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30.10.09 : [091030] SHINEE WON!!!!!
Posted by XYZ at 8:21 PM


Stellar performances from many many groups tonight!! I'll recap only some of the groups that I'm watching right now cos I need to pee but I want to finish typing this out hahahaha :D

{Video credits to WeAreShiningOnTivi @ Youtube}

Hehehehehehe I'm still happy for them hahaha ~♥ They did really good here though I do not like Taemin's hair. Key's "butterfly" actions get weirder each time hahaha! I'm kinda sad they cut out Jonghyun's intro to the song and jumped straight to the Ring Ding Dong parts? I love the intro!

Still, gratz to them on their win!!!!! Jong DID NOT CRY :O (haha joking I love this boy) and Minho talked!! He thanked the crowd :D Taemin and Key were also linking arms while Taemin held the bouquet ;D And Key ^^ singing while flaunting the trophy HAHAHA Onew sounds sick? His voice was so...soft :S I wished encores were longer :( (jealous overseas fan)

4Minute - What A Girl Wants
Gayoon fell off the stage yesterday and her ankle swell but she's still dancing in heels!! WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE. Wow. They've really become professionals. I used to doubt Sohyun's vocals cos they weren't particularly strong in Muzik, but I think it was the dance maybe :) She sounds fine here and it's nice seeing them having fun on stage with the fun choreography? Hahaha

BEAST - Bad Girl
♥ Camerman didn't catch Yoseob smacking Doojoon's butt :( But the fans did HAHA! And Dongwoon's hair looks so much better here, though AJ's looked better in the MV (to me, at least hahaha) i like how they were 3 black, 3 white today ~♥

F.T. Triple - Love Letter
Awwww I think Jaejin has a really nice voice, even if it isn't raspy (and very unique, hahaha I'm not familiar with F.T. Island songs but I could figure out Hongki's voice on Korean radio HAH! :P) but it sounds really soothing. ♥ YAY.

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
Red + Black this time! :D (I'm wearing red now hahahaha) G.O.'s voice is so *_________* and Cheondong is like such an awkward boy it's cute :) I think he's still reserved on stage, you see the rest trying to up the hot-ness of the performance and he's just being shy and awkward ♥

SS501 - Love Like This
Tbh, I didn't finish watching this but HOMG I LOVE THE INTRO THING they did with the screens/silhouettes!! So cool! And their outfits are a lot better than the fake tattoos stuff last Sunday haha. I hope they win something. Btw, I think Leader's hair looks better with the fringe down - he looks older like that :(

T-ara & Supernova - Time To Love
They did TTL!! The original version and wow it's so much slower than TTL Listen 2 hahaha I think I'm used to the fast track now :) I think the song is really beautiful slow. It's nice, and Hyomin with the guys (yeah, Jihyuk and... :\ Haven't got the Supernova names down argh) is just WOAH hahaha.

Bbl with the rest of the performances!! I've to pee for reals hahaha and it's dinner time :) Updated already! :D

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: Heechul - "ChoByul" solo track
Posted by XYZ at 7:04 PM

{Video credits to randomRinnie @ Youtube}

I've never heard Heechul's voice for real, but it sounds pretty *______* and it's apt for a soundtrack! 8D

This song is for the drama I Love You 10 Million Times Part 2 OST. :)

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: SS501 - Love Like This MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:52 PM

{Video credits to shirbogurl @ Youtube}

Looks good!! I just realized that Leader has a lot of autotune during his one line? :( And I hope they don't ever wear the tattoo skin thing in performances!! I'm not a huge fan of SS501, tbh, but I think they sing well. Except, I think it's got something to do with their dance? There isn't any winning move in their choreography, something that people would want to copy and parody on shows. For example, SM artistes have really good choreography that everyone wants to learn.


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29.10.09 : [091029] BEAST - Again&Again
Posted by XYZ at 7:50 PM

{Video credits to saraa16bb @ Youtube}

Wow. They sound fine and looked awesome (suits *_______________*, well except for AJ - his outfit doesn't look on par with the rest hahaha) but I wished they had 7 people? Hahaha. It was kinda striking with the 6 people even though they did it in BEAST formation, meaning they're in a triangle with someone in the middle there. If you get what I mean.

Hahahaha. But it's quite obvious how much they love (haha) 2PM cos they also danced to Again&Again at the end of the BEAST documentary episode! HAHAHAHA :D

Btw, Dongwoon looks so good here!! AND I'M GLAD MAGNAE GETS A LITTLE LOVE HERE!! :D

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28.10.09 : 4Minute - What A Girl Wants MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:03 PM

WHAT A LOAD OF MUSIC VIDEOS BEING RELEASED TODAY! :D (btw, I'm not posting in order of them being released haha)

{Video credits to urasiansourceKpop @ Youtube}

Aww I like the dance hahahaha and they all look so cute here :D

LOL @ the part where all 5 of them are squeezed into a car hahahaha. I like the song, and this MV goes just right with the tempo of it. Plus, it's a whole lot better than those behind the scenes footage that is usually made into a music video x_____x

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: Big Bang - Let Me Hear Your Voice MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:59 PM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}

THIS IS JUST A PREVIEW. I watched the full thing earlier this afternoon but it has been taken down due to copyright claim, so we'll just have to wait for YGEntertainment to upload onto the official Youtube account...

That said, for those who may have watched it already IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AS WELL, WASN'T IT?? I loved the beginning and how they spelled out "BIG BANG" :D And I thought GD looked really fiiiiiine here hahahaha also, I'm happy to see Daesung and the rest together ♥

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: Park Bom - You And I MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:54 PM

{Video credits to YGLadies @ Youtube}

SO SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL *_________________________*

Bom looks really pretty here, and there are a lot of cute moments :D :D Especially loved the part where they were playing video games, and when Bom painted a Christmas tree. Btw, the cupcakes looked really yummy (I'm hungry :9).

I need a download!!! :D

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26.10.09 : [091025] 2PM Jaebeom - Sunday Night
Posted by XYZ at 1:28 PM

Updated: Embed a subbed video thanks to time2sub2!! :D

{Video credits to time2sub2 @ Youtube}

Okay so, the camera crew and all went over to Seattle to find Jay. Watching this kinda killed me. I mean, they've got a lot of footage supporting Jay and all that, but them trying to find his house (and eventually finding it) and trying to interview him was so sad ;________;

They even followed him to some b-boy place (not sure, no subs) and Jay realized that there was a crew there, he walked off. The guy followed him and all that and Jay didn't even get pissed, but tried to continue walking off.


I guess the better part of this was the footage showing support for him, and also the part where we saw him smiling. :)

P/S: His Again&Again performance outfit is up for auction (along with the rest of 2PM's) at Lotte for charity and his outfit has raised $2 MILLION USD. That's a frickin lot of money for something that is kinda hard to wear on the streets hahaha. See Jay, we still love you ok! ♥ :) Ok time for work now ugh



25.10.09 : [091024] 2PM on Infinity Challenge
Posted by XYZ at 6:46 PM

There aren't any subs and I wanted to wait for the subs but I couldn't take it anymore. I miss 2PM ;__________; SUBS ARE NOW OUT, ON TIME2SUB2'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 1
So they start off performing Again & Again and the Infinity Challenge MCs are really excited haha! Then halfway 2PM starts jumping up and down like the monkeys they are ♥ Junsu suddenly goes, "Say Ho~!" and the cast enthusiastically return the greeting hahahaha! Then they run back to the van homg! As if it was just a short live performance in the middle of the countryside omg so cute hahahaha ♥ Ah, they return dressed as countrysiders hahaha and in a farming vehicle too!

