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28.11.09 : [091128] 2PM wins on Music Bank
Posted by XYZ at 9:32 PM

Even though today is Music Core and not Music Bank, I decided to watch some of yesterday's Music Bank cos 2PM won.

2PM WON YESTERDAY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ HAHAHAHAHAHA i'm so happy for them :D They deserve it. :)

SS501 also had their goodbye stage and After School had their comeback!

Ok but I'm running out of time ;~; so I'm just watching 2PM stuff sorry guys!!

2PM - Heartbeat
I LOVE THE INTRO STILL HAHAHAH. I haven't been watching all the Heartbeat performances so I've only ever seen Wooyoung do the ending (and I was thinking, man, does he have to keep doing that cos it looks like it hurts) but apparently there's only Khun left and the rest of the boys have done their turn? Hahaha idk. But Junsu was frickin cool. Smooth and fierce, love it. Taec's eyes were extremely scary when he did the hand-holding-heart thing at the beginning. Chansung was, intense man!

2PM - Winning #1
So they cut out the encore stage >:( But I spy Dongwoon!! And Wooyoung's smile :)

2PM - Encore fancam
MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
LOL!! The white guy (from U-Kiss right?) pretending to play the violin LOL LOL and Taec the beast throwing the flowers to the crowd. TAEC LETS WHITE GUY (sorry I don't know U-Kiss well ;~;) DO HIS PART. AND OMG CHANSUNG. He lies on the ground like...a model, staring at white guy. HAHAH! Chansung instigates Junho to push Taec to the ground like he does to white guy but white guy resists and Chansung pushes hard HAHAHA. Wooyoung why so serious ;~; I worry about him cos he hasn't been smiling!!!!! And when Taec and Chansung try to play around he pushes them away. I have a feeling that Junsu did a fail throw with the flowers so Chansung kicks him lol. CHANSUNG SO CUTE AT THE END!! Wooyoung, well, I think that's him at the side while the rest of them are "Dead" on the ground.

Dear Wooyoung, please cheer up!! Jay's going to be back soon so smile alright? :)

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: Big Bang - Hite CF
Posted by XYZ at 9:12 PM

{Video credits to taijizero2 @ Youtube}

LOL I thought the CG could have been better, especially at the ice part.

This is just a 15 sec teaser (There should be a longer one coming out soon) and we get to see Big Bang (minus Seung Ri cos the boy is underaged hahaha) frozen in ice. HAHAHA.

Looking forward to it though. I loved the one they did where they held a concert from this lorry thing and sprayed Hite beer at the crowd (something like that haha).

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27.11.09 : T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep + Like The Beginning MV teasers
Posted by XYZ at 5:25 PM

Bo Peep Bo Peep teaser - Oh noooooo this looks really racy and stuff. There's a possible addictive dance move that people might copy but it's too racy in my opinion, I think they might ban it :( The actress in it doesn't look like anyone of them... I thought it was Hyomin but it doesn't look right? Hahaha

Like The Beginning teaser - This was really cute at the beginning!! Hhahahaha is that Hyomin btw. I can't tell ;~; anyway I think this MV is gonna be quite funny. Lol.

These 2 teasers were released to allow the public to vote for the one they like better and T-ara would then use it as their title song and promote it. :)

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26.11.09 : SHINee - Nanas' B CF
Posted by XYZ at 8:51 PM

{Video credits to randy19974 @ Youtube}


I had to turn up the volume on my speakers cos I couldn't hear anything at first (was it for you guys?).

Anyway, Onew looks... *____________* I feel my bias changing Taemin looks so angelic and when Minho blinks his eyes, it's like *___________* hahahaha. Key looked so awkward here + his eyebrows - he shaped them!!!!! :'( Can't believe he shaped them hahaha miss the thick brows.

Jonghyun couldn't appear in this due to swine flu. (Now Taemin has it! ;~;) and btw, what they're saying is: "Can I touch your face once?" Hahaha. But they're kinda like touching air? Lol ok shall stop with being logical. :)

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: 2PM + Kim Tae Hee - Paris Baguette CF
Posted by XYZ at 8:46 PM

{Video credits to 2pm0nline @ Youtube}

Oh, it's Christmas already...

Hahahaha, I can't really believe this year is coming to an end already and we still have the same layout from April's Easter -______-.

