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27.2.10 : BEAST - Shock MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:06 PM

{Video credits to B2STalert02 @ Youtube}

Fiery *_________*

Everyone's bursting with charisma here, I can't take it anymore. :) I'm looking forward to this :D Dongwoon got a haircut it looks good. Seunghyun's hair, no plz, it looks similar to what his hair was like during "Bad Girl" days. I liked his hair during "Mystery". Oh well, just have to wait and see them - hopefully with better lighting, where it is not so dark and stuff hahaha

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22.2.10 : KARA - Lupin MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:17 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManMV @ Youtube}

I haven't watched it properly yet (argh damn school >:() but I think I luv Nicole and Seungyeon's short hair :D Makes me feel like getting a hair cut too hahahaha but I'd never pull it off like them - they look seriously fierce in a good way.

I'm looking forward to a live performance :Db and btw I love the set/backgrounds!! It's kinda...pretty. Hahahaha but the song. I haven't heard it properly yet (distracted by the dancing/the short hair) but it seems sort of confusing to listen to.

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17.2.10 : [100215] Star Dance Battle 2010
Posted by XYZ at 5:21 PM

I watched the whole show on Monday haha but I didn't have the time to cover it, and I still don't have the time :( Sorry, guys!

But, some highlights for me was After School. The use of props was really good! BEAST was great too, but them in hoods... I couldn't tell who was who, except for well, Kikwang and there's this part where all the members walk towards the audience and Juri starts trying to grab Kikwang and he quickly backs off HAHAHAHA that was kinda epic.

T-ara (they were up against BEAST btw, After School was up against SNSD) did well too, but in a dance battle, it's the dance that counts not the singing and paying tribute to your seniors stuff hahaha. SHINee ALWAYS sings and even though I'm biased and want them to win, they can't. Because up against the other groups, the other groups have way more solid dances and stuff hahah. Eunjung came out as TOP though, during the performance. THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY, because she almost resembled TOP! Until she took off the shades. Hahaha

Super Junior's one was the best for me though. They just hit it all the time!! Comic elements and technique in the way they dance, facial expressions... the togetherness and aesthetic beauty of the performance itself. Super Junior ♥ You'll always be my #1!!!!! (I fell into Kpop all because of Super Junior btw hahahaha) They won in the end! I'm really really glad they did hehehe

Check out Super Junior's dance!!

{Video credits to UnknownCarrot @ Youtube}

I'm really impressed with Kyuhyun. He comes off as the type who sings ballads and sings and sings, but he held himself together really well and could keep up with the rest of them in such a vigorous dance! I'd be fumbling all over the place. Kyu must have practiced really really hard :')

You can watch most (if not all) of the show at UnknownCarrot's Youtube channel, it includes the freestyle section (HAHA the boys were all jumping around all over the place hahaha) and other stuff, like the MCs announcing the winners of each round :)

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14.2.10 : Happy Lunar New Year + Valentine's Day!
Posted by XYZ at 12:07 AM

Happy Lunar New Year to all our lovely readers out there, even if we've been blogging here for about 1+ years and hardly anyone talks to us hahahahaha :D Still, we love you all the same. :D

Credits: as tagged
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
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Image Hosted by

Hahaha ok anyway I wanted to find all the Lunar New Year pictures and post them here but so far only the new groups have taken pictures!! And Seungho is missing from the MBLAQ picture!! WHAT IS THIS.

Alright, anyway. Some groups have video messages with their New Year greetings...but I'm too lazy to dig them all up. Sorry, you guys! :D


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13.2.10 : 2PM - Coca Cola CF MV
Posted by XYZ at 10:07 PM

{Video credits to dkpopnews11 @ Youtube}

Hehehehe there's a Singapore version some time ago and I found the song quite addicting? HAHAHAHA anyway 2PM's doing the same song here!! :D Only, they mixed the song up a bit, made the beat faster but the essence of the song is still there.

Okay I didn't finish watching this. Sorry :( My eyes are half closing already and...I want to finish watching Hello Baby today hahaha! It just came out, subbed! :D

I watched a little though :D Khun looks mighty fine and they look like they have fun jumping up and down from high to low hahahahahah

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12.2.10 : [100212] Music Bank Special
Posted by XYZ at 9:24 PM

Loads of special stages on tonight! So I'm going to watch the special stages and link the other performances too but I'll only watch some haha /biased

2AM + 2PM - The Place Where You Belong
Hehehehehe I liked seeing Seul Ong here hahahaha ok just 2AM in general because they are jumping around on stage and not doing ballads :D Miss Jay, though

2AM - Again & Again
COOL. They do it ballad way, and there's harmonization all hahahaha interesting to hear the track like this :Db

2PM - This Song
I WAS REALLY WORRIED, cos This Song is a ballad and 2PM is a dance group but I think they did decently well :D Proud hahaha

BEAST vs ZE:A - Dance Battle
OMG this was quite awesome hahahaha I loved the ending even the it's the ZE:A boys doing it hahaha but it was still a cool way to end the stage. BEAST was AWESOME. But so were the ZE:A boys. I haven't got round to learning their names yet because school work is piling up I'm just lazy. Plus, there are too many of them. Haha.