Oh they play a game where you have to push the other person down and stuff. Nichkhun vs. Park Myung Soo is up first! 8D This is going to turn into a mud fight hahahaha PMS wins because Nichkhun falls into the mud first, but Khun falls so beautifully, landing on his feet! Whereas PMS is all muddy now hahaha

Chansung vs. another member if IC sorry I don't know his name :\ anyway chansung falls and the rest of 2PM throw mud at him hahaha! Wooyoung is up against Hyung Don next and he brings pride to 2PM whoohoo!! The two of them looked like they were dancing in synchronized/mirror image fashion hahahah

Ah okay I shouldn't recap the whole of 2PM cuts cause it'd take forever. And I'm feeling hungry :9 hahahahaha. You can watch the rest of it on roroto92's Youtube channel :)

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: [091025] Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 6:04 PM

{Video credits to Codemonomonseason3 @ Youtube}

AWESOME STAGE HOMG. *________________________*
At first I thought Taeyang might have some problems cause the dance is quite taxing which will cause the voice to waver or something but he sounded solid overall!!! I liked how there were more backup dancers coming out towards the end, and that boy sure knows how to do some fan-service hahaha. I know the cap is part of the look but I wished he'd take it off so we can see his eyesssss instead of just a flash of them when he adjusts his cap haha!

Update with the other performances later!! :D Okay, I did my best - I tried to watch more than just my biases :D

4Minute - What A Girl Wants
It just occurred to me that Jihyun never moves from her spot. She doesn't go to the middle when it's her turn to sing, she just stays on that same position from start to finish while the other 4 girls keep switching places. Haha, I wonder why! Anyway they look cute and I like their outfits, actually. :)

BEAST - Digital Music Chart
LOL @ DUJUN AND YOSEOB! Yoseob is so cute hahahaha he's hugging Dujun to no end when TTL plays hahahahaha qt. And Yoseob with that huge pink bow on his hand at the end is pure win.

BEAST - Bad Girl
There is so much fan service in this performance homg!!!!!! Fav part when Yoseob kneeled down in front of Dujun I SERIOUSLY THINK HE IS SECRETLY IN LOVE WITH LEADER (recalls digital music chart proclaimation of love wahahahaha). THEN GI KWANG (should stop calling him AJ actually, but it sounds so much smoother hahaha) TAKES OFF HIS TOP to reveal almost all of his upper body hahahahaha 8D 8D (bias appearing!!!!!!)

G-Dragon - A Boy
I liked his outfit until he ran to the back and changed into the weird thing :\ :\ :\ I'm glad he made the dance break thingy hahaha it made the performance more interesting! His live was good though, esp that high pitched thing. THAT WAS, LIKE, QUITE COOL.

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
The camera seems to love Cheondung a lot here you can see so much of him hehehe. I think their live singing got better, honestly. They sound less breathless and they don't sound as though they are having a hard time trying to reach the notes :) :) :)

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
TAEMIN HAS GROWN UP HAHAHAHA he keeps doing stuff that Jonghyun would do nowadays. Like, trying to be sexy? HAHA. Anyway, they're wearing the pebbles outfit that Onew described as "falling apart" during the BTS MV video and seriously, Onew's outfit WAS falling apart! There was this pebble on his collar that seemed to be threatening to drop any moment hahaha awwwwww dubu ♥ and Key looks hot as usually. He's changed the way he does "butterfly" now hahaha.

SS501 - Only One Day + Love Like This
I GOT GOOSEBUMPS WATCHING ONLY ONE DAY OMG IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL *_________________* And the tattoo prints on the shirt thing they wore in Love Like This looked pretty real from afar. I was thinking, "wow! that's a lot of work (tattoos) on Hyun Joong" since he was wearing a sleeveless jacket haha. But on close up you can see it's something like an undershirt :D

T-ara & Supernova - TTL Listen 2
Fur :\ I haven't watched a lot of their TTL Listen 2 performances since they started promotions, so it's nice to see them hehehe. And it was a great performance from them, the Supernova boys had such high energy during the dance parts! :D

Ah okay so that's it for Inkigayo and my nonsensical recaps! :D

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: [091024] Music Core
Posted by XYZ at 12:15 AM

WOW, I haven't done recaps of performances in ages but I thought I should do yesterday's Music Core (and I'll get round to Inkigayo later when it airs :D)

I'm only posting the new groups and comeback performances okay? Hahahaha. My eyes would fall out if I posted all and wrote about them all as well :D

{Video credits to Codemonmonseason4 @ Youtube}

Was it just me or was the performance kinda short? :\ I love the start though, the way they appeared by the spotlight thingy and of course, Leader has to appear from below hahahaha. Why does he only get one line anyway??! And what did they do to Baby's hair?? It looked better in the teaser :S I kinda like the song in a way, it's growing on me because of the fast and slow mix :D Which reminds me, the last time I saw all 5 of them perform on stage was during Triple S's UR MAN promotions T_________T IT HAS BEEN SO LONG!

4Minute - What A Girl Wants
They look a lot more cuter in this image! :) I reallllllllly like this song and Jiyoon looks so pretty here *______* they sound great btw! The ending was like a reminder that they're still the girls who did Muzik and Hot Issue hehehe. I ALSO LIKE THEIR SHOES :O

BEAST - Bad Girl
I've downloaded a HQ video of their MV and I can't stop watching it especially for AJ's wink. They look good here, but I'm sure there's still room for improvement :) I also finally managed to listen to their mini-album yesterday and I liked it very much!!

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
This song is getting stuck in my head!!!!!!!! I like their outfits here, and G.O. looks more bad boy with the shades on but at the same time, I'm glad he took them off :) Mir is looking more and more like a Kyujong/Jungmin and Hongki now!!!!! I found that their live singing has improved though, they sound more stable now :)

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
LOVED IT. I think it was by far one of their better performances (though not really the hair hahaha). Taemin and Minho switched places during the "rocka rocka" part!! However, I'm doubtful about Minho's rap part? It didn't sound live :S I seriously hope they win something soon.

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23.10.09 : Rain + Lee Joon - Ninja Assassin
Posted by XYZ at 7:49 PM

I bet that gif caught you attention, didn't it? ;D


Joon will play the younger version of Rain's character.

He will also speak English (!!!!!!!!!)

Source: + MBLAQ livejournal comm

I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW HAHAHAHAHA. I wonder if they'll show this in Singapore. I think they will though, it's a U.S. film. :D :D :D :D :D

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: 4Minute - What A Girl Wants MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 7:38 PM

{Video credits to TYPICALpocky @ Youtube}

Whoops! Nearly missed this cause I fell asleep x______x

I'm also feeling quite excited about this. It's a look that's a lot more normal and less...fierce? Hahahaha, they look - Idk - innocent here :)

P/S: Plus this is my favourite song off the album! :D

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: SS501 - Love Like This MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 7:33 PM

{Video credits to hoonfami @ Youtube}

I'm feeling very excited just seeing them in this video. HAHAHAHAHA.

