

Tag please! It makes my day to see tags, teehee.
Ok, love you all readers.


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: Super Junior - "It's You" chest popping
Posted by XYZ at 11:14 PM


{Video credits to Sup3rJunior @ Youtube}

Nose bleed. Not possible because I have a stuffy nose :'(

AWESOME RIGHT. As if it isn't awesome enough that every performance you see Eunhyuk changing the way he pops his chest - now you see him and Super Junior doing it 7 times with 7 different performances/mixes!! :D

And it's in HD ;D

I'll update with performances all tomorrow. :) I can't wait!! Hahaha, the best part of the week are the music shows :D

P/S: I just had to post this up (I've seen it before but it totally fits the video right nao!)

{source: sj-market; reupload: (L)keybum@SFI & theviewtoakill@LJ; credits: as tagged &}

Image Hosted by
Awwwwwww, Taemin and Minho doing the chest popping dnace!! :D And Jong. And a bit of Key (why is he standing at the back anyway!!??)

P/P/S: Seems like most of our posts are regarding the Super Junior and SHINee interaction hahahaha (ok i need to scram off now bye!)

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: Take a bow.
Posted by Connie at 10:57 PM

I know I'm like spamming this blog like no one's business, but I can't resist the temptation!


It's a miracle cause I usually like only boy bands, but 2NE1 amazes me all the time.
I salute them seriously.

2NE1 Take a bow.
(Rihanna's version)

OH EM GEE! They are absolutely fantastic singers! Each and everyone of them, individually!
Park Bom has a really really really good voice, and Dara's voice is so surprising cause in Fire, her voice was like electronized the most. Dara's voice is really sweet!

DAMN! Minzi's voice is freaking good I tell you, I'm amazed that she can sing this well! I mean, I knew she could sing, but man, whoohoo. She's like 15 and she's good at singing and dancing. God's so unfair ):

CL's really good at singing too! She should sing more and rap less, although I love her rapping. Heck, I salute CL. I'm like her fan or something, lolllll.

Not to mention they look great without makeup on. So preeeeeetty! Omg, you go girls.


Barely a month into their debut in the Kpop scene with the song Fire,
YG has already announced his plans for his new girl band 2NE1 to expand in America.

It has been reported that American Music company Interscope requested a contract with 2NE1
after hearing Fire but the advancement seems too fast for a new idol group even
if 3/4 of the girls are fluent in english.

It been revealed that YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk and the director
of Interscope have a very close relationship and both agreed to exchange music.

The producers for 2NE1 will be leaving for LA, California somewhere between the end of June and July.

Interscope has already produced huge stars such as Lady Gaga
and Black Eyed Peas. so it seems 2NE1 caught the attention of the right people.

source: donga, sradioclub
I don't know how true this is, but heck I wish them all the best manzzz.

Hwaiting 2NE1! :)

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: Minhae. (Aw!)
Posted by Connie at 10:53 PM

As usual, I was browsing through soompi forums, and I found this! :D

090611 SHINee Minho ShimShimTaPa

So this is basically what they're talking about:
Minho: First off, PD, please give me some background music.
Shindong: Okay, okay. This kind of background music?
Minho: No, not this kind.
Shindong: Not this kind, a more romantic-sounding BGM.
Shinyoung: Don't we have "Kiss the Rain"? Our Minho-goon has a lot to say.
Jonghyun: Our Minho is so wild-hearted, he even wants BGM!
Minho: Though I am really close with the other hyungs, I'm sorry, but I need to say this. In Super Junior, the one I like most is Fishie--Donghae-hyung.
We would always talk about things heart to heart. I also have something that I want to say to Donghae-hyung....can I say it?
Shinyoung/Shindong: Of course.
Minho: Donghae-hyung, I love you.
Jonghyun: Suddenly asking for BGM, it was really surprising! It's like a drama scene with everyone watching.
Shindong: From what I observe, I can really feel that Donghae and Minho more than just hyung and dongseng.
They are more like friends. (Shinyoung: Oh, really?) The two of them are really close.
That's why Minho is not as [respectful? it's more like...he's not as polite and more casual around them].
Jonghyun: Sigh, why request for BGM?!
Credits: Lishathestain @ soompi forums
Some pictures to show the Minhae looooooove :D

Same actions :D

Donhae hugging Minho from behind and he's clasping Minho's hands.