This was cute hahaha Kim Tae Hee looks really tiny and like Little Red Riding Hood?? Taec looks almost emo with that hair (I, tbh, like it shorter hahaha) but they look good on the whole. And the end when they sang "Paris Baguette" was so cute!! HAHA! :D

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22.11.09 : [091121] MAMA 2009
Posted by XYZ at 3:26 PM

Ok I'm just gonna post stuff not in order hahahaha

Red Carpet:
BEAST - Lies (by Big Bang)
First reaction: HAIIIIIIIII THERE GI KWANG. Second reaction: Where's Doojoon? (Ah personal reasons) Third reaction: Not bad at all. Big Bang does the song best, for sure, but BEAST did a decent job too. ♥

MBLAQ - Bad Boy (by Rain)
I thought MBLAQ did a great job even though they've done this song before. Thunder's solo dance at the end was slick omg I'm falling in love with this boy even though there is Mir and Joon (other biases haha). Joon hurt his knee so he walks in during his part and leaves - he can't dance, poor bb.

Female Rappers - Miryo, Ji Yoon, HyunA, Baby J, Yoon Mi Rae
Shit, I never knew about Yoon Mi Rae (aka T) until this performance but damn she is good!! There so much power in her rapping wow I'm impressed. Btw, I thought the female rappers did a decent job but there wasn't enough hype about it. I think last year the male rappers (was it Gayo Daejun? I think it was SBS Gayo Daejun) totally destroyed it - the audience was all hyped up. Maybe cos this year there's too little guys around. Hahaha, look at the celebrity crowd!! ALL GIRLS!!

G-Dragon Feat. Tae Yang - Korean Dream
Arguably one of my favourite tracks off Heartbreaker (along with The Leaders, cos that is just one sick track!) - I'm so glad they performed it together. And it's a really tight performance, everything fell in well with one another. G-Dragon even DJ-ed haha! Love the way they ended the performance and they also shouted out one another's names, ie "That's my friend Taeyang!" hahahahaha. I also liked the B&W thing they were doing :D

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
Oh, so cool with the 2 trapdoors - I like how they keep using the stuff on stage hahahaha :D I wanted to give this performance a miss cos I watched most of his Heartbreaker stages during the promotional periods - but nooooooo G-D upped one this time. THE "SOLDIERS" PEOPLE ARE SO COOL. They are all wearing the white mask thing (like G-D's album cover) and blonde wigs!! Reminded me of Terracotta soldiers, but modern ones lol.

Tae Yang - Where U At + Wedding Dress
I laughed when Taeyang's shades flew off after he did that flip. Lol, I can't tell if it's supposed to be like that or not - but it is funny!! Anyway, he still managed to pull off a great stage. Even though he's short and I might be taller than him :( haha, he is still hot. :D I love the performance of Wedding Dress too, btw. And it occurred to me, that 2PM seems to be the only males seated there? Where's BEAST and MBLAQ :\

Brown Eyed Girls - Sign
This was beautiful! It started off with an Orchestra version of Sign, and it was really nice. :)

Kara Feat. Dr Core 911 - Honey
THIS WAS A ROCK VERSION OF HONEY. OMG. It sounded kinda weird to me. Hahaha the girls look really rocker chic and everything, they've the look down to boot but the song doesn't suit the rock feel though :\

Brown Eyed Girls & Kara - Abracadabra + Mister (mash up)
LOL THIS WAS FUNNY TOO. Hahahahah I liked how the two songs mashed up nicely but it made the girls busy hahaha cos they had to keep switching between the two dances? Hahaha, but the crowd loved it. AND I SPOTTED BEAST IN THE CROWD ON CAMERA :D

2NE1 - 21st Street Musical
This was really like a musical. Hahah the first act was Dara's "Kiss" and that woman is so fierce!! This is followed by Bom's "You and I" as Act 2. That was a beautiful performance - her voice is so... unique. Lastly, it's CL + Minzy's "Please Don't Go". Woah, this is the first time I'm hearing this song (I know it came out earlier hahaha) and I like it!! It's so CL + Minzy style with the fierce rap, coupled with Minzy's dancing skills. Hehehe I think I spot Taegoon next to G-Dragon, right right? :D LOL THE GUY IS A PLAYERRRRRRRRR

Nichkhun and Ivy - World Of Temptation
Lol, nothing can beat the scandalous performance by TOP and Hyori last year. TOP + Hyori > Nichkhun + Ivy, even though I love Khun haha