SNSD with Joo Hyun Mi - Crush

SNSD with Joo Hyun Mi - Dancing Queen

C.N.Blue - Rock & Roll Music
Sorry, I can't find a video that syncs well :( This is out of sync, but all the other videos I've found are out of sync like that too :(

BEAST - Beast Is The Best + Mystery

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep
Hahahaha all the Korean culture on stage hahaha. Jiyeon's missing though :( But they look nice in their modern hanboks (right?)

C.N.Blue - I'm A Loner
OT but I heard this song on the radio just now hehe

2PM - Gimme The Light

SNSD - Oh!
Hyoyeon's hair makes me sad :( They also won K-Chart today.

U-Kiss - Bingeul Bingeul

K that's it hahaha I might do Music Core tomorrow if I have the time. Reunion dinner - have to help in the preparations :O haha

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: 2NE1 - Samsung Corby F CF
Posted by XYZ at 8:44 PM

{Video credits to ILoveYoona18 @ Youtube}

Pastel colours :D CL's clothes look weird, and this isn't the MV (I think there should be one) for the CF. But it's quite cute because they act out the different kinds of LED lighting that the phone is capable of. Like, an elephant. HAHA. And there's also a crazy jumping man hahahah

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11.2.10 : F.T. Island - Good Morning Bob Ep 3
Posted by XYZ at 6:30 PM

{Video credits to FTilove @ Youtube}

THIS IS TOO FUNNY. Seunghyun's ad-libs are THE BESTTTTTTTTTTT. He does it so well against the Jason Mraz song!! HAHA!

Apparently Minhwan filmed this and Seunghyun's in charge of being the retard. :D I'm beginning to love Seunghyun hahahahaha he seems so much fun to, just, play with! I wouldn't mind spending a day with him if he's nuts like that. I'd split my sides with laughter.

It was filmed in Thailand according to the video description. I wonder where their hyungs went. And what they fed Seunghyun with before leaving. HAHA

Check out the other episode of Good Morning Bob, Seunghyun speaking Engrish (this was really funny!!!) and Seunghyun ad-libs to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat - I think they're Jason Mraz fans hahahahaha



10.2.10 : 2PM Feat. Yoon Eun Hye - Cass beer CF
Posted by XYZ at 6:54 PM

{Video credits to 2odsubs1 @ Youtube}

Part 2

I haven't got the time to watch it yet (it's too long hahahahaha) so I'll just leave this here. It's subbed AND romanized thanks to the lovely people at 2OD.

Might be back to edit!! :D

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: [100206] Star Golden Bell - English Game cut
Posted by XYZ at 6:50 PM

{Video credits to shiareagy1stalbum @ Youtube}

LOL THIS WAS QUITE FUNNY. They are supposed to translate the Korean word/phrase into English.

G.O was really funny. "Juri likes JinWoon" and he said "Thank you" LOLLLLLLLLLLL.

Seungho and ChunDoong were really good hehe I'm beginning to lean towards Seungho more hahahaha! Joon was downright funny, and they keep playing up the Hollywood actor thing. Mir was just clueless hahaahha!

Narsha was the best. She even added in Japanese. What the heck??? HAHA

I hope they continue playing this game!! I want to watch the other idols play hahahahaha I don't mind watching Key play, srsly



: [100209] Dance Battle - Eunhyuk VS Junho
Posted by XYZ at 6:40 PM

{Video credits to BoyssBeforeeFlowerss @ Youtube}

Junhooooooooooooooooooooooo *__________* he was awesome!!

Boy did acrobatic moves and everything, but I'm a huge Eunhyuk fan ahahahhaha and even though Eunhyuk didn't show a lot of moves this time, he made everyone in the audience go :Db hahahahahaha

Eunhyuk wore 3 shirts. Front: Clap, Back: Enthusiasm and Inside: Thank you.