Minho's so happy :D

Wow, Donghae's still hugging him, lol!

No one's hugging Onew ):

Aw, Donghae and Minho are hugging!
Donghae's touching Minho's butt la dey, lollll.

Ahhhh, they're like so cute.
Teehee, SM artistes are like quite close with the hyungs and dongsaengs on such good terms.
I love brotherly love, it makes me want to cry. (sniffs)

Well, I don't mind Donghae hugging me too.
I'm sure klAss doesn't mind either, hehehehehe.

I'm starting to sound like a pervert, I should stop now.


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: We can fly.
Posted by Connie at 10:31 PM

Booyah! SS501 is here to pwnz again :D

Jin Air revealed their first image song on the 11th. This song is sung by idol group SS501, and is titled "We Can Fly". This is also a collaboration between SS501 and Jin Air following their 2 day 1 night Jeju Island fan meeting. The Jeju Island fan activity Romantic Sky is currently broadcasting on, this song is also the theme song for the program. In addition, "We Can Fly" will also be played on Jin Air flights.

Currently, the song was well-received after being aired on In the future, the airlines hopes to develop a closer relationship with their passengers through the song. This upbeat song, along with its easy to follow lyrics "desire to travel", gives Jin Air passengers an easy and happy experience while being brand-orientated.

"We hope that our passengers or SS501's fans when hearing this song either in our flights or in their daily life, will want to leave behind their boring life and have the urge to go traveling."

Credits: SS601 + (Chinese translation) julieann @ + (English translation) SS5014ever @
Yesahbaby our beloved SS501 has come up with a new Digital Single 'We can fly' :D It sounds like a combination of pop and techno instead of pop and dance. Lollll, no matter, I still love them to bits :D & damn would I kill to take Jin Air just to watch their promotional video and listen to the song, lol!

I conclude that I'm mad.
Ok, there's only the mp3 version of the song, the music video's not out yet. I can't wait though!

We Can Fly.
(MP3 Version)

Enjoy! :)

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12.6.09 : [090611] M!Countdown - 2PM special stage
Posted by XYZ at 11:54 AM

{Video credits to Symbelmyns @ Youtube}

Shiny HQ :D

2PM performed "Again & Again" and "I Hate You". "I Hate You" is the new song that they are going to promote, and while it is not my favourite song off the mini-album, it was a rather good performance!

Except that the chin masks thing that Junsu and Junho are wearing are... -_____- They are T.O.P's! Hahaha. Junho's one is really bad, my goodness, he's like wearing a silver beard with all the chains!! :(

And their outfits don't really match? Like Nichkhun looks rather out of place because of the colour of his clothes haha, but the cameraman must love him - LOADS of shots with Nichkhun in them. :)

Alright, I'm going to drown myself in Idol Show. I've been really into 2PM fandom these days, and laughter helps when you're down with flu (no, not swine haha) :)

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11.6.09 : 4Minute - "Hot Issue" teaser
Posted by XYZ at 9:58 PM

{Video credits to WonderfulChannel}

4Minute is a new girl group from Cube entertainment, and the group will be led by HyunAh, the ex-rapper of the Wonder Girls before she had to drop out due to health problems.

I thought the teaser was pretty cool, seeing as they are keeping the other 3 members (apart from HyunAh and Ji Hyun) secret. Great way to up the mysterious level, and make people curious about the new group.

However, the name "Hot Issue" reminds many of Big Bang's album. :\ I wished they chose another song title. Hahahaha. But I suppose the message they're trying to put across is that they are a "big issue" and "hot issue"?

The beat sounds catchy, but I'm waiting for the full song! :D

4Minute looks promising, it'll be cool to see them go up against 2NE1!! (I still love 2NE1, don't worry :D)

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: CF - Infinitely Yours, Seoul
Posted by XYZ at 6:13 PM

I love this set of advertisements, so cute! There are like 50 million Victoria Songs (the girl in red) running around in the CFs. I'm going dizzy!