They would be making their comeback stages on Music Core and Inkigayo. Initially, their comeback was supposed to be today but Music Bank got replaced by baseball. :)

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: G-Dragon - Butterfly MV
Posted by XYZ at 11:59 AM

{Video credits to BabyB0ngaholic @ Youtube}


It's very very Alice In Wonderland-ish and it's so different from the previous two MVs G-Dragon came out with!! :D I'm very happy that it's so...pretty *_____________*

G-Dragon will be performing A Boy on music shows and promoting Butterfly through the music video, simultaneously.

P/S: SUNDAY'S INKIGAYO IS A MUST WATCH. G-DRAGON VS. TAEYANG. HAHAHA NOT REALLY. But Taeyang's going to perform "Where U At" for the first and last time so it's a definite must watch, isn't it?? :D

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21.10.09 : Dream Concert - SM Backstage footage
Posted by XYZ at 8:28 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


Things to look out for:


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20.10.09 : BEAST - Bad Girl MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:13 PM

{Video credits to laughandgiggle28 @ Youtube}

SO IT'S TRUE, DONG WOON'S GOT A LOW VOICE. He's also got eyes like a girl's!!!!!!

After watching this, I'm almost positive I want to marry AJ hahaha did you see that wink? it was directed at me I actually like the MV a lot, it's got some nice shots in it and while it's not a very beastly song or something that you'd use for promotions, I like it a lot better now. :)


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19.10.09 : SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" album released!
Posted by XYZ at 12:20 PM

Y.O.U (Year of Us) - I LOVE THIS SONG SFM. It's sounds so amazing, and just *___________________*

Jo Jo - I love this track as well. It's so nice.


SHINee Girl - It sounds so funky I like it :D Even though it's not what I usually listen to, and not what they usually sing. "Kiss kiss kiss~" LOL. Jonghyun's voice sounds really good here.

The Name I Loved (Onew's Solo) - THE NAME I LOVED IS XYZ. Awwww Dubu you know I love you too! 8D I love Onew's voice - it's my favourite voice ever! I'm so glad he gets a solo in this mini-album and although it's a slow song, he sounds so good! (P/S: One of the reasons why I like the "Complicate girl~" part in Ring Ding Dong is because Onew sings it. HAHA)

THIS (mini) ALBUM IS THE BOMBZ. (BOOMZ - LOL okay shut up, I'm actually getting sick of that joke) But seriously, I love this album sfm, I think I might actually have to break my vow of not buying mini-albums (because they're a waste of money, well I only buy some of Big Bang's hahaha *gets bricked*) but seriously, this is too good! I like this so much more than Romeo (and I saw it in a CD shop but didn't buy it - it broke my heart no buying it lol and it had TAEMIN on the back!!)


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18.10.09 : [091018] SBS Inkigayo
Posted by XYZ at 6:57 PM

WOAHHH. I've only watched MBLAQ, BEAST and (of course) SHINee's performances for today's episode of Inkigayo.

I love Inkigayo, they got quite a lot of good shots for the two debut performances, and absolutely fantastic ones for SHINee's comeback performance :)

BEAST - Bad Girl
AJ AJ ASLDKJAODFISDJOFI hahahaha his smile is such a killer. Actually, I think they're vocally sound and they perform the song well, but I don't really like the blonde guy's vocals :\ (Today his head is mostly covered, you can only see a bit of his blonde fringe) But the performance was great overall!! And is it just me, or is Dong Woon's voice the really low one? Because he doesn't look like he has a low voice like that and I can't see if it really is him haha!

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
AWESOME, MUCH BETTER THAN THE PERFORMANCE @ M!COUNTDOWN. :D :D I think the mics had a part to play in this. It was a great performance showing off their dance and ~fierce-ness~ but their vocals were a bit shaky :\ Hard to imagine that the sunglasses guy (GO, right?! :D) actually sings like that - I'd have thought he had a low voice! HAHA! Joon is hot hot hot and actually I think Cheon Dung is hot too, but it's kinda ironic that he dances really little when he's the main dancer :\

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
I'm beginning to love this song so much, it must be illegal! HAHAHAH now my favourite part is the part where Onew sings "Complicate girl~" and then they all dance around and stuff omg 8D I also like the start when Key sings "Butterfly~" 8D And I also like the dance part at the "locka locka locka locka~ (fantastic)" heehee. Yes I know it's actually "Rocka" but they say it like "locka"! :D And all of them look so good today!! IT'S MY FAVOURITE HAIRSTYLES OF ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF HAIRSTYLES IN THE MV. Taemin's hair is growing on me (the one where his fringe is all up and I can see his forehead) and Onew's hair should remain that way foerver ♥ Minho looks really... majestic - he looks even taller than usual ahahah I think it's because of the trench coat thingy. :D IS IT JUST ME OR IS THE ENDING POSE LIKE DBSK'S ENDING POSE IN WRONG NUMBER EXCEPT THAT THEY'RE FACING FRONT NOW. Okay close. They don't do the phone thing, but the crossing legs thing, yes??!!!! :D

Shit, I'm one scary fangirl on the loose. Time to suppress all that energy and have dinner nao hahahahaha

P/S: Today, Wooyoung('scheeks LOL) and Taecyeon('steeth HAHA) are back on Inkigayo as MCs yayyyyyyyyyy joy to the world~ Check out their MC cut here, credits to CodeMonmonSeason3 for the videosssssss

P/P/S: I didn't watch the other performances (yet), but you should if you have the time!! Apart from BEAST and MBLAQ's debut, RUN (solo artist) also debuted and he had already scored a permanent role on KBS Dream Team before even debuting :O Also, G-Dragon performed "A Boy" (with pretty bad hair :\) and there was also f(x)'s usual LA chA tA as well as KARA's goodbye stage! (Phew, what a mouthful) SEE, THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO WATCH HAHAHA

P/P/P/S: Off topic, but KARA had a glow-in-the-dark stage/performance at Music Core yesterday and it was super cool!!!!!!! :D

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17.10.09 : SHINee - Ring Ding Dong MV
Posted by XYZ at 10:49 AM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

:D It's dark and scary and looks all sorts of mysterious.

The water part was kinda short, and I guess it's that short cause it only works during the parts of the dance where their legs move hahaha :D :D

I thought I saw Heechul in the video but it was actually Taemin!!!!!! HIS HAIR IN THE GROUP DANCING PARTS. Until I got a close up it didn't look like Taemin at all 8D

The wings part at the end...keeps reminding me of the Chinese saying. I think it's representative of them maturing and growing up, so they have "wings" now because they're independent or something and then they can fly off on their own. Hahahaha

:D Wasn't a disappointment.