2PM Feat. JYP - Heartbeat + Again & Again
So Jay didn't turn up :( But JYP was pretty hilarious, conducting the orchestra, and also when he put on the LED shades similar to what Miryo wore in Abracadabra lol. I liked the glow in the dark effect, even the bows for the orchestra players were glowing!! Again & Again killed me, really. No one took over Jay's parts, and there was no backtrack. Plus there was an obvious gap in all the formation - coupled with the spotlight. The fans were singing Jay's part, even ;~; When they won best artist of the year the acceptance speech killed me too. ;~; And Wooyoung was crying ;_____;

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21.11.09 : [091121] SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Posted by XYZ at 6:05 PM

{Video credits to CodeMonmonSeason5 @ Youtube}

Onew's back, you guys! :D :D :D :Db

Check out Onew's smirk at 00:16 oh bb, I've missed you haha! The stage looks so much better with all 5 of them - it's finally complete :) and Jonghyun's eyebrows :o Boy is a teaser.

My only complaint is that the stage is too short. Whutttttt? 2:58?? THAT'S SO MUCH SHORTER THAN THE USUAL STAGES. :( Loved the part where Key whacked the ground before Minho's rap hahahaha - even though it was a rough transistion because the song didn't flow properly when they cut it short hahaha

MAMA (the new MKMF) awards tonight! I wonder if we have any readers who've stucked with us right from the start? Hahaha, one of our major recaps was MKMF 2008 last year if I'm not wrong :D

Might be recapping later! They're still walking the red carpet in Korea right now lol

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20.11.09 : G-Dragon for Vogue Magazine
Posted by XYZ at 9:47 AM

Cr: allkpop

Image Hosted by

I don't really know what to make of this shoot, but I kinda like it because it's really artistic and that makes it really beautiful. Afterall, G-Dragon's style has been known for being rather over the top (if one might say) so this look is fitting for him (not that I would like to see him wear stuff like that on the streets, just that he looks good here).

I like artistic photoshoots haha.



: Super Junior - KyoChon Chicken Calendar
Posted by XYZ at 9:39 AM

Cr: hothee, allkpop

Image Hosted by

Even though Chuseok is over, this picture is so cuteeeeeee hahaha it's full of SJ goodness, I couldn't resist embedding it.

I also liked the Santa Claus one - Heechul looks so funny with his mouth wide open that way. Lol.

This set also includes them in suits which is really really cool looking. Shows the side of them (where they have grown up and matured :D).

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: SHINee for Vogue Magazine
Posted by XYZ at 9:34 AM

Cr: Daiskey, allkpop

Image Hosted by

This has probably got something to do with my recent obsession with autumn, and the leaves and all that. So this is one of my favourite pictures :)

The concept behind this shoot (which features SNSD's Seohyun - she's the girl) is "Swan Prince", where SHINee are the princes and Seohyun is Elise the princess. Hahaha another one of my favourites is them playing blind mice. :D

I also liked the one where Minho is standing in the water!!! It must have been cold, poor bb but the shot was pretty, as if Minho was ethereal all ~♥

I thought I'd do up posts about magazine shoots since it's been forever since we did stuff like that. Recently, it's all videos videos videos hahaha

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19.11.09 : Taeyang - Wedding Dress MV (YG edit)
Posted by XYZ at 11:42 PM

{Video credits to AznSamManMV @ Youtube}

I saw this earlier this afternoon but had to rush out of the house hahaha

Anyway, this YG edit mainly shows Taeyang and the dance. Lots of nice eyecandy to look at!! ;D Also, there's no storyline depicted here, but the choreography is shown. The angles are all down to boot, and there's no other camera angle that can bring glory to the choreography in my opinion (like for the parts where the camera zooms in on his face during the chorus - one of the moves there).

Alright, it's kinda late.

Sorry for the lack of updates!! Things have been hectic ever since camp ended. Hahaha, there's school and other stuff as well =_________= tired haha!

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13.11.09 : [091113] 2PM Music Bank comeback
Posted by XYZ at 8:16 PM

{Video credits to chriscorpius2 @ Youtube}

Woah man, woahhhhhhhhhhhh. They did an awesome intro prior to the performance, and it was just epic.

Allkpop also reported that their parents (Nichkhun's, Taecyeon's and Junsu's) came down to support them! ♥ I think the boys need all the support they can get especially with the boy cott :\

Down to the performance proper, Taec's start was great!! I really liked Chansung's part following that of Taec's, but the cameraman didn't get a great angle so :( it didn't turn out that epic hahah.

Still, the ponytails dnw for me. I don't like it haha. They are going for a ~*dark*~ and ~mysterious~ concept, but tbh Junsu's look reminds me off his Joker image in Wild Bunny hahaha! I still love them though.