{Video credits to seouldreamseries}

Chinese (Shanghai) version featuring Super Junior

Chinese (Shanghai) version featuring DBSK

Japanese version featuring DBSK

English version featuring DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD

I think I will go asldkjalskdjaoisdj if the English version airs in Singapore!! :D :D

I really like the English version, because they all look so damn cute. Hahaha, DBSK throwing leaves and the lighting, making it look like a movie/drama and Super Junior with the awesome lighting lol they look so cute plugging the switch in. And SNSD's part is so apt because it's similar to their Gee MV. HAHA!

The Japanese version comes in second, because it was so cute how she put tags on everything she wanted to see/do and she puts a tag on Yunho (!!!!!!!!!!!) HAHAHAHAHAHA

I thought the Chinese version was cute too, especially the one with Super Junior in it because Siwon dances with Victoria Song and Shindong as the DJ??? Kyuhyun, Leeteuk and Yesung are like bringing up the atmosphere hahaha

In the DBSK one you can see Jaejoong being like a flamboyant hairstylist, proud of his work of art. And Changmin just standing there looking happy ♥

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: Layout - Blogskin featuring Big Bang
Posted by XYZ at 2:03 PM

Hi hi hi :D

I've finally got round to making a layout for submission on, so go have a look and download it if you like it! :D

Layout: 14. Big Bang - Technicolor ★
Designer: XYZ :D (nutzzzzz on Blogskins)
Type: Tables/LJ inspired (somewhat)
Download: Click here :)

*Gives all of you a cookie* :D

Alright, I have to do some productive work now. :)

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: SHINee picture spam
Posted by XYZ at 12:18 PM

xD I'm so happy SHINee is back ha ha now I just need them to do a show like Yunhanam :P

{Credits to bestiz, as tagged, Soompi}

Recently we saw photos of SHINee's dorm, well here comes photos of their favourite stuff!

Image Hosted by
Guess what they're all holding?? :D

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


I love you bb, but that's really funny! I wonder what he writes in it. Maybe he writes in English so the other members won't bother to read. xD Hahaha, and Minho is so loyal to SHINee haha :D Jong's favourite actually his iPod but he's clutching it in his hand and covering it at the same time. Lol. Looks like his favourite thing might actually be himself :P

And Taemin looks sldkfjsldkfjaoidfj' adorable here although I know he looks really charismatic on stage and is a jailbait for noonas... but he's just so cute? I can only wish he was my brother. Hahaha

Photoshoot with them in Converse Chucks! :D I HAVE A PAIR HAHAHAHA I HAVE MINHO'S PAIR :D but I've never worn them before because I never seem to be able to find the right occasion for them. Hahahahaha

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Jong looks like he's the leader of this gang or something HAHA

Image Hosted by
Then they go and start looking all lovable *___*

Image Hosted by
And fierce again. (I'm going bipolar, stop it!! Hahaha)

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Okay okay I'll try to stop spamming SHINee stuff!! :D

-Runs off in an attempt to study, but runs back in front of the desktop anyway- :D



10.6.09 : Sweet.
Posted by Connie at 11:24 PM

SHINee sweet fancam.

Omg, this is the one where they won first with Jonghyun crying one, except this is focused mainly on Taemin.
AWWWWWW! The managers and SHINee are like fathers and sons! I'm so happy that they've built such good relationships, it makes me feel so happy.

At 1:56 to 1:58, when Taemin gets off the stage, he quickly bows and greets everyone, and pushes his way through them and ends up in his manager's arms. AHHHH, so sweet! (melts) And Jonghyun hugs the other, and after that Minho hugs the blue shirt manager, and Key comes in covering his face and crying.

(I'm getting goosebumps btw)
I wanna cry watching them being so close to their managers, lol.
This is bad for my health, it's so sweet that I'm getting diabetes, lolllllll.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He brightens up my day like SHING SHING SHING!
He's so cute la dey, I feel like pinching his cheeks, teehee!

Okay! I swear I love Key to bits and pieces, my baby!

Credits to Lishathestain @ soompi forums

Omg T.T I'm developing this uncanny habit of stalking SHINee at soompi forums now, all thanks to XYZ, lol!