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16.10.09 : [091016] SHINee's comeback on Music Bank!
Posted by XYZ at 7:48 PM

{Video credits to dkpnews @ Youtube}

:D :D :D :D :D
The choreography looks good, it's really tight and they are one with the dancers - LOVELY. Jonghyun is working up his sexy meter hahahahaha and while I'll have to take some time getting used to Key's hair, he's doing good! Taemin's hair actually looks like a crimped mushroom head? :\ But I hear his vocals, and it's getting better!! :D :D But also, he's in a cape?? OKAY WHATEVER. TAEMIN HAS IMPROVED AND IS SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENT NOW :D doesn't matter what he's wearing LOL


Loved the rap part between Minho and Key :D

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: Epik High - 트로트 + High Technology MV
Posted by XYZ at 12:51 PM

{Video credits to mapthesoul @ Youtube}

This was just as funny as the first episode (Wannabe MV).

There's closure to this, and Tablo manages to kill Mithra monster and red yarn comes out as blood. Then 3 beautiful girls emerge from the insides of Mithra monster, and the first 2 girls go over to Tablo who looks shit scared. I'm guessing he loved them both or something? Hahahaha and then Tukutz's gf who got left behind also emerges and there's a happy ending for all of them...

Except for Mithra monster who sits pitifully trying to sew himself up but still coughing out red yarn (blood) haha!

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: 2PM - Again&Again (Remix) practice clip
Posted by XYZ at 12:36 PM

{Video credits to jennys880 @ Youtube}

Awwww man. I miss their fail.

Things to note:



15.10.09 : SHINee - Ring Ding Dong MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 7:44 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


I can't wait to see the full thing and it seems like this transformation thing has got to be part of their career hahahaha I don't get the wings and stuff - maybe it represents them growing up?? - but I can't wait to watch the part with the water splashing around. I love things like that and I can imagine the phwoarrrrrrrr already

P/S: Jonghyun's hair is so fiiiiiiine~

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: Taeyang feat. Teddy - Where U At MV
Posted by XYZ at 5:07 PM

{Video credits to YGEntertainment @ Youtube}

I AM VERY EXCITED TO SEE TAEYANG PERFORM THIS LIVE. I love the song already and the dance is so slick and Taeyang like. So's the song, btw. This genre should be called Taeyang cause it screams his name. For once, I see Teddy without a hood/cap and it's refreshing, tbh I almost mistook him for Taeyang haha!

This is just a digital single, and it seems to me like he's going to market his videos like G-Dragon. The piano part at the end was so heart-wrenching and beautiful, but it seems to be a follow up to his next music video, perhaps?


He'll be releasing a mini (? can't rmb :\)/album soon and "WHERE U AT" is something like an intro.

P/S: From this, I can totally tell why people were saying he'd make a great + successful solo artist last year when he came out with his solo mini-album. HE IS SO GOOD BY HIMSELF!

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: SNSD + f(x) - Chocolate Love MVs
Posted by XYZ at 5:03 PM

SNSD's version - I've just watched this - haven't watched f(x)'s version yet - and it's kinda lengthy? Lol, when f(x) appeared at the start I thought Yuri slimmed down tremendously when it was actually Krystal hahaha! Okay, so I get why Cheeeken's so addicted to the song, because it keeps replaying and replaying until so. It's rather okay but ngl I thought it was bland :\ Also, I thought Yoona got A LOT of solo shots, and was getting mad that Hyoyeon was getting many when she started getting some haha oh well

f(x)'s version - I liked this, it's a lot more faster, probably because of a faster beat. There's a lot of ass and too little of Luna!! Amber's rap was nicely fit in (this is the first time I've heard the song in full haha) and there's this part where they're sitting on the chair, and Amber isn't as flexible as the rest cause they were lifting their leg up or something and it was cute seeing her stretch uncomfortably while the rest looked nonchalant about it :D I wonder if they make her wear heels? I guess not, right?

Overall, while Chocolate Love may not be my favourite CF/MV, it's not that bad after all. Before this, I couldn't get through the song... I think SNSD's version seemed bland because it was too slow-moving in a way, like the song was laid back and so was the MV as a whole, whereas for f(x)'s it was more exciting with the flashing lights and all that - it's all got to do with the song :)

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14.10.09 : MBLAQ - "Oh Yeah" MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:31 PM

{Video credits to allkpop @ Youtube}

Looks good. Hahaha. I'm easily bought over by little things, and this group's got quite a lot of eye candy 8D I like Cheon Dong's (Sandara's little brother) hairstyle, he looks fresh and clean cut. Also, Lee Joon is so extremely cute omg and he looks like he's got a bit of Seunghyun in him as well!! Maybe it's the hair.

Their mini-album was released early today. :)
Track listing:
01. Oh Yeah
02. G.O.O.D Luv
03. My Dream

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: BEAST - "Bad Girl" debut song released
Posted by XYZ at 3:20 PM

{Video credits to Mr Jenpoo @ Youtube}

This sounds nice, but it's not as beastly as they make out their image to be. :\

You must be thinking, BEAST? But isn't that B2ST's photo? Yes, B2ST has changed their name to BEAST. I wonder if there's an acronym to go with that hahaha.

I think the song's pleasing to the ears, but it doesn't really sound like a title track kinda song, more of a listen on my iPod song? Lol. And it doesn't match up to the beastly image they're projecting...

I thought the official teaser had an extremely BEASTLY feel to it. It'd be powerful if they performed it on stage/turned it into a song... maybe it'll end up like 2NE1's Pretty Boy, coming out in another mini-album or something :D

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: SHINee - "Ring Ding Dong" full track
Posted by XYZ at 3:13 PM

{Video credits to lizann16 @ Youtube}

Praying hard this isn't a remake but I'm liking what I hear right now. :)

There's a lot of autotune in the track, but I think it'll come through since they're great at singing live... MV teaser will be released tomorrow, and this will be followed by their comeback stage on Music Bank on the 16th.

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13.10.09 : SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" Key's pictures + preview track
Posted by XYZ at 6:49 PM

{Video credits to vivientww @ Youtube}

SHINee teaser 5 - Jo Jo

I like the song!! Hahahaha
Track List:
01 Y.O.U.(Year Of Us)
02 Ring Ding Dong
03 Jo Jo
04 Get Down
05 SHINee Girl
06 내가 사랑했던 이름
Their comeback is on Friday's episode of Music Bank (!!!!!!!) and the title track is "Ring Ding Dong".

Key's promo pictures were released as well. I thought the straight fringe might have been a wig, but it's not :( I saw pictures of him in that hair irl. AND IRL > PROMO PICTURES SO MUCH.

Image Hosted by

Cr: shakizi

Can't wait for their comeback - OCTOBER'S BOY GROUP MONTH! :DV ♥

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: MBLAQ - Oh Yeah MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 6:27 PM

{Video credits to JungYuri0810 @ Youtube}

Really short and really mysterious, but I'm looking forward to their debut as well, because well - Sandara Park's (2NE1) brother is in it haha!

And the group's under Rain's mentoring and J.Tune Entertainment (Rain's entertainment company). Rain has even mentioned how they are better than him when he was a trainee. :O Woah.