I'm amazed at the formation/cheerleading thingy hahaha. I keep imagining the top of the pyramid as a spot reserved for Jaebum, for when he returns :') But it's amazing because they're really fast with the formation, and no mistakes!!

Great comeback on Music Bank, I hope they'll pick up some awards soon :)

I won't be able to cover the other comeback stages till Monday ;~; I have a camp that starts tomorrow, be back on Monday!! I'm kinda sad that I'll have to miss their comeback stages ;~; I wanted to watch Inkigayo live on Sunday haha

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: 2PM Album Scans
Posted by Connie at 7:03 PM

Credits: DC Inside and Allkpop

I love these photos.
They're so ..... intense. The 2PMboys are looking fit for their new album promotional shoot.

Gosh, I feel like crying my eyeballs out because I miss Jae sososososo much. I don't know how the six boys tide through such hard times. Brotherly love ftw! \m/

I miss Khun's short hair, this hairstyle makes his neck look stumpy and non existent.

I love the boys but I still hope Jae will pop up soon (L)

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: Wedding dress.
Posted by Connie at 6:50 PM

Heya sorry for being on such a loooooong hiatus.

Anyway, Taeyang's new mv is out!

Wedding dress

Omg awesome okay.
I love Taeyang's songs, his voice is (faints) not to mention his dance moves (swoons)
I love it when he's decked out in black, he looks so suave. And I love how they incoporated the wedding tune (those twinkly tunes) into the pop (like you know you know, the more 'fierce' beats) kinda tune. Awesome, I love it.

Aw, but he looks so resigned and sad when he played the piano at the girl's wedding. It reminds me of Yamapi in Operation Love where he sees his best girl friend marry someone else, when he clearly loves her. Omg, my heart goes out to Taeyang!

Awwwwwww, can't wait for his new album :D

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11.11.09 : 2PM - Heartbeat MV
Posted by XYZ at 12:39 PM

{Video credits to 2pm @ Youtube}


Shaking right now. I can't even type properly - is currently incoherent :O

The MV's really dark and mysterious, I couldn't really see their faces properly but what is with the ponytails and stuff haha it looks a bit weird :S

I think the choreography is AMAZING. Even though the formation looks kinda weird at some parts - seriously, I miss Jay because he's the pivot and center of their choreo. But it still looks good - the MV shows a different side of them too. I kinda felt goosebumps? HAHA cos I felt their emotions hahahah

I like it. I shall source for a HQ mp4 soon ahhaha but btw, is it just me or does the audio suck? :\ I thought the audio would be clearer for a MV that is on the official Youtube channel haha (I read some comments and they listened using headphones and it still sucked :()

Still praying that Jay will miraculously appear... their first performance will be on the 12th of November at a Mnet concert.

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10.11.09 : 2PM - Heartbeat
Posted by XYZ at 3:40 PM

{Video credits to TYPICALpocky2 @ Youtube}

Whutttttttttttttttt? The album is called 1:59PM??? :\

I think there's too much going on in the background, probably to make it a more catchy song but it sounds messy to me.

I thought the rap at the beginning was messy too, but after listening again I kinda like it. :)

The violin (?) parts were really nice in the teaser, but it's kinda consumed by all the other sounds in the track so you can't really hear it and it's not that...mellow sounding and sad. Idk, I liked the violin parts actually. Haha

Honestly, I thought Jay might have popped out of nowhere and stuff, but it seems like he's not on this track (I am positively sure I heard him on "Tired Of Waiting".)?

Sighhhhhhhh~ but I'll probably still buy this and I'll review the album soon too! :D

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9.11.09 : 2PM - Market O Real Brownie CF
Posted by XYZ at 8:05 PM

{Video credits to Symbelmynee @ Youtube}

LOL, there's a subbed interview of them up on time2sub2 on Youtube. This was kinda weird but funny at the same time?

Nichkhun's the focus here... "Real Brownie" HAHAHAHA

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8.11.09 : [091108] SHINee's 2nd Mutizen!
Posted by XYZ at 6:04 PM

SHINee won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY. And there was like mini SM Town reunion on the encore stage hahaha

BEAST - Digital Chart
Is Yoseob a permanent? HAHAHA anyway so cute Dongwoon introduces himself as the magnae, and so does Yoseob and DW complains and tells the camera that he is the real magnae ~♥ Dongwoon, why so cute at 00:46 hahahaha! SHINee is #1 on the digital chart too whoohoo! I wish Dongwoon would hug me like that

BEAST - Bad Girl
Dongwoon needs more screen time. I think Ki Kwang used to squat during his part at the beginning to give DW more screen time hahahaha - he's always stuck at the back!!! Anyway, more fan service from Dooseob (that's what they're called right?) as Doojoon graciously gives the stage to Yoseob for his singing part hahahahah can't get enough of them, seriously. Junhyung was also giving out fan service - showing skin like that!

