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20.9.10 : BoA - "Copy And Paste" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 9:23 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


But I liked the morphing effect in the beginning. Hopefully this would be as good as Hurricane Venus, even though I liked the song > music video/performances haha

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: miss A - "I Can't Breathe" teaser
Posted by XYZ at 9:16 PM

{Video credits to missA @ Youtube}

Wow their new style is colourful!!

They'll be making a comeback with "I Can't Breathe" off their 2nd single album called "Step Up". Heheh coincidence? I just watched Step Up 3 today (yeah ~s..l..o..w~ but I had exams!!) hahaha

I'm looking forward to their new song! :D

Sorry for the long absence~! Had prelims (am still having actually but I'm left with one paper now!) so I couldn't update much

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10.9.10 : 2NE1 - "Go Away" MV
Posted by XYZ at 2:37 PM

{Video credits to 2NE1 @ Youtube}


Meanwhile, check out 2NE1's spanking new Youtube page!!


I've just watched the video and I enjoyed it (even though halfway through I thought I was watching an abusive movie or something - the way the guy was hitting CL is just wrong!! GUYS SHOULD NEVER HIT GIRLS) because i quite like music videos with a plot. Okaaaay.

From what I saw and read, keeping in mind CL = black car and BADGUY = orange car, the crash at the end is something like a scenario that would have happened if CL decided to race and try to beat the badguy?? Something like that. It did not ACTUALLY happen, which is why CL walks off with the other 3 members at the end of the video.

But then, who is in the black car? Apparently, badguy really dies (orange car crashes) but the black car catches fire first?? Haha.

Hope they tell us the story!! COME CLEAN~~
But the most important thing is, CL doesn't die at the end of the video. What remains to be seen is whether that idiot dies or not...

The idiot who, by the way, at 4:28 looks like a girl!! LOL. I got mindblown quite a lot of times, especially at the CG effects - quite obvious yet good effort. AND THE PART WHERE ALL 4 OF THEM "STAND" ON THE RACE TRACK WITH THE CARS WHIZZING BY - MY PERSONAL FAV CG EFFECT HEHEHEHE

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9.9.10 : 2NE1 - "Clap Your Hands" MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:31 AM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}


omg this is one sick MV, the outfits and the set - everything is just fierce and epic. Also, the dance - it really makes you wanna learn it, plus it's quite simple/complex at the same time, you know? Actually the movements remind me of this song/game I learned once during a camp HAHAHA

Nice to see a lot of Dara here!! :D looks like Bom's holding down the chorus and CL + Minzy still have a lot of raps in between, along with the rap segment. I LOVE THE ENDING. And the blonde hair on CL. Sorry, it's all jumbled up cos my thoughts are in a mess right now. But i think the blonde hair looks great on CL. I think they were probably deciding between Bom and CL, on who would get the red and blonde hair hahaha

Is this a Teddy or Kush?? Either way, it's got YG FAM BAM screaming all over it hahahaha fierce and different from the rest of the scene. :)

Can't wait for the rest of the MVs to be released (tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!) - though I did feel a little cheated because i made an effort to wake up earlier only to see that there was nothing released... then.

Will embed a Youtube video later!! We'll just have to settle for this first (can't find a Youtube video anywhere)

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: 2NE1 - "To Anyone" album
Posted by XYZ at 1:21 AM

HEY EVERYONE THIS JUST DROPPED!! Ok not really cos it's about 2am in Korea...

But check it out~! 2NE1's first full album is finally hereeeeeeeeeeeee :D

I'm linking the tracks but not going to comment on them cos I have have have to finish this bit of math I have left, and then I'm going to sleep zzz

All tracks thanks to jenningyou @ Youtube for the upload!! Really fast (Tracks are linked according to tracklist)

  1. Can't Nobody
  2. Go Away
  3. 박수쳐 Clap Your Hands
  4. 난 바빠 I'm Busy
  5. 아파 (SLOW) It Hurts
  6. 사랑은 아야야 Love Is Ouch
  7. Can't Nobody (English Version)

Okay, tracks 7 to 11 (between Love Is Ouch and Can't Nobody English ver. - i can't configure the number to change from 7 to 11 argh sleepppppp) have been left out because they're not new releases, basically the solo songs that the 2NE1 members did.