A little background info, "MBLAQ" stands for "Music Boys Live In Absolute Quality". Also, it's pronounced as "M-black" ;D

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: B2ST - Album teaser (New group)
Posted by XYZ at 6:16 PM

{Video credits to 21YGL @ Youtube}

S0-1 who was supposed to be in Big Bang (but got eliminated) is in this group, and his the freaking awesome popper - Hyun Seung.

I like how the video's got their names so we can learn them while matching names to faces. :D I'm falling in love with Dong Woon already omg. And Gi Kwang (aka AJ, he debuted as a solo earlier this year but is now in B2ST) is kinda suave, and his moves make him hot hahahah :D :D And there's a TOP lookalike in this group! I think it's the hairstyle, and his name is Du Jin ;D

I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE DEBUT OF THIS GROUP. But they want to take over the title of 2PM's Beastly Idols and I won't let them because 2PM = BEASTLY IDOLS 4LYFE

Still can't wait for this group. I repeated the song and mashed it up by clicking random parts of the video cos I was trying to learn their names hahaha and it's kinda catchy with a fierce beat. :D ANTICIPATING...

P/S: Some background information, B2ST is under Cube Entertainment (same as 4Minute) and their name actually means "Boys 2 Search the Top". And it's pronounced as "Best" like in the MV where it was repeated 1000 times haha!

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: SHINee Night DVD (Eng subbed!)
Posted by XYZ at 5:53 PM

Many thanks to sfinee @ Youtube for the subssssss :D

This was footage from their trip to NZ for the photo book photoshoot, and you get to see their funny sides here 8D 8D

Part 1 - Key makes an extremely cold joke right from the start (I'm surprised Dubu didn't! :D) They do an introduction of why they're in NZ and they look so cute in their clothes hahaha!! Matching shirts. LOL (omg I just realized that I haven't seen a single scan from their SHINee Night photobook - and there hasn't been a post yet - because it came out during the exam period and I wanted to reward myself with it after exams...but I seem to have forgotten lol) anyway they talk about their thoughts of being in NZ, and TAEMIN IS SUCHA QT he's amazed at seeing blonde hair in NZ - it's a reminder to him that he's in another country LOL *squishes Taemin flat* Onew gets really excited about the clouds hahahaha *squishes Onew as well* "Shepherd boys, let's go!" and they march off screen - but then Key runs back in and says, "FOLLOW!" HAHAHAHA

Does anyone else think that Taemin looks extremely stylish in a school boy fashion with his black long-sleeve and huge white headphones?? COS I DO. HAHAHA Key opens the door to a tractor of some sort, and makes Onew get in and that boy starts jumping around in the seat pretending to drive it ohhhhh dubu~

Onew then figures out his secret gift at chopping wood, and Taemin's not that good at it but looks adorable when he sees the axe getting stuck in the wood (haha) and Jonghyun finds a dog to tickle and play with :D Key and Taemin plays with the dog too! ♥


I won't recap the rest of the videos cause it will make this post impossibly long (and I'll bore you anyway haha!) but you can watch the rest here on sfinee's Youtube channel - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU WATCH IT :D



12.10.09 : Updates on 2PM
Posted by XYZ at 6:45 PM

{Video credits to deNainxdeNain @ Youtube}

2PM at Dream Concert 2009 [Fancam: performance was not broadcasted]

I think this performance shows how 2PM's core is Jaebum, and that 2PM also misses Jaebum. Just my $0.02 worth, but I disagree with the boycott. :S I don't think the rest of the 2PM boys should be subjected to the harshness of the boycott. :S They miss him too, right? I understand the boycott is directed at the company for not doing better to keep Jay but the rest of 2PM are still affected emotionally and that saddens me :( /$0.02

Nevertheless, this performance showed how Jay holds 2PM together. I'm glad they didn't edit the audio track, and neither did they modify the dance so there's a glaring gap where Jay's supposed to be at. And during his parts, the rest of them just danced, and the audio track played :') No one replaced his singing parts. Idk about you, but I thought it was a heart-warming action from 2PM and the company. That they didn't change anything to show how Jay needs to be there - shows that they want and need him too :') (Btw, I haven't watched any Dream Concert videos yet and probably won't being doing a post about it cause there isn't enough time :\)

Other videos are of the time stop/dance flash mobs that have been happening around the world! It all started with the Korean initiative, but it has since expanded to many cities (Check out forum for more information) and Singapore's taking part too btw! 17TH OCTOBER. Most of the other cities did it on 10 October (10/10 you know?) but since it's exam period, the organizers shifted the date one week later. Anyway, Singapore's having a TIME STOP flash mob, so there's no dancing in it. Just stop walking at 1:58pm.

However, New York dance flash mob was awesome!! They did 10 Points Out Of 10 and wow that guy can break - he even did Jay's part! P/S this isn't the official video from the organizers. The official one's been made private so I can't see it :(

Malaysia also did a dance flash mob and I liked how the video was put together, very nice! (Especially the ending - it was really meaningful I even got goosebumps!) But this looked a lot more organized and less of a suddenly people coming together to dance kinda thing (like the one in Korea). They also incorporated BEG's Abracadabra (No idea why though :\) I thought it was nice, nevertheless! Plus, there's footage of passer-bys, and one of the tourists joined in the Abracadabra dance in the background (if you look carefully, you'll see him :D)

So, head on over to 2oneday forums for more details and remember to sign up for the time stop flash mob in Singapore!! :D It's at Ngee Ann City. :D :D

P/S: T, ;D there are a few people going alone too :)

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: SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" Minho's pictures revealed!
Posted by XYZ at 6:21 PM

Image Hosted by

Boy looks good here but hair needs a haircut!!!!!!! 8D
Key's the only one left now 8D

And another track has been released! A cut of Minho's rap and it sounds sexayyyyyy hahahah "My Ear's Candy" :P

{Video credits to WeaReShining01 @ Youtube}

8D 8D

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: T-ara & Supernova - TTL Listen 2 MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:09 PM

{Video credits to Vagabond190 @ Youtube}

VERY COOL. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH. The rap parts, especially Jihyuk's (!!! I KNOW HIS NAME HAHAHA he's the second male rapper) part. I like the beat, and it's a lot hotter now that Eunjung (!!) and Hyomin (!) seem to be "fighting" over him.

But the singing and rapping parts are the same. It's like, 12 people are performing together, but the original 7 have parts in the song. I thought Qri and Boram were kinda pointless being added in. I think Boram looks extremely awkward there, plus she's so small she's got quite a lot of parts in the front row (so as to level out the height haha).

Must remind self to get HQ downloads for the original and new one! 8D 8D

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11.10.09 : [091010] Star King
Posted by XYZ at 11:30 AM

{Video credits to 0o0r @ Youtube}

This was extremely funny!! :D

Wooyoung and Nichkhun are back in the Star King circuit and I thought it was nice to see them smile and laugh. :) Wooyoung's frames (I think they're fake) are so cute hahaha he looks adorable in them!

The NBA cheerleaders called the Dunking Divas appear in this episode, and they show off their dunking skills (with the help of a trampoline to help them jump). Everyone's in awe of them - INCLUDING ME. So awesome, and I thought they were just dunking and stuff, but then there's this girl who switched the ball over from left to right hand in the air - UNDER HER LEG - before dunking it into the hoop just in time!! Perfection, I tell you.