Brown Eyed Girls - SIGN
It just hit me today that their performances are kinda like concert stages stuff hahaha it's that professional!! Ga-in is so skinny, btw

f(x) - Chu~♡
THE FIRST THING I THOUGHT OF WHEN I SAW AMBER'S TOP WAS - isn't that MacDonalds new outfit for the workers? (Here in Singapore, it is HAHAHA) So cute how the made the ♡ in the lyrics coloured hahaha! And, I just realized Amber's name is incorporated into the song so that's really cool! Love the part "you're wasting time with the chit chat" and the rest of the girls do the hands thing haha :)

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah
JOON DIDN'T SHOW ABS, BUT SHOWED HIS SHOULDERS *_____* Hello there, Rain's character's younger counterpart in Ninja Assassin :)

Park Bom - You And I
Stage is pretty!! And so is Bom :) Also, the couple dances part were really cool. It looked slightly messy because of the many many back up dancers, but what a pretty performance overall! *___________*

SHINee - Ring Ding Dong
Jonghyun's baaaaaaack! But Dubu's down with swine now, so Leeteuk (awwww the SHINee-Superjunior love) stood in for dubu :D I think Minho mouthed out Onew's part, then towards the end of it he sang haha - wish he sang the whole thing though :S Jong cracked though hahaha but it's okay cos bb's still under the weather haha :D

LOL you know when Teuk's coming out cos the fans scream like crazy hahaha! ♥

Teuk messed up towards the end hahaha awkward leader is awkward standing in the middle near the back dancing a little :)

SHINee winning #1
HOMG YOSEOB IS SO CUTE, HE IS JUMPING UP AND DOWN HAHAHAHAHA (see the blonde head hehe) when the camera is panning!!!!!

f(x) + Leeteuk + SHINee all do the Ring Ding Dong part of the dance omg so cute hahahah and Sulli looks so clueless next to Jonghyun ♥ jealous Minho sings Onew's part clearly here! :D :D And Minho is sucha cutie holding on to Leeteuk :)

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: Super Junior-M - Blue Tomorrow MV
Posted by XYZ at 3:03 PM

{Video credits to Babochorum @ Youtube}

Tbh, I haven't listened to their mini-album yet (apart from Super Girl) but this is a really beautiful ballad from them *___________*

This music video is so beautiful *___________________*

I think their enunciation has improved a lot! I can understand what they're saying and homg the lyrics are so touching as well :') I'm also glad that they all have rather equal amounts to sing. Like Zhoumi didn't only have one line :D Hahahaha

P/S: I should give their mini-album a listen soon x______x

P/P/S: Onew has got swine flu! D:

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: 2PM teaser videos
Posted by XYZ at 2:45 PM

These are teaser videos that have been released over the past few days (?) and woah, apparently the heartbeats are their REAL heartbeats!! How cool is that.

I also love how the official 2PM channel has got annotations/subtitles for the videos. :) I didn't pay much attention to the teaser videos at first because I had no idea what they were saying in their personal messages -__-

Junho - The fans make Junho's heart beat :) :) "It's time to be back on heart is about to burst." WOAH, I got goosebumps from this. But don't worry, it's in a good way. I think I felt how much he wanted to be back on stage HAHA

Junsu - Music makes Junsu's heart beat. Actually, I didn't know it was him - it didn't look like him. But the video says it's Junsu, and the voice is Junsu's... He looks different with his fringe up and minimal make up :)

Wooyoung - Being anxious makes Wooyoung's heart beat. Does anyone think he has lost weight?? Cos I do :( His cheeks looks a lot less chubby ahhhhhh Wooyoung eat more!