Check back here tomorrow morning, 9am (Singapore time) for the MV for Clap Your Hands! :D i hope i get up on time hahaha

Good night/good morning everybody~!

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6.9.10 : Desktop buddies~
Posted by XYZ at 1:16 PM

[UPDATE: 07/09/2010 @ 2136hours] Check out fykpopdesktopbuddies for more updates on new characters/desktop buddies and ask your questions there! :)

Hey everyone!

Seems like the latest craze is desktop buddies?? :)

Desktop buddies are animated stuff (in this case, we're talking about chibi/real-life characters of kpop groups) that appear on your screen. The namesake comes from the fact that they'll "accompany" you on your computer ie desktop.

Different characters have different features. For example, I think Taecyeon's chibi will sing to you; some of the desktop buddies will shake your screen/window and stuff like that.

Also, these desktop buddies will spawn (some spawn more crazily than others) and they can fill up your whole screen!! :D

I found some helpful links where the kind souls have already linked files of the various kpop desktop buddies together, along with instructions. Here you go~

Instructions and several links for desktop buddies, but click the one (mediafire folder) below for more detailed compilation.

Contatins various kpop stuff ie full set of SHINee, Big Bang, 2PM (minus Nichkhun); some DBSK (mainly just Junsu - but in two versions); Sungkyunkwan Scandal for Yoochun and Joong Ki (!!!); there's also one Bom (2NE1), Jessica (SNSD), and a Jay Park.

If you run into problems, check out the comments section of the "instructions" link because some people may have encountered the same problems as you :)

That said... these desktop buddies don't work for mac. /crying haha that's why I won't be able to help much... since I'm using a mac and I can't try them out (i can only read about their functions and features online and cry about it hahahahaha)



2.9.10 : TRAX - "Oh! My Goddess" MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:45 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

Wow I was watching this and thinking - what ~*beautiful*~ people...

Seohyun really does look like a goddess here!! She's perfect for the role because she gives off the pure innocent image and I believe she really is - in real life she's probably down to earth and normal. Haha. Then, Jay -oh my god- so good looking!! Jungmo is rocking that blonde hair btw, wow just ~wow~. They all look SO GOOD here.

I liked this song the minute I heard it. It's rare, but maybe it's because it's a won't-go-wrong confection of pop and happy tunes haha. I've never really listened to TRAX before, but I've watched a bit of Band Of Brothers (whatever that was subbed, anyway) where the two of them appeared on it along with Kang-in and Heechul. I thought Jungmo was so cuteeeee and Jay was kinda aloof which scared me haha

But they look so good here!! Must remember to catch their music show performances! I haven't watched a music show in some time now...

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: SNSD - "Genie" PV (Japanese version)
Posted by XYZ at 5:40 PM

{Video credits to KBSkpopTV @ Youtube}

Will i ever be like them ;~;

HAHAHAHA joking. I know this is kinda dated (it's been out for awhile) but oh well, I've only managed to find the time to watch it now!!

Anyway, I liked the concept of this better? Compared to the Korean version because it was mainly dancing and legs and making myself feel bad about myself. HAHA, kidding. There really IS a genie (somewhat) and the boy uses the magic lamp to fulfill his wish at the end of the video, sort of.

I quite like the clothes here. I tried to look at the video from the perspective of someone who is new to them (ie doesn't know their names) and Tiffany looks really different because of the heavy eye makeup? I don't know, but she looks different from normal haha her eyes look... less clear (maybe cos of the makeup). But I think the stylists did try to make them look different, especially for the ones who look alike to an outsider. :) Effort! :Db

But I think I'm kinda used to the Korean version, so the Japanese version sounds a little weird to me right now. Still, I wish them success in the Japanese market~!

Kuse ni Naru Wa~

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