Wooyoung and Nichkhun try their hand at dunking (and you can tell it's not easy, cause it looks different from what the divas did haha) but the epic fail/win goes to Yesung + Leeteuk!!!!! Yesung jumps first, then throws the ball to Leeteuk who's behind him, and Leeteuk is supposed to shoot it into the hoop but he falls short of it hahaha and lands on the ground. Oh man, you have to watch this video for Leader's adorable fail :D

Then another guest (Don't know his name :\) goes to try his hand at dunking and he dunks the ball, yes, but the ball comes back down to earth and hits him on the nose LOL! Cause he was standing just underneath the hoop -_- :D

There's a cut of Abracadabra being performed with swords but I didn't think it was as fascinating and high energy as the dunking one. Lol. It was cool though kinda scary cause they did a sword fighting part too. HAHA. Even though I know it's probably choreographed and practiced a thousand times (the sword fighting, I mean), it's still a little nerve wrecking to watch. :D



10.10.09 : SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" teaser 2
Posted by XYZ at 8:39 PM

{Video credits to Bankaigirl @ Youtube}

WOW i was in total shock when it started cause it was pretty loud and it scared me haha! This track sounds kinda messy, but it's really upbeat and happy sounding.

There's a lot of singing and voices going on all at the same time, so it's kinda messy and hard to hear.

Still, I'm looking forward to what they have for their mini-album!!!!!1 8D

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: T-ara & Supernova - TTL Listen 2 MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 8:24 PM

{Video credits to Vagabond190 @ Youtube}


The techno beats are beginning to grow on me. Although I loved the rap-ballad a lot, I think this is getting catchier with each listen + I CAN REMEMBER ALL OF T-ARA'S NAMES NOW. But I can't tell the Supernova boys apart argh. :(

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: Taemin's new look.
Posted by Connie at 12:02 AM

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Awesome hairstyle I must say \m/

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He looks like Heechul, damn I miss SuJu.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He looks like Onew here!


Taeminnie's my darling jailbait seriously. I've never seen such a hot 16 year old. Well, besides Alex Watson (Emma Watson's younger brother) who is absolutely gorgeous.

Well, can't wait for them to come up with the rest of sneak pictures :D




9.10.09 : SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" teaser track
Posted by XYZ at 10:08 PM

{Video credits to WRShining @ Youtube}

I doubt it's a title song (and a lot of other people too!) cause it's not SME's nature to produce a title track that isn't really dance-ish. Hahahaha, can't really imagine them performing this song on stage. Probably a track off their mini-album. :)

I kinda like it, even though you can't hear anything but a lot of Youuuuuuuuus cause they drag on hahahah. I'm actually feeling a little more positive about their mini-album now! 8D Not that I wasn't before, but I was worried about what they might comeback with haha

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: FT Island - Raining MV
Posted by XYZ at 6:49 PM

{Video credits to FTilove @ Youtube}

Ah, I thought I heard a change in voice 0:42 haha and I think it's Jaejin because later in the MV he's seen singing. If I'm not wrong.

I liked how this MV was put together actually. :) It was very nice and kinda soothing even though it's a slow angsty sounding song. And they keep jumping in the video. Jumping off ledges, jumping in puddles, jumping with a blue sky in the background...

Like jumpingnutz. LOL okay poor pun, I shall wait for T-ara & Supernova's TTL version 2 MV - WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER THEIR NAMES ARGH

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: SNSD & f(x) - Chocolate Love CF
Posted by XYZ at 6:29 PM

{Video credits to protonic9 @ Youtube}

I can tell why Cheeeken's got the song in her head hahaha!

This is just a 30 sec CF, I think there's a CF MV coming out too, yes? :) Looking forward to that! :D

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: T-ara & Supernova - Time To Love V2 (audio)
Posted by XYZ at 10:59 AM

{Video credits to Vagabond190 @ Youtube}

This is really techno and stuff hahaahah the original was more of a rap-ballad.

They changed up the lyrics and stuff, but I'm not really familiar with T-ara and Supernova (I can't remember their names T____________T) and so I haven't learned their voices yet - I can't tell who sings what and where. Lol.

Okay, I think I preferred the lyrics for the chorus in the original version better. This one sounds kinda cheesy :\

I'm looking forward to the release of the music video! WHICH IS LATER TODAY HAHAHAHAHA 8D

Never say goodbye, you'll make me cry LOL.

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: SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" pictures
Posted by XYZ at 10:54 AM

source: newsen, shakizi
reupload: cutedubuyah @

Image Hosted by

Jonghyun's up first!!!! :D

Okay, upon second look I think he's won me over with his hair, it doesn't look that bad. At least, not as bad as Key's who looks like a victim of the stylist's experiment -____- Jong doesn't look that bad, he looks kinda hot except that everyone's going blonde these days -_______-

I hope the mini-album will be great though haha! :D



8.10.09 : Chocolate Love.
Posted by Connie at 9:54 PM

Hello! Sorry for being such a recluse when it comes to updates.

Chocolate love by SNSD and f(x).

SNSD Chocolate Love Retropop version

f(x0 Chocolate Love Electropop version

Whoaaaaaa, I know I'm a bit slow but ohmigu, the song is so freaking addictive! & although I'm quite biased against SNSD but their version is awesome seriously. Don't even talk about f(x), of course they're smoking hot.

Teehee, must listen k!

Am addcited naozzzz :D

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: SHINee - "2009, Year of Us" mini-album
Posted by XYZ at 6:14 PM

Image Hosted by


I don't like the hairstyles at all!! Except for Taemin's Ronald McDonald which doesn't seem to have changed, and Minho's curly dark hair, I do not like Key's and Jonghyun's!! Onew's hairstyle isn't that bad, reminds me of Yunho from Rising Sun promotions though.

I don't actually mind Taemin's hairstyle cause it gives him more...colour than the mushroom hair (but I don't like it when it's thick like some bush or something). Minho's not too bad except that it's getting kinda long and maybe he should cut it. (His hair reminds me of the guy who plays Dong Ho in Heading To The Ground aka Yunho's drama haha) Onew's not too bad although he looks like he's been through an explosion.

Key's hair is just wtf???!!?!?! Yes, I'm glad he's back to black for sure, but he looks like a vampire, and all he's missing is a long camp (HOMG TYPO haha) cape and some sharp teeth. And why is Jong blonde T_____________T crying. I liked his hair from Juliette days even though the sideview reminded me of a dinosaur. PLEASE TELL ME THEY'RE JUST WEARING WIGS.

Okay enough of me complaining. The mini-album will drop on October 19th and promotions will commence then. Pictorials from the mini-album will be released from tomorrow (October 9th) onwards.