Chansung - Okay trust makes Chansung's heart beat. I've been looking at their heart rates and it's around 60+? Hehe I thought it would be, maybe, 50+ cos they practice a lot and stuff. Plus, it means you're really really healthy and stuff, so your heart rate when you're resting is low :)

Nichkhun - WOAH NICHKHUN, ENGLISHHHHHHH! :D Struggles makes his heart beat - I think he also meant challenges and stuff. Makes him stronger :D I love hearing his English haha and I also got good goosebumps from his video :)

Taecyeon - The love I give and receive from my family, friends, and us 7 members HI TAECYEON, LOVE YOU FOREVER ♥ x123049823905 Saddens me that the remaining 6 are having a hard time - the comeback isn't going to be easy and not only do we miss Jay, they WHO KNEW JAY, miss him more than all of us do :( OT, TAEC'S HEART RATE IS 57 WOAH HAHAHAHAH

I love how they put in a lot of thought into this :) They all personally wrote the messages and stuff. Maybe it's subliminal O.o haha

Album will be released on the 10th (2 days!!!!!!!!) and the comeback stage will be this Friday on Music Bank :D



6.11.09 : [091106] SHINee wins K-Chart again!
Posted by XYZ at 11:36 PM

SHINee (Feat. Yesung) - Ring Ding Dong
This performance had Yesung fill in Jonghyun's spot since the boy is down with swine flu. Yesung's voice is really unique and husky, but it... it isn't Jonghyun's. Hahaha. Yesung only sang the intro then he went off stage and returned towards the end of the performance - which means the other 4 of them did Jong's parts!!!! :D TAEMIN, BABY HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH I FEEL LIKE CRYING ;~; HE IS SO GOOD RIGHT NOW. Jong has trained him well. Taem is so much more confident too, he sings with such self-assurance I'm so proud!! I think this has partly got to do with the fact that his voice has stablized a lot too :)

Key also sang one of Jong's parts. I think they shortened the song because it was quite an abrupt move to Minho + Key's rap.

Jong, I miss you but get well soon! SHINee isn't the same without any one member ;~; NEEDS JONG TO DO THE MOUTH WIPING THING AND SET THE FANS CRAZY. 8D

SHINee still managed a second consecutive K-Chart win without Jonghyun (but with Yesung! ♥) AND THIS ENCORE VID IS A MUST WATCH. The boys keep shouting out "Jonghyun hyung~!" AND they proclaim their love for Jong. And Yesung probably felt out of place so he was heading off stage but Onew ♥x100000000212 saw Yesung going off and ran after him to make him stay!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ONEW I LOVE YOU :D

Good leader Onew is good. ♥

f(x) also had their comeback performance with Chu~♡ tonight!

f(x) - Chu~♡
Victoria seems to have a non-existent back! DID YOU SEE THAT THING SHE DID NEAR THE END. OH MY GOD. I used to do ahemchinesedanceahem and we had to do stuff like that - but it didn't help hahaha now I stand crooked and am as stiff as an ironing board -_________-

I'm impressed with the performance and wowowowowowowowowow f(x) seem to go for songs with a softer beat - not so harsh and stuff and I like it :) I also like Victoria's mic pass with Luna and Amber - quick and fast :D

AND they aren't wearing the hideous outfits (especially Sulli!) from the MV. But I think those outfits might make an appearance soon.

Okay I've only watched two performances so far and I've got to sleep already :O haha tired :x

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: f(x) - Chu~♡ MV
Posted by XYZ at 4:17 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}


It's really pretty and nice! I ♡ it :D

Don't like the clothes still, but wowza Amber has a line to sing :D And she raps in English and Korean. Sulli was so cute at the beginning, and all of them were like, thumbs down at the TV LOL!!!1 Luna looks SO PRETTY *__________* and she's still giving me the BoA vibe hahaha.

I think the choreography looks cool too, during the Chu~♡ parts. It's exciting. Different from the usual styles we see? Idk, there's just something different about it.

AND WOAH, VICTORIA. I really really think my warped theory of her being a gymnast-in-training back when she was in China is true!! Hahahaha she's so graceful and she does so many flips in this MV omg! SHE EVEN DID ONE...ON A TABLE. *_____________________*

Music Bank comeback stage tonight! But I'll be going out so I'll probably recap/watch it later tonight~

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: T-ara - Apple Song MV CF
Posted by XYZ at 10:28 AM

{Video credits to Vagabond190 @ Youtube}


The storyline is kinda weird, Jiyeon falls in love with the guy (lol @ all the apples everywhere) and she decides to make a potion. I think she's a tiny person maybe - so the apple will make the guy tiny too? Dunno.

I like the colours of the dresses the T-ara girls wore in the dancing part of the MV! And them as tiny tiny people, trying to make the potion thing haha!

They all look really pretty. Seriously, the colours are so pretty *____* especially the one that Hyomin was wearing - I love that blue.