I think Junho is awesome, his b-boy stuff is gooooood!!!!! I want to see more of him actually. Like on Dream Team, he was fantastic (~elastic~ lol) on it! Glad he's going to be back on Dream Team hehehe

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9.2.10 : 2NE1 - Try To Copy Me (날 따라 해봐요)
Posted by XYZ at 3:26 PM

This is a song for a Samsung CF and it's got that unmistakable 2NE1 vibe to it :D

I kinda like it hahahahaha looking forward to the CF.

{Video credits to jenp00able @ Youtube}

I think I haven't heard them in too long :( I can't really remember the voices hahaha I used to remember them. Most of it.

I can't wait to see the CF. I hope it's a CF/MV thing. I think it is hahaha

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8.2.10 : [100207] Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 5:24 PM

Heheheh I was initially going to recap Music Core since I'm busy on Sundays so I can't recap Inkigayo but then I fell sick on Saturday and it's already Monday... so might as well do Inkigayo right? :D

Right, so in no particular order...

U-Kiss - Bingeul Bingeul
I still like Kevin's hair hahahahahaha I thought it was ok even though I'm not really a U-Kiss fan. :D But seriously, the Bingeul Bingeul part is like the Man Man Ha Ni part!! Even the moves. Different moves, yes, but same sort of sequence haha

SNSD - Oh!
Lol I don't really like their outfits here but it's the first performance of Oh! that I'm watching and it's good. SNSD-style good haha.

C.N.Blue - I'm A Loner
Heheheh I'm looking forward to them performing this live someday hahahaha or maybe watching them live in concert. I think Jonghyun's (that's the other guitarist right?? :D) got a nice voice even though Yonghwa's the one singing/rapping doing everything most of the time hahaha

2AM - Won't Let You Go Even If I Die
Beautiful :D This stage was dreamy looking and stuff but I liked the other stage better. The one where it seemed like they were in infinity, in space, without time hahahahaha I think that's the stage they show in the Take 7 part. Btw, 2AM won!! :D Belated and well-deserved #1, check out their win here, it's subbed hehehe!

Sulli's joined Taec and Wooyoung as part of the Inkigayo MC trio and she had a special MC performance hahaha

{Video credits to bmwow4 @ Youtube}

LOL SHE DOES ALL THE HIT DANCES HAHAHAHAH in like, a medley it's quite cool actually. Except I don't know why the audience is so...quiet?

And watch the MC-ing cuts here part 1 and part 2 hahahahah they reveal their own graduation photos. But I think most of y'all have seen them as they've already been on the net hahaha

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5.2.10 : U-Kiss - Bingeul Bingeul MV
Posted by XYZ at 8:18 PM

{Video credits to UrAsianSourceTV @ Youtube}

I kinda got reminded by Man Man Ha Ni hahahahaha but Bingeul Bingeul looks good too.

I don't really listen to U-Kiss but I really really like the hair here! On all of them! Dongho looks good with the grey/blonde (????) hair haha :D And I'm not sure but is that Kevin with the brown-ish hair? Omg it's so nice. I'm in love with his hair really.

Here's the explicit version (ie version 2) of the MV. Hahahaha. I don't really see anything explicit about it. HAHAHAHA there are just a few glimpses of the members topless/in wifebeaters. Look closely! :D

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4.2.10 : SNSD - "Oh!" practice dance video
Posted by XYZ at 7:29 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

The little bow at the end was so cute hahahahah

I really like the choreography actually. And after watching just the dance, I like it better. I'm amazed at how SM artistes are sync with one another, even the angles are right!!!! Apart from that, this dance has a lot of clean moves, like all the leg kicks and stuff and it looks nice :Db

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1.2.10 : SNSD - Oh! MV
Posted by XYZ at 9:30 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

Aaaaaahhhhhh so sorry for the late post (I've been busy stalking. HAHAHA not really, I just staked out at the airport twice, in a frenzy, and spent the rest of the weekend catching up on work haha, and then regretting not going for the SHINee fan sign :()

I've watched this and well, I think the choreography makes the song look better. It's not as classy as Genie (I loved that!!) but it's still cute haha.

I lol-ed forever at Jessica's blur face when she went the wrong direction during the pom pom part hahahaha! I also like the part where Jessica was standing in the middle with the rest of the girls around her and they slowly moved forward! It looked really nice.

Apart from the fact that this was very cutesy in singing at some parts (well, watching it halfway I felt like it reminded me of their Gee!!) I like the way the song looks and sounds when it's put together hahaha

I haven't watched any live performances yet T_T I promise to cover Music Core this weekend!! I have a some time to do so anyway :D

P/S: I think the MV ends in a "To be continued..." manner so... we'll just have to wait and see haha

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