I really really really miss their Replay days. :'(

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7.10.09 : SHU-I - Again & Again cover
Posted by XYZ at 10:27 PM

{Video credits to shuiful @ Youtube}


They start off fine, and it looks nice (and makes me miss 2PM :'() then they start fooling around and the guy in the wifebeater starts pirouette-ing and doing ballet OMG. And then the guy in the red shirt keeps falling and falling. After that they keep play fighting and during Taecyeon's part the guy in the blue hoodie dances to Abracadabra by himself omg!!!!! And the red shirt guy is such a qt he clings on to the "Taecyeon" like a koala bear :)

I'll get their names down tomorrow, really! They're the guys that did Bomb Bomb Bomb and tbh the MV didn't really stand out to me because I thought the dance was lacking...? Maybe I should watch a live performance :\

Never mind I'll give them another shot tomorrow especially since this year has been having a drought of male idols. :D



6.10.09 : [091004] MBC Star Dance Battle
Posted by XYZ at 10:18 AM

Slightly belated post but it was an awesome show. :) You can watch the full show at spodocskpark1's channel, I'll just recap the dance cuts/performances and stuff :D

The winner of the round is in bold :)

Round 1 (SHINee "Boys On Top" vs. After School "Again & Again")

SHINee - Boys On Top (Parody of BoA's Girls On Top)
Oh em geeeeeeeeeee I loved it hahahaha even though it was more of a performance than something you'd do at a dance battle. I linked a subbed video because they rewrote the lyrics to describe what male idols feel in a girl group generation. Fav. part of the performance was when they were literally "Boys On Top" hahahaha :D I was sad that they didn't win last year (up against 2PM, I remember) but it was obvious why 2PM won, Idk maybe originality or something.

After School - Again & Again
I think SHINee doesn't show enough dance moves with dance breaks and such, like what After School had in their performance. Idk why but does UEE always have that expressionless face on?? :\ Love Gahee, she keeps showing off her arm, "2[pm] THIS IS FOR YOU GUYS" ♥ ♥ ♥ (omg it kinda like, warmed my heart seeing that lol)

Round 2 (2AM "Hot Issue" vs. Kim Seon Soo "Saturday Night")

2AM - Hot Issue
OMG this was hilarious. You have to watch this, even if you didn't intend to watch a single video at all haha! I didn't know Changmin had all that energy and diva in him, Jokwon's just being his usual diva. LOL. Jinwoon as the maknae - SO APT. HAHAHA and there's this part where Seul Ong looked like he fell on to the ground or something I'm not sure. Just LOL-ing forever at this performance.

Kim Sung Soo (COOL) - Saturday Night

Round 3 (Baek Ji Young & Kim Tae Woo "Invitation" vs. Jang Yoon Jeong & Park Hyun Bin "My Ear's Candy")

Baek Ji Young & Kim Tae Woo - Invitation

Jang Yoon Jeong & Park Hyun Bin - My Ear's Candy (Trot version)

Round 4 (Jung Juri & Mighty Mouth vs. Epik High)

Jung Juri & Mighty Mouth

Epik High (they start at 2:20)

Round 5 (Jewelry vs. KARA "Nobody")

Jewelry Cell Block tango

KARA - Nobody
I thought this was quite good, actually!

Round 6 (Boom "Abracadabra" vs. Yoo ChaeYeon & Kim NaYeong)

Yoo Chae Yeon & Kim Na Yeong

Boom - Abracadabra
Lol this was really funny although the quality is kinda bad. Boom's rocking Narsha's wig hahahaha but there was quite little dancing come to think of it, and I was shocked when he danced Ga-In's solo LOL!

Round 7 (SNSD "Sorry, Sorry" + "Smooth Criminal" vs. Super Junior "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)")

SNSD - Sorry Sorry

SNSD - Smooth Criminal
Ngl, I liked Smooth Criminal a lot better than Sorry Sorry, even though they weren't together at some parts during Smooth Criminal, but it was awesome during the moonwalk and stuff :D

Super Junior - Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
MY FAVOURITE PERFORMANCE OMG they still have it them, don't they!! I remember last year's performance from them was equally epic. Anyway, I extremely liked how they managed to squeeze in other stuff inside, like Eunhyuk did the rapping with some of G-Dragon's in it (it was Heartbreaker, right?) and then they went mad doing the "aerobics style" dance hahaha, especially Sungmin. And there was the awesome dance break, followed by showing some skin (LOL) and they squeezed in Sorry Sorry, Saturday Night (I think) and Abracadabra dance moves towards the end ♥ ♥ ♥ (THEY NEVER FAIL TO PLEASE ME :D :D)

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: FT Island - "Raining" MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 9:17 AM

{Video credits to FTilove @ Youtube}

JONGHUN ON THE PIANO *________________* It's Jrock kinda music, I can't wait for the full release and I hope they will do well on the Oricon charts!!! :D :D

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4.10.09 : [091003] SBS Idol Big Show
Posted by XYZ at 7:02 PM

Star studded show!!!! So many groups and performances 8D I'm going to try my best with watching all of them and recap them as well even though I still need to study :)


KARA - Trot (?) performance
I think it was a trot performance hahaha. I thought it was cute but I don't really like Nicole's hair :S They managed to put in a Pretty Girl move at 1:49 too! LOL

KARA's dorm
Oh my goodness this is so cute!! Hahahaha Hara's the first one up, and she leads the camera crew into the room and wakes the rest of them up. First up is Gyuri and she hides immediately when she sees the camera (is that why they have so many soft toys? HAHA) and then Seungyeon's next cause the two of them share the same room. Then Hara goes into another room, the room she shares with Nicole and Jiyoung, and starts waking Nicole up and she screams haha! Jiyoung's next and she's at the top bunk so Hara can't hug her to wake her up and stuff. All of them don't have make up on and they look pretty still, just with eye circles and stuff.

Then they make breakfast and Jiyoung disappears into the room, and when she appears again she's in a school uniform. HAHAHA. Gyuri makes some scrambled eggs and they share it. For some reason or another they start bowing to each other profusely, especially to Jiyoung who's leaving for school, and they bow until they're kowtowing on the floor LOL. I think Jiyoung sends Hara a thank you message for breakfast or something :) And the other 4 of them are lazing around on the floor with their laptops.

They start playing 4Minute's Muzik, and dance to f(x)'s La Cha Ta. Then it comes to BEG's Abracadabra and Nicole and Seungyeon are totally into it, but Seungyeon pulls or cracks a bone idk (it happens to me all the time though haha!) and she goes, "ah!" when they're doing the beginning for the Abracadabra dance lollllll

At the end of the video Gyuri says something (no idea what lol) and Seungyeon jumps up and down, all of them leave the living room and leave Nicole lying there saying something like "I want to sleep some more..." Hahahaha

KARA - Dance battle performance
Fierceee! Loved the start where Nicole and Hara did the intro, and it was like a mirror dance? They mirrored each other in their moves. And then while the two of them did the feminine moves, Seungyeon, Jiyoung and Gyuri did the hip hop dance hahah I thought it was a pretty strong performance :)

After School + 4Minute

After School + 4Minute - Dance Battle
After School performed "Buttons" by PCD and the chairs from Son Dambi's Crazy performances lol! Except that UEE's face was kinda. Stoned? Idk. The performance on the whole was great though :)

4Minute performed Deja Vu first, dance, I mean. Then they did Muzik, but it was a dance performance so Hyuna got quite a lot of dance breaks (not too sure, I skipped a little hahahah).