I think it's a cute and interesting CF - it being somewhat like a fairytale (Snow White much?) but in a modern/less evil way hahaha

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: 2PM - I Was Crazy About You released!
Posted by XYZ at 10:09 AM

{Video credits to jenp00able @ Youtube}

I think this will grow on me :) You know, the beginning actually made me think of training - like them training during the Hot Blood days! Hahaha, imagination going a bit wild here, but it sounded like them marching in mud puddles/mud stuff :D

I'm liking it, but it may have to take time to grow on me - unlike "Tired Of Waiting" which immediately leeched itself onto my ears haha. I think Taec's doing the "so so~" (? the sound thing at the chorus) right? Sounds like him.

I wasn't listening carefully so I didn't hear if Jay was in it or not ;~; sorry. I'll give it another listen and edit this post if I do hear him :D

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5.11.09 : [091105] Brown Eyed Girls - Sign
Posted by XYZ at 8:52 PM

{Video credits to alllllllight @ Youtube}

I didn't post about the music video because it got taken off Youtube -______- I didn't even get the chance to watch it haha! Anyway I kinda forgot to go dig it up... So now that I have, here you go (haven't got the time to watch it yet, but it's really dark and mysterious with them being trapped in water tanks :O)

This being the first time that I'm hearing the song, I thought it was great! :D I love the new choreography, and while it's not as saucy as Abracadabra, this was more of BEG's style (?) and even so, the song has got a nice choreography that can be imitated by people! Even though it's kinda weird to dance with a fan in a club, unlike with the hip move in Abracadabra.

I also like how BEG always utilize the backup dancers? I mean, they are incorporated into the choreography - like the part where Miryo was dragged by the male dancer haha! SMOOTH.

Also, Narsha looks awesome with her new look! She looks really different, and I almost thought she was someone else altogether (couldn't see Narsha in her) but after more closeups (the cameraman really loves her!) I could slowly tell :) Ga-in looks really pretty too, and so does Jea and Miryo.

This is the first of their comeback stage and there will be more from them from tomorrow onwards! :D

Dot dot dot dot dot (even though I heard "ta ta ta ta ta" HAHAHA :D)

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: f(x) - Chu~♡ MV teaser
Posted by XYZ at 5:05 PM

{Video credits to sment @ Youtube}

MV teaser looks so nice! Hahahaha I do not like the clothes they are wearing though :S Sulli looks like she's wearing too much!!

The dance looks like a hit (?) and I liked the air kisses thing (did you hear the bubble popping sound hahaah!). They all look really pretty and pure (okay that's just because the video is so ~*high definition*~) - I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE COMEBACK STAGE ON MUSIC BANK TOMORROW!!! :D

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: 2PM - I Was Crazy About You teaser
Posted by XYZ at 4:55 PM

{Video credits to iAMIRAHHH @ Youtube}

She's gone. She's gone.

Sounds really interesting (I'm addicted to Tired Of Waiting and that's not even the title track!!) and I loved the scream at the end by Taec - beast cry from the resident beast.

The album cover was also released today and it's :( because there's only 6 members on it but I believe in Jay and support 2PM all the way! ♥

I can't wait to get my hands on their album - it's gonna be epic.

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4.11.09 : f(x) - Chu~♡ preview
Posted by XYZ at 9:07 AM

{Video credits to XxtenerifexX @ Youtube}

I think I heard Amber sing at one part?? :D AND SHE RAPS IN KOREAN AND ENGLISH!!! :D

I think this song might be a hit, because it's got that repetitive factor which will keep ringing in people's heads. Do it do it do it chu~

They'll be performing this song this week on music shows and their full album will be released on the 9th :)

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3.11.09 : Park Bom - You And I MV (Making Version)
Posted by XYZ at 2:14 PM

{Video credits to taijizero1 @ Youtube}

Some new scenes here, and this video pretty much revolves around Bom and accentuates her beauty *____________*

It has also got some NG scenes from the inital one, and some behind the scenes footage (like them in the green room thing to film the scene where they were riding the motorcycle in the sky). There is some footage that is new, so it's nice.

I liked this version as well, even though it was plot-less and more focused on being candid. Hahahaha. Still, you can see the cute moments here!! :D

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: 2PM - 기다리다 지친다 (Tired Of Waiting) released!
Posted by XYZ at 9:55 AM

{Video credits to jenp00able @ Youtube}

I read that Jay's voice is in the album because the tracks were recorded before he went back to Seattle :D :D :D

And trust JYP to tease us the same way he did with Wonder Girls' Nobody (he released the ballad stuff first, then the full version was a hit dance track) :D I LOVE WHAT I'M HEARING.