All right, good night and sweet dreams people!
I pray that I dream of Key, muahahaha :D



: SHINee - Juliette MV (Dance Version)
Posted by XYZ at 7:03 PM

{Video credits to YoDubu1 @ Youtube}

I like to watch SHINee dances, because they involve a lot of footwork which I think is super cool. :)

And there is a change of scenery for the dance too hahahaha, unlike Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry". It was in black and white, and it remained fixed in the same angle for the whole video. :(

Look at Taemin jump/twist/turn/whatever you call it @ 0:42! Smooth.

Oh, and I was stalking SHINee's thread on Soompi again (my favourite hobby!! hahaha) and came across this video of SHINee slipping during a performance...

{Video credits to michiko1025 @ Youtube}

Poor bb! Jonghyun slips really badly during the start of his part, and the camera man goes close up too >:( Minho and Onew slip as well, but only slightly and they manage to recover. It was raining at that time, so the stage was wet hence 3 of them kept slipping.

I don't know why but I have never seen this video before today. Hahah, anyway I just wanted to say that it was heartwarming to see all of them doing their best. Even with the given conditions. And Jong especially ♥ ♥ x1000000001 for you because you picked yourself right back up! :D

Ah, I miss the Replay days haha.

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: Unhappiness spreads.
Posted by Connie at 4:10 PM

Hello! I'm so sorry if I've been stagnant for quite awhile :\
I was browsing through soompi's Super Junior thread and I came across a post that showed Eeteuk being so depressed ):
And they say that he has fluctuating moods but this one has been the worst one yet.

Oh mama, don't be depressed because of I don't know what, but you've a kazillion people supporting you okay.

2009.06.10 01:28 - Prison without bars

Image Hosted by

...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
...Dormitory, hair salon, TV station..
..No longer know what hobbies are..No longer know what rest is..Where are all my friends?
..How you are supposed to play....(My) family members are probably living well, right?
..At some point, losing something while gaining another has become increasingly natural..
..But because I received these other things..the things I'll have to throw away from now on will increase..
..On rainy days like these..I have more thoughts..

Source: Leeteuk`s Cyworld.
Translated by Allyssa / yurim_sj♥ & Tea / vanilla.teaa


2009.06.10 01:44 - Angel Disease

Image Hosted by

..I am Leeteuk, an angel who lost his wings..
..I am Teukie Teukie Leeteuk, an angel who lost his wings with amnesia..
..On the day I was born, July 1st, rain fell..
..One angel was sent down to Earth..
..The greetings that I never failed to say..
..Just like how I unknowingly encircled myself in ourselves.. *
..But I would rather just remain confined..
..Because now, it's scary for me to go out..

Source: Leeteuk`s cyworld.
Translated by Tea / vanilla.teaa

I pray that he gets over his depression soon manzzzz. (crosses fingers)

Image Hosted by
(I swear I'm gonna faint)

Who wants to receive a kiss from SS501 Kim Hyun Joong?

Apparently lots of people. Kim Hyun Joong took the top spot as the male celebrity whom women want to be kissed by. Jewelry brand Stylus by Golden Dew in honor of 6/14's Kiss Day [Yes, there is apparently a Kiss Day*] took a survey on their homepage asking "Which male celebrity would you want to be kissed by?"

The results came out as 34% wanting to receive a kiss from Kim Hyun Joong followed by a very close 32% wanting to be kissed by Lee Min Ho. This seems to show the lingering popularity of the F4 and the BOF effect. 3rd place was Song Seung Hun with 15%, then Jo In Sung (13%) in 4th place, and 5th place by Lee Seung Gi (6%).

Image Hosted by

Credits: allkpop
All right manzzz! He pwned Lee Minho, good job good job. I love Hyun Joong by the way, and I would kill to go for the concert in December. And ever since watching Boys over Flowers, I fell in love with him even more :D He is better than Lee Minho, nannynannypoopoo.

I sound childish, but it's true! Hahahaha, I won't be surprised if every girl wants to marry him, that's cause even I do.

Ohmygosh, I can't wait for the concert.
I'll most probably just stand, stare, drool and scream incoherently if I ever go for the upcoming concert. (Teeheehee)

Perfect birthday treat if he kisses me on my cheek.

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