2NE1/G-Dragon/Big Bang

2NE1 - Fire (Remix version) + Let's Go Party
Stellarrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I liked the remix of Fire because of the drum beats. Okay, so after a while the drum beats were softer than the track itself, but during one part of the song it was just the drumming? :D

2NE1 + Big Bang - How Gee
Okay it's just a short cut of them showing off their dance moves and omg Taeyang *_______* and Minzy *________________* loved the ending, it was like some YG Family thing hahaha :D

2NE1 + Big Bang - Last Farewell
I was really looking forward to this because I thought it would be like a joint stage or something, but they just performed it back to back separately ;_; Daesung's missing cause he was probably still recuperating from his accident during the recording. (He's fine now, btw! :D)

G-Dragon - Breathe
He's wearing the flower jacket from the MV D: I loved what he was wearing in How Gee and Last Farewell though. Hahahaha. Oh well.

G-Dragon feat. Dara - Hello
OMG. MY FAVOURITE. I LOVE THE SONG HAHAHAHA cause I understand what G-Dragon says in English and it's kinda funny + sweet at the same time? And then GD and Dara are like the cutest pair ever!!!!!!!! GD's face is so, childish and all that when Dara goes over and taps his shoulder, he acts all shy and I feel like squishing him even though sometimes he scares me. Then the two of them do something like a couple dance and it's really quite cute hahahah the fans go crazy and all that. But Dara is cute, and so is GD so I'm not jealous :D *runs off to get a HQ download nao* BTW G-DRAGON IS SUCH A TEASER AT THE END OMG

G-Dragon + 2NE1 - I Don't Care (Unplugged version)
Tbh, I thought G-Dragon looked out of place and awkward HAHA but he rapped in the song, though I wished I understood what he was rapping. :( 2NE1 were really energetic though, even if G-Dragon wasn't :) HAHA


Dance practice for "Into The New World"
Yoona isn't present but if you watched the real performance at Idol Big Show she's still in time with the rest of them :O And during practice I think they're fooling around, lol. Cause they walk out from the line (at the beginning) in all sorts of funny ways. And then Sooyoung suddenly stops dancing @ 0:39?? LOL maybe she was recalling the steps? :) LOL they're not in time with each other and Yuri's bursting with energy hahahaha it makes it kinda fun to watch :) Hahahaha one minute they're fooling around like crazy, and the next they're stoning on the ground. Then there's food and drinks all of a sudden and they have a party in the dance studio :P

Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Yuri - The Boogie That Be + Break Away dance performance
*_________* Hyoyeon's jackets slips off her waist halfway, I don't think it was on purpose cause she didn't have time to secure the knot lol but still, the performance was great :) I like how Hyoyeon's always so smiley. :D

SNSD - Gee


2AM - Trot + Abracadabra performance
I haven't watched this fully yet cause the video wouldn't load fast enough but Changmin and Jinwoon sang a ballad I think, followed by a trot song. Then Seulong and Jokwon make a comeback of the Dirty Eyed Girls with a performance of Abracadabra. I think this DEG thing will never get old hahaha

Okay, that's it. I'll edit if there's anymore, later.

I'm so screwed, I have a paper tomorrow and I don't feel ready. It's Maths and it's kinda hard to practice maths when all I see is f(x) appearing in all the questions. LOL. Lame excuse, I know, but it's seriously happening to me :O

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3.10.09 : SHINee Night DVD on Tudou!
Posted by XYZ at 12:20 PM

:D :D

I would love to buy their set of photobooks but it'd cost me about 120++ from Yesasia which will burn such a huge hole in my pocket that I can't. x______________x

Anyway, this DVD was in their SHINee Night photobook, and apparently it does not have subs so... well it doesn't matter to me anyway because here's the full thing!! Not just cuts on Youtube!!!!!!! :D :D

(without subs)

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: [091002] MBC Female Idol Group Survival Sweet Girl
Posted by XYZ at 11:02 AM

{Video credits to AFSCtv2 @ Youtube}

Hahahaha you can watch the full show on AFSCtv2 (After School) channel but it's without subs!! Apparently, the survivor was supposed to be Hara from Kara, who was leading by a lot in some running race? But she fell at the last part, and Boram from T-ara won in the end.

Aww so cute they have this segment where they all do the famous girl group dances, like SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish leg kick (Bea from BEG is so hilarious), BEG's saucy hip dance, and KARA's butt dance.

But Ga-In from BEG, Nicole from KARA and 6 other members from SNSD aren't present. Man, Nicole should have been there!! It's like, all her friends are there! HAHAHA :)

P/S: I tagged Wonder Girls in this post because they appear in a video message! :)

P/P/S: It'd be such an awesome idea if they did one for male idol groups. 8D

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: Wonder Girls - Preview "Nobody" official remix
Posted by XYZ at 10:37 AM

{Video credits to wondergirls @ Youtube}

The beginning of the song sounds totally different! And it's hardly counted as the beginning cause when SunMi (or rather, Mimi) starts to sing it cuts off and that's the end of the preview hahaha

Sounds very club-ish which is what it's supposed to be, dance music. I don't really like dance music cause I get a headache lol, but I'll wait to hear the full thing first :)

P/S: This Nobody mania has been going on for a whole frickin year. Sometimes I wish they'd come up with a new song x__________x

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2.10.09 : [091001] Stars Dream Chuseok Special
Posted by XYZ at 6:43 PM

I'm not sure what this show is about, but I thought I saw 4Minute there. Hahaha. Anyway, I'll edit with more performances later if I dig them out. :) FOUND SOME! :D

F.T. Island covering "Hey Jude" by the Beatles
Ngl, it was kinda flat :\ LOL-ING FOREVER @ JAEJIN HOLDING A CUTOUT OF HONGKI. Hongki wasn't present cause he was filming his new drama (You're Beautiful, right? I know it's got Jang Geun Suk in it lol lookalikes?) and I'm still pissed at Jonghoon because I watched Mnet Scandal yesterday and I'm pissed off at him lol.

Oh right, the performance proper, I thought it was kinda flat. But Jaejin's English passes because well, the rest of them kinda pale in comparison hahahaha

G-Dragon Heartbreaker parody by Namolla Family member
Idk who the Namolla Family is :\ but this parody was extremely hilarious oh my goodness and the ending was just epicccccccc.

4Minute - Muzik + cover of Diva's "Why Are You Calling Me?"
I've never heard of that song by Diva before, but I'm confused as to why HyunA keeps going up and off the stage? :\ Muzik was still good. I'm liking Muzik more than ever, and I'm really glad they're winning awards now!!!! :D (They won M!Countdown yesterday!)

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1.10.09 : SHINee - Oddugi Noodles CF
Posted by XYZ at 1:35 PM

{Video credits to dirah9302 @ Youtube}

Knee-kick? Poppin? Stomp? Wave? Krump?

Ngl, I think this was kinda weird and awkward to watch, like what's with all the dance moves?? :S But Key totally owned the body wave hahahahaha.

Btw, I heard Key's back to black!!!!!!!! 8D 8D IS HAPPY. But after reading that, I read somewhere else that it's not true, he's still orange. x___________x Onew's got a haircut too! Except it's kinda short. :S

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