I like the finger snapping/clapping sound things at the start and end of the song hahaha. And I'm quite sure it's Jay with the ad-libs :D but I can't hear him anywhere else though. (DON'T QUOTE ME HAHAHA)

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: BEAST - Ep 1 + Ep 2 of Documentary
Posted by XYZ at 9:44 AM

I was watching this without subs on Friday and it was really boring cause I didn't know what they were talking about x________x in the end, I just watched for their faces HAHAHA

Got work to do so bbl!!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

All thanks to the hardworking people at b2stlysubs!!! :D

Ep 1 -
I've finally edited this post :D The first episode was mainly how BEAST was formed, and Yoseob is the biggest joker around haha! They are told that they are going to debut, and all of them are really happy hehehehe also - Dongwoon was added in!!!!! :D :D They have to perform to show how much they've improved, and maknae begs to be allowed to sing and play the piano. Yoseob and Junhyung (I think it's Junhyung, can't rmb :x) carry the keyboard out for him, and Yoseob tells him to do well since they've brought it out!! :D ~♥

Then AJ (the choreographer) comes to teach them the steps to Bad Girl (I remember that nifty foot thing) and everyone keeps teasing Ki Kwang (the other AJ haha) plus Ki Kwang is wearing his AJ shirt :)

Ep 2 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Their vocal teacher is fierce!!! I thought Ki Kwang AJ was under fire for a lot of criticisms in this episode but that's why he's so great now right?? :) Anyway, in this episode, Dongwoon goes to live with the rest at their dorm and they sort out the beds through the ladder game. Dongwoon, AJ, Junhyung gets the bottom bunks, while Hyun Seung, Dujun and Yoseob get the top bunks hahaha!

AJ IS THE CUTEST THING HE LOOKS LIKE HE'S TRYING TO CONVINCE HIMSELF HE HAS THE BEST BED. He tells Dongwoon about how sleeping next to the window will get really cold during winter, and really hot during summer HAHAHA. Junhyung's just pleased with himself for snagging the bed with a bit of space next to him hahaha whereas AJ's stuck in the middle.

Then they have a singing competition to introduce a bit of rivalry within the group and Team A (aka Winner - cos that's what they called themselves haha!) consists of Yoseob, Hyun Seung and Junhyung, whereas Team B (some Sam weird name haha) consists of Dujun, AJ and Dongwoon.

They have to perform in front of the vocal teacher and Team B wins. But that's not it, cos they still have another mission where they perform in front of 3 errr PROFESSIONALS (one of them being a V.O.S. member) and Team A wins. LOL @ Yoseob cos he jumps up and down like some monkey!

Okay, that was quite a boring recap cos I'm writing from memory haha. Will improve, promise!! :D

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2.11.09 : [091101] Inkigayo Encore
Posted by XYZ at 9:50 PM

Remember how I said I wished encores were longer in the Music Bank post? :) Well, (I didn't post about this) SHINee WON ON INKIGAYO YESTERDAY - FIRST MUTIZEN FOR RING DING DONG - AND THEY ALSO HAD SHORT ENCORES.

Anyway, I've found a fancam!! Although it's quite Jonghyun focused, it's still cool cause we get to see the kind of things they get up to during encores.

{Video credits to randy19974 @ Youtube}

Fav. part when Taemin put 2 mics at Jonghyun's mouth and it hit his lips, so Taemin covered Jonghyun's mouth with his hand ~♥

And @1:28 Onew's :D face is just *_______* too cute for words!

Loads of cute moments here, so I think it's a must watch!! (Very spazz worthy)

P/S: I haven't written by MTV BEAST Ep 1 post and I've already watched Ep 2 already ;_______; /fail. I'll get it up tomorrow morning cos I've been busy, sorry!!

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: 2PM - 기다리다 지친다 (Getting Tired of Waiting) Preview
Posted by XYZ at 4:14 PM

{Video credits to inanis @ Youtube}

;____________; crying, it sounds so beautiful!!!

The lyrics are somewhere along the lines of them being tired of waiting, do you know how I feel etc.

And it sounds really nice and I think I hear Wooyoung and Junho. No Jay though some people say the "ooh~" parts are Jay's voice? :S

I AM GOING CRAZY FROM WAITING. What's with the 1:59 thing